July 15th, 2010 | 181 Entries

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181 Entries for “leash”

  1. Unleash the dog. unchain my heart. set them both after the postman. knock him down and eat all his fears, just for something unusual to do. and when it’s all over…
    Will you do the same for me, good sir?
    Fuck no! you chased me down, freaked me out, I pissed myself and now I’m behind schedule on my route!
    His fucking schedule… Shows how quickly fear is replenished, how sustainable it is. If only it would stop stomachs from rumbling.

    By Miss Alister URL on 07.16.2010

  2. He never lets me go, I’m keep on his leash. All I want is a bit of freedom but he can’t even give me that. I try to run but he always finds me. Always. I just need some time – a month, a week, even just a day – to enjoy myself.

    By S.L. Gibbs URL on 07.16.2010

  3. You tie on to me with your hooks of loving and I am titilated by your embrace and grasp. How could one not feel the hold of your deep river of fire the warmth as you graze upon the skin standing, oh standing on end. !

    By Veronica URL on 07.16.2010

  4. You look at me with compassion that tries to suggest that you’ve done nothing wrong. But I can smell her on you, and I can feel her when I kiss you; her presence lingers about you in the way you carry yourself, and in the way you touch me now. So I shrank away from your fingertips on my skin, and felt the stillness in the air as you understood. I can’t keep you on a leash. At this point, I wouldn’t want to even if I could

    By hopeinajar URL on 07.16.2010

  5. No matter what she did, she would always be on a leash. Her parents wouldn’t let her do anything she wanted, it was like they OWNED her. Whatever they wanted her to do, they could do it. “Heal, Stop, Quiet, Go”. She has no control.

    By wendy2 URL on 07.16.2010

  6. it’s the thing that holds you back.
    holds you in toe.
    holds you at a safe distance.
    it’s the thing that makes you
    why won’t she just let go.

    By NuSol URL on 07.16.2010

  7. He slid the leash around her neck, tightening the collar to an uncomfortable but safe position. She kneeled down and began to walk in front of him, keeping him safely in tow. She truly was his bitch.

    By Ryan Quinn URL on 07.16.2010

  8. The leash was coiled around my neck. I had learned not to run, for if I ran, it would come out the worse for me. The leash would strain against my skin, making hard red burn marks.

    By Raiya Moon URL on 07.16.2010

  9. the dog jumped off its leash and devoured the rotten food in the garbage can.

    By Jim on 07.16.2010

  10. Keeping a short leash is important – for dogs and cats; a leash is not to be kept short on humans.

    By John URL on 07.16.2010

  11. to hold onto something so tight feels wrong. but leashes exist all over. we must all hold on to something, feel compelled to. we do not trust that something will stay just because.

    By Reisdasch on 07.16.2010

  12. Did anyone know that people put their kids on leashes? So they don’t run away, or trouble other people, or go talk to strangers and stuff? Does it seem weird? Cruel, even? Personally, I think it’s a great idea!

    By priya URL on 07.16.2010

  13. Sometimes we knowingly and willingly accept the restraints on ourselves. We embrace (sometimes enthusiastically) the leash of a mortgage, workaday life, the restraints of friends and family. We never test the strength of the bars that hold us in our jail cells … and you know, sometimes we are happy with what we’ve got! But what an irony there is in our pathetic attempts to convince the more free and happier of those amongst us that they “should” live the lives we have.

    By bobo on 07.16.2010

  14. My dog has a black leash. I wish it were green to match his collar. I keep his leash in the stairwell. Everytime we come in from a walk I make sure I take his collar off as well and keep it with the leash.

    By jackie on 07.16.2010

  15. The leash tightened around my neck. It was a horrid thing, all stringy black leather, worn in some areas, disgustingly new in others. It choked and pulled, rubbing raw spots. The lady who held the end of it warbled and preened at me, trying to get me to hurry along.

    By Mariah Grey URL on 07.16.2010

  16. Listen. I am right here, where I have always been. I am yours to use. I am you. Unleash me.

    By Alison URL on 07.16.2010

  17. I hate those leashes parents keep on their children. It seems like a lazy way to parent. If your child runs off, then you punish the child. Just keeping them on a leash is degrading and is a cop-out to not parenting.

    By imshort123 URL on 07.16.2010

  18. The dog pulled at the leash. I think of my dog, Keira, and walks in the park. She is big and black (Labradoodle!) and tugs alot. I love her so much though, she is my best friend.

    By Cait URL on 07.16.2010

  19. Dog’s often have leashes because that is how we choose to treat man’s best friend. Imprisoned by a a cloth of fabric around it’s neck.

    By Kelsey on 07.16.2010

  20. You know those moms who decide to put their kids on leashes? I just don’t understand that. They should be able to control their child (who is a human) without treating them like animals. It almost like dehumanization, except with little children…

    By adrian on 07.16.2010

  21. Don’t put me on a leash. Plain and simple.

    By Jackie T. URL on 07.16.2010