July 14th, 2010 | 213 Entries

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213 Entries for “pleased”

  1. I was pleased that they had come through. The stack of gold sat in front of the three of us, practically glowing, lighting up everyone’s greedy faces. I turned to my servant. “Is this all of it?” He nodded, still staring at the priceless metal.

    By emma on 07.15.2010

  2. pleased. Just pleased. i was hoping for a little more than just pleased. especially as i put so much time and effort, just for the fruits of my labour to be mercilessly tossed aside in one word.

    By emma URL on 07.15.2010

  3. Pleased to meet you.I am here to introduce myself to you.I have been admitted to your world by your creators, who are glad to have me here in hope i will change youWill you allow me to do that? Because if you don’t, if you are not open to change there will be no other way than to force you.

    By medusa on 07.15.2010

  4. Is what you feel when you’re happy. I’m never pleased with myself, with how I look, feel or act… I’d like to be. It’s a nice word that feels good on your tongue. Pleased. Please let me be happy :)

    By Camilla on 07.15.2010

  5. I am pleased from the knees down to the very core of what it is to be merely enligthened. Can you tell me how much more content a crow can be if it were to sing a lark’s song? But it is grateful anyway for what it can sing and I am content. I am pleased.

    By Veronica Pavia URL on 07.15.2010

  6. Hannah is well pleased before the Lord. This means she is favored and sought fter. A form of pleasant, she is easy to be around “Easy Pleasy” you may say. I am pleased by the music in my ears. It comes from the request-the plea-something that will endear you.

    By Jamie on 07.15.2010

  7. she was pleased to see me. I think that was worse than the alternative; she could have screamed or thrown her plate of bouillabaisse at my face and that would have been great. instead she grinned, positively pleased that I’d soon be out of her life. bitch.

    By Seth on 07.15.2010

  8. I was pleased with the letter I got in the mail today. I won a once in a lifetime trip to London to see a wonderful play; Les Miserables. I’ve never been so excited before!

    By Marissa on 07.15.2010

  9. My mother was not pleased with my school report. Then again, no matter how hard I tried at anything she was never pleased.

    By april93 URL on 07.15.2010

  10. I am known as the Queen to my Better Half. When the Queen is not amused, I am not pleased. It probably means something stupid has been said. I then retort with an affectionate nickname I have coined up for him. I win the battle. And he lets me.

    By Amy Tatum URL on 07.15.2010

  11. She smiled shyly up at him. He felt a bit odd. She was only about 5 and he was nearly 18. How did he get here? Who would have thought that just picking up a rolled away marble could have precipitated such a feeling in someone.

    By ember URL on 07.15.2010

  12. His sniff was disapproving and a bit too deep, as if it were to be his last breath. That gawdawful bum was coming on the bus again! Already hot and crammed and with his luck falling like dominoes all day, the smell of dried piss and vomit was sure to end up right in his face. But wait. The sly line of commuters were deliberate and tight. When the door snapped shut he was pleased to see who was left on the grimy sidewalk.

    By blackhat URL on 07.15.2010

  13. I am so pleased with everything God has given me these past 2 months. I have fallen in love. Found a wonderful job. And now I’m headed back to school. Its all just so wonderful, I wish I had more ways to express it. God is so good! Life is good!

    By Valerie URL on 07.15.2010