July 16th, 2010 | 171 Entries

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171 Entries for “element”

  1. the element of surprise is priceless.

    By John URL on 07.17.2010

  2. The element of surprise has largely been forgotten by people in general. It seems we cannot keep secrets for our lives, and each time we try to use this lost element, it fails tremendously. As a race, we are blunt, never sneaky, and the few left who are cunning are labeled as villians and crooks.

    By Coyote URL on 07.17.2010

  3. of my imagination
    find the entryway of existence
    to the pathway
    leading down
    leading up
    and around

    By Jennie URL on 07.17.2010

  4. I was in my element. Everything was as it should be–and then it all turned upside down.

    By Amanda June Hagarty URL on 07.17.2010

  5. the element of surprise is key in an attack. it can hand a fighter the upper hand he needs 2 defeat his opponent.

    By Jamie on 07.17.2010

  6. Water, air, fire and earth. These are the four elements. For a while now I have known that I have the power over water. I expected that there were others who have a simular ability but I gave up hope years ago.

    By S.L. Gibbs URL on 07.17.2010

  7. fifth, water, fire, school, piece by piece

    By Will URL on 07.17.2010

  8. Today I feel more in my element than I have in weeks. Not sure if it was because I was able to let my gaurd down last night. I haven’t let myself be myself. I was a wonderful night.

    By Jules URL on 07.17.2010

  9. The element of suprise is key to the defeat of one’s enemy. The element of serendipity is the key to the lagunous attack on one’s self. Too many times we take the element of porsuthomous and apply it to the tactics behind our self motivation.

    By Scott on 07.17.2010

  10. There is always something to be said about a giraffe that wont stop being obnoxious to all of his fellow animal friends. He isn’t just being belligerent or chaotic. He needs a big chunk of lasagna to make his day a little brighter. We use things like carrots and apricots to lure them in, and settle their nauseous behavior.

    By Roxanne on 07.17.2010

  11. red flames roaring around me, water cooling the burns on my ears from the fire’snoise, earth keeping my feet steady as the pesky air tries to blow me away. the elements can be quite contradicting.

    By Ellie URL on 07.17.2010