May 15th, 2008 | 212 Entries

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212 Entries for “tale”

  1. I have a tale to tell you but I need to know if yu would like to hear my tale, it is not tall and it is not long but it is really a very very good tale that I want to tell you…would you like to hear my not so long tale cause I would like to tell you.

    By Von on 05.16.2008

  2. Fairy-tales… sometimes their amusing, other times their fables to make your meaningless life better. However they are necessary since small children and even adults need their escape from their life.

    By Erin on 05.16.2008

  3. a story that tell of an adventure we write stories in our minds all the time…

    By jennifer on 05.16.2008

  4. tale.
    this is the same one as when i checked last night.
    for some reason, i dont like this word.

    i dont.

    like it.

    By albert on 05.16.2008

  5. One a man told his children a tale. It was about a lion that was good and children rules the land. It was a great story. People will read it forever.

    By Ethan Steckmann on 05.16.2008

  6. sometimes true, sometimes false, sometimes with a lie we cover the reality, our life,…just to justificate in any kind of way if the feelings we have are rigth or if we are just dreaming…I hate the real world

    By Utah on 05.16.2008

  7. It’s a story you tell, a point in time that you attempt to retell. you forget the details and think more about what is interesting. what makes people want to listen. it’s interesting and powerful. it’s inspiring and life changing. it’s something that leaves you wanting more.

    By laura on 05.16.2008

  8. i like tales
    they can be interesting
    I like tales form chiledhood
    my mother used to tell me. tales can be fun

    By stevo on 05.16.2008

  9. it was a sad tale about a boy who lost his shoe. it was dear to him and as such he treated it like a brother. it was with him where ever he went. one day he was separated from his beloved shoe and he couldnt see it even when he searched under the bed, where he usually kept it

    By Robyn on 05.16.2008

  10. I knew he was telling me a story. He brags and brags and everyone hangs on his every word but I know he’s full of it. But if I try to prove it, I’m accused of being jealous. I can’t win with him. So I just leave.

    By Stratcat X on 05.16.2008

  11. a tale may be many things. a tale may be a story. or it may be a song. everybody has a tale to tell, or a song to sing. telling tales is what keeps us alive, and puts life into our lives. telling tales makes us human, and helps us connect in ways that are not emasured in communcation, but in emotikn s

    By faris on 05.16.2008

  12. once upon a time there was a girl who fell in love and it was sweet and romantic and everything was lovely. and her and her man were deeply in love and they loved life together so much and it was a fairy tale. life was just lovely.

    By Dustee on 05.16.2008