May 10th, 2008 | 185 Entries

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185 Entries for “left”

  1. left is the a direction.. i like left handed people, my dad is a lefty.. i wonder what this means.. i wear my watch on my left hand.. i dont sit on the left of the floor at work..

    By niraja on 05.11.2008

  2. From the 18th to 20th Centuries, the “Old Left” argued that differences in social class determined the nature of a society. During the 1960s, this perspective was broadened by the “New Left” to include an egalitarian approach to cultural politics, including “New Social Movements” based on anti-racism, feminism, environmentalism and LGBT rights. This turn to so-called “identity politics” has been decried by organizations of the Old Left[1] as being partially responsible, together with other failures to focus on the class structure of society as the essential issue, for the co-optation of leftist elements into establishment ones as in the neo-conservative and neo-liberals, greens, etc.

    Center left refer to the left side of mainstream politics in liberal democracies. These support liberal democracy, representative democracy, and private property rights in combination with tax funded spending on social welfare, active regulation of the economy, and some public ownership. “Center” is generally defined relative to a particular national or regional norm rather to some spectrum defined in terms of the global state of affairs.

    Prominent examples of center-left parties include the UK Labour Party, the US Democratic Party[2], and the Social Democratic Party of Germany. There are also many nationalist parties who describe themselves as being on the left. For example in the United Kingdom in Scotland there is the Scottish National Party (SNP), in Wales there is Plaid Cymru (Party of Wales), and in Ireland there is Sinn Fein.

    In some countries (especially the UK), “soft left” refers to reformist, democratic and/or parliamentary forms of socialism, whereas “hard left” refers to socialists who advocate more radical change in society. Organizations described as far left are rooted in the politics of the “Old Left.” Ultra-left organizations are those on the extreme left of the political spectrum, such as autonomism and anarchism.

    As with “center” the term ‘left-wing’ is relative to the politics of individual countries and regions. In an article on the 2001 general election in the United Kingdom, the American Washington Post newspaper observed that the British Conservative party’s policies on healthcare and welfare would be on “the far left-wing fringe of American politics”, and that the British election had been conducted way to the left of America’s political dialogue.[3]

    Although the left is generally thought of as being secular, in some Roman Catholic countries there is a tradition of liberation theology which focuses upon “social justice”, and in some Protestant countries there is a tradition of Christian Socialism. Some philosophers and historians, such as Eric Voegelin[4] and Jacob Talmon[5], argue that the left is a utopian secular political religion.
    The term originates from the French Revolution, when liberal deputies from the Third Estate generally sat to the left of the president’s chair, a habit which began in the Estates General of 1789. The nobility, members of the Second Estate, generally sat to the right. It is still the tradition in the French Assembl

    By harris on 05.11.2008

  3. left….left or right?We always have to decide which way to go in life.its like being at a crossroads for some and not knowing which way to go.Don’t stop and ask people for directions…follow your gut insticts and it will lead you up the right path.Have you noticed….when you do that…the outcomes always correct?

    By lucy on 05.11.2008

  4. betray side thing thoughts human good hand wheel life kick

    By marina on 05.11.2008

  5. left side was always the bad side for charlie.
    Ever since his small pet dog benny had bitten his left ankle while on a summer trip to venice 34 years ago.
    And today that bimbo laid her hand on his left nut trying to aruse him.

    By niclas on 05.11.2008

  6. The left wing of the Democrat party is completely eviscerating the party. Its extreme positions have made a mockery of the genuine contributions that the party has made to American life. The bitterness, rancor and outright silliness of the left has made a fool of the donkey.

    By Richard Ian Hunter on 05.11.2008

  7. how wud i know what is remining
    my right doesnot know what my left is doing??
    there is so much work left to be done,
    we always drive from our left..but idiot americans dont drive from their left, they do it from their right!!!
    British and indians drive along their left hand side.

    By pratik chaudhari on 05.11.2008

  8. to the side, all alone, discarded. Different-thinking. Lost. abandoned.

    By Chris Osborn on 05.11.2008

  9. lwft. what’s left when it’s all gone?

    By anonym. on 05.11.2008

  10. my left hand is turning around on the table as i am thinking of writing his letter. the letter i send him will be the last and only letter.

    By kj on 05.11.2008

  11. Facing left he noticed that he wasn’t wearing pants. ‘No problem’ he thought as he knew that it seemed that no one else was wearing them either. So he proceded out into the main hall where he greeted the other guests.

    By Jonathan on 05.11.2008

  12. left is to my left. not right. nor write. i could write about left though, as i appear to be doing currently. i left for the circus when i was a boy. do you see what i did there? using another meaning of the word left. left is a fantastic word, can be used to describe many a thing. a left hand, a left out softball player, a left wing pinko.

    elvis has left the building.

    By chris on 05.11.2008

  13. the left hemishpere of the brain is apparently in control of the right hand! left can also refer to other things in the world such as leftovers and not right. confusing language…

    By benjamin on 05.11.2008

  14. Where did they all go? I was sure we were all together, steering the same course. When did they all change sides?

    By ArticleDan on 05.11.2008

  15. to live ours lives with. one word to cure all evils. one word to mend our hearts and minds. sorry. one word. that does nothing, changes nothing. one word that hurts because it has no meaning without love and care. pain. that is one word. a real word. that never changes, is clear. pain hurts yet i live with it. pain is good but i want none. but is what i’ve got. what a word. pain. nothing more, nothing less. pain. no more, any more. i cannot deal with it anymore. it has brought me to my end, i have reached my end. pain awaits. The End

    By Rose on 05.11.2008

  16. left is opposite to right and also refers to the social aspect of world politics

    By Dennis Maloney on 05.11.2008

  17. I left my left-handed scissors to the left of the door in the left hand corridor on the left hallway upstairs. Could you get it for me? It’s so stupid that I left it. My left handed boss needs it back you see.

    By Mary Sunshine on 05.11.2008

  18. i turned left. and then left again, and then right, and then right again. and that’s when i found the building. a gutted out factory, all rusted beams and smashed out windowpanes and a floor covered in an inch of water and rubble. a single light was on overhead, a bright floodlight that illuminated the shell of a place.

    By Robin on 05.11.2008

  19. he left my heart in san francisco. I never did know all the lyrics to that song. I’ve never even been to san francisco. but I’m sure he left it there.

    By Tanya on 05.11.2008

  20. I don’t like moving left. Really prefer right. Left is wrong in my opinion. What is this shit? Left? Why write about left? I hope this isn’t a waste of time. Maybe this is a typing test…words per minute or something.

    By fkd247 on 05.11.2008

  21. handed people live shorter lives. there is a wall to the left of me. i left my heart in San Francisco.

    By Sam on 05.11.2008

  22. Larry left a loving lyric for his left handed lady Loretta.

    By J. Casey on 05.11.2008

  23. He left her alone, standing on the corner, his eyes filling up with tears as he walked away. This had been the most difficult day of his life. He was left with nothing but the clothes on his back and a sad song in his heart. A lonely man forever more.

    By Kristyn on 05.11.2008

  24. what is left? After what? Left behind. left turn.
    Left handed. My child is left handed. She’s beautiful despite the scar on her forehead. She turned left and got hit by a kid on a bike. Left.

    By David on 05.11.2008

  25. I left the house this morning and realized I had left my phone at home. Then I felt relieved that I had left it at the house for then I would be left alone.

    By ang on 05.11.2008