May 9th, 2008 | 133 Entries

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133 Entries for “strand”

  1. A strand of hair was falling onto her face as she stood before the bench. They’d been here, in this park, more times than she could remember now. They’d been happy. So happy in fact, that she could barely believe that a person could smile as widely as she had at the time.

    By Triinu on 05.10.2008

  2. There are a variety of theories we place for ourselves about the universe. Strand is one of them. We tend to believe–as common folk–what ever we hear about the stars. That I suppose is our downfall, but also why we are called common.

    By Derek on 05.10.2008

  3. a strand of something new.
    something different and beautiful
    falling out of the loose knit of your jumper
    or the tight weave of your jeans
    a strand of seashells on the shore.
    or maybe…
    something else…
    something more.

    By ellie on 05.10.2008

  4. I can only think of cliches. Strands of hair. Strands of seaweed. Walking on the strand, except no one says that these days. Old fashioned. Strands of time, disappearing, thinning like hair, spinning in gyres.

    By C L A on 05.10.2008

  5. on a beach with a gun in his hand.. staring at the sea, staring at the [strand]

    By jaime on 05.10.2008

  6. A strand of hair
    Tickles the eyes

    A strand of rope
    to keep it tied
    no escaping this time

    By Faleoh on 05.10.2008

  7. The strand of hair floated slowly off of her shoulder and landed in the middle of the salad plate. No one saw. Would she be able to get it out of there without anyone seeing what had happened? Could she pull it off in front of all of her company?

    By Meme on 05.10.2008

  8. Gliding down from an uneven part,
    A blood ridden pupil meets concrete.
    Shaking steady onto asphalt
    As feet of rage never quaked
    But instead waited for the punch line.
    A plane to turn into an equation
    That evolved into stories
    When all that was left
    Were strands

    By Yep on 05.10.2008

  9. hair, lost, abandon, leave, abort,

    By Monica on 05.10.2008

  10. My hair falls forward into my face with the exception of one strand which stands on end and points to a passing cloud.

    By Marsha on 05.10.2008

  11. A strand of hair was found on the sofa. It was a clue. It had been broken off and was frayed but it was indeed her hair. Did this mean she was stranded somewhere? Call in the cops and fbi…we need to find her. No one knows where she is or is she is alive but we……..

    By Monica on 05.10.2008

  12. It wasn’t much. It was just a lone strand of her reddish brown hair. He found it on his pillow and it brought back memories of when she was his. Life was better then.

    By cray on 05.10.2008

  13. Sometimes I feel stranded. I just can’t believe what goes on in this world. How people treat each other…I can’t imagine doing that, but then I wonder if I do the same thing and don’t even notice. Stranded in a world where human nature and social constructs collide. It sucks.

    By chloe. on 05.10.2008