July 15th, 2010 | 181 Entries

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181 Entries for “leash”

  1. You have me on one from the moment we first spoke in the room upstairs. I would do anything you asked. You held me there, at the end of the rope and I let it happen. You held on tight. I didn’t try to escape.

    By Michelle on 07.15.2010

  2. you’ve got me on your leash. I know you don’t mean it; but here I am, attached to you. Where you walk, I’m led. If I were to be unleashed, I think I’d still follow you.

    By Lily on 07.15.2010

  3. teathered to a pol. the dogs ran away this afternoon because of a lightening storm. the first thing that i stumbled was a fancy proposal and it made me SO sad.

    By leigh on 07.15.2010

  4. A leash is something that makes dogs not be able to be free. We put them on them so that we don’t loose them, they don’t roam around. We take away they’re freedom, all because we don’t want to loose something that we love so much. The happiness and joy that dogs bring is just so lovely.

    By jennyjuicebox URL on 07.15.2010

  5. the leash around my neck was keeping me bound to him. i wanted to be free, but was unsure of the length i could escape. I didn’t want to let go.

    By Julie URL on 07.15.2010

  6. All things in life tie to one another in some respect – all our memories form leashes, respectively, confining us to particular actions because of our perspective. In learning to think independently, a person must first learn to see these leashes, and decide whether they need to be broken.

    By Orion on 07.15.2010

  7. Dogs strain on the leash, eager to get to the new and interesting smells. The race away as they are unleashed.

    By Scott URL on 07.15.2010

  8. a leash is something you use on a dog but its not just used for dogs. It can also be used on relationship partners. Like so i have my girlfriend on a leash. The word can be used in many different ways

    By jimmy on 07.15.2010

  9. She took the dog outside and put his leash on the dog was a purebread black lab and he loved taking walks she went with him to the dog pound and the dog was put down because she didn’t want it anymore and she had nowhere to put it. she was sad but the dog didn’t know what was happening so he didn’t mind. He just died.

    By betsy on 07.15.2010

  10. dogs. also kids. i hate kid leashes. they look so weird on. poor kids. they don’t even know how weird it is. in fact, they’re really more like harnesses. more hardcore than most dog leashes. weird times, weird times.

    i think i like dogs more than kids. which is saying something, since i consider myself a cat person.

    and a cynic? perhaps. probably. a cynic in denial.

    i wonder if there are cat leashes?

    By addie on 07.15.2010

  11. She grabs me by my leash, my goddamn leash. Everytime she calls, I tell myself don’t go to her, don’t do it. Control yourself. But my body is so twisted from being wrapped around her finger for so long that I don’t know how to fix this problem.

    By Christy on 07.16.2010

  12. you have me on some sort of leash. i cant go too far. i am able to escape, but i fear that if i run away, you will forget me. and find someone new, yet, i dont even know you anymore.

    By kenzie URL on 07.16.2010

  13. the dog ate his leash and became constipated

    By collin on 07.16.2010

  14. The little girl ran and ran and ran. She wished she could run forever. It was as if she’d never felt the grass under her feet before. The wind rushed at her face and tears gathered in her eyes as she rushed headlong down the hill, arms wide and curls bouncing. Her Mum,watching, wished that she had never let go of her hand.

    By ember URL on 07.16.2010

  15. I can’t breathe, I’m choking. Your hand at my throat is my leash, and your warm touch is my cage. I can’t escape from the feelings you stir up in me. I’m brainwashed, you are the only thought existing in a blurred-out world. Whatever happened to the butterflies, the flowers, the fairies in my head? They’re gone. You are all I want. My body is red hot; my chest is heaving with fear. Fear of you. Fear of myself. Fear of the person you make me.

    By Sophia Shubert URL on 07.16.2010

  16. The leash is tight around his neck. He rotates his neck, straining and tugging but it only seems to make the leash tighter. His neck is itchy and he scratches it with the rope arpund his tied up hands. Where did the dog go, he wonders?

    By Rakhi Basu on 07.16.2010

  17. i am not a dog or even some spoiled cat to be pulled this way and that according to your whims and random desires i can make my own decisions i choose which way to go so please do not shake the leash at me because i will not bite

    By Alexis URL on 07.16.2010

  18. Life is pulling me by the leash, and I can’t tell if I’m holding the end or if I’m choking by it. Who is the master? I am not so sure that it is I. All I can do is walk or run and follow the lead of life as it drags me down the sidewalk.

    By Lizzie Bellows URL on 07.16.2010

  19. Dogs wear these. It can also be used as a form of dominatrix. many boyfriends/girlsfriends are put on leashes. It has five letters. THey can be made out of any material. hsael is how you spell it backwards. It has one syllable. shale can be made out of the word

    By Anna Wares URL on 07.16.2010

  20. I am constantly being choked by this leash they have me on. It is invisible yet I am trapped. Always told where to go and how to act. I fear there will be no escaping this hell hole. I feel them tug on it and i lose my breath. I wish i could be free, I wish they could choke me no more.

    By Anna Wares URL on 07.16.2010

  21. you have my ____ on a ____

    By quantum Suicide URL on 07.16.2010

  22. Why is it that parents like to put leashes on their toddlers? They’re not animals. And they think it’s all “oh they won’t get lost.” Please. I don’t understand that. At all.

    By Mina on 07.16.2010

  23. Some of these guys I know need a leash. They need to hold themselves back. So aggressive but no control. So angry but no focus. Hold your own leash. You don’t want anyone else hands on it.

    By Kent Robertson on 07.16.2010

  24. As I walked down the street, I got many stares and frantic looks from other folks. Many of them crossed the street in terror. I just can’t understand why? My pet tiger was on a leash, what harm could she do?

    By liltig URL on 07.16.2010

  25. You hold me here, as if I am yours… and so I give in as I always have done. I bow my head and I do as you say. Until the day I realize you are not my master… just a manipulative bastard… and then I am free, as I realize there is no leash.

    By Heatherella URL on 07.16.2010

  26. He dragged me about 30 feet as he chased the rabbit and I held onto the leash.
    Bummer – what kind of word is that to write about??

    By BasedOnFiction URL on 07.16.2010

  27. stupid humans, thinking they can tie me up and control me. dogs like me were meant to be free and be able to choose how to live, not confined like this. although, i have to admit, the owners give out nice treats.

    By Ellie URL on 07.16.2010

  28. “Grab the leash and we can walk Bentley together,” Zelda called. “Okay mom, but I’m not really sure that’s a good idea,” Martin said dubiously as he hastily snuffed out the flaming coffee table. “Why not?” she asked. “Well, aren’t dragons supposed to be housebroken by the time they’re four? ‘Cause he’s already six and he might set the neighbors’ house on fire again.”

    By Izolda URL on 07.16.2010

  29. i really need him in my life! it’s more than love… more than passion… it’s all i ever wanted, i ever dreamed about …. i feel alive with him.

    By Semionovna on 07.16.2010

  30. a leash holds you back…some it keeps in their comfort zone, for others, it is a necessary force pulling one back to the center

    By B URL on 07.16.2010

  31. My dog has a pink leash. It has silver dog bones on it. I use it rarely, although my son uses it alot. She doesn’t listen to him when he walks her, so as a precaution, we always have him use the leash. It didn’t always used to be that way. We all used to have to put her on a leash, myself and my husband included. But it is amazing how far she has come.

    By ellemignon on 07.16.2010

  32. she held on tightly, as the rain poured down, stinging her eyes and hair, falling on the street in a wave of resounding beats. she kept walking, calmly, the leash in her hand, wet and raw, while her dog steeped silently beside her.

    By sweetmayday URL on 07.16.2010

  33. the strap used to lead a dog, the controlling link between the pet animal and its master; enough leash is comfortable for both- figuratively too!

    By pavalamani pragasam URL on 07.16.2010

  34. He tried to keep me on a short leash, but it failed. What he didn’t realize, perhaps what he didn’t want to recognize, was how long I’ve been on my own. To be reigned into a relationship after so many years of being alone is not what I have in mind. It’s the peace of being alone that sustains me.

    By Stephanie URL on 07.16.2010

  35. I approached him with the leash. His eyes dilated to the size of dinner plates. He was terrified of the strip of leather I held in my hand. I didn’t know why at the time. I never would have hurt him. He was my responsibility, and I would care for him.

    His eyes dilated as I approached him with the leash, and in one fluid movement he stood and spread his wings.

    By Stef URL on 07.16.2010

  36. A leash is leathery or nylony. It holds danger in one place unless it breaks loose in which case it will probably eat your face off. Undoubtedly leashes are good for not having one’s face eaten.

    By Aaron URL on 07.16.2010

  37. dogs wear leashes. I sometimes think my mom has me on an imaginary leash. I wear a leash on my heart and emotions. Leashes mean restraint, but also they can mean safety and comfort. Leash doesn’t really rhyme with anything.

    By Jessica Simes on 07.16.2010

  38. There it is. The constant, ever-there need to be place, to conform, to be decided for. I’m not really yours you know.

    By fionnuala on 07.16.2010

  39. I’m kept on a short leash. When I try to escape, I’m pulled back. I would never put you on a leash.

    By Marina URL on 07.16.2010

  40. I am not your Forrest Gump and you are not my Jenny.Don’t expect me to be waiting for you to be dying for you to start lbeing oving and be accepting of me.It is already too late.You had a lifetime to let me know how you felt towards me.Now,it’s over and way too late.

    By 2 B Named Later URL on 07.16.2010