November 16th, 2012 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “institutions”

  1. The light was bright in her sensitive eyes, opening for the first time in God knows how long. Was she even alive anymore? The light was bright enough to be that of heaven, but too painful to belong to an angel. Where was she, if not finally released from her earthly prison?

    By Mickey on 11.16.2012

  2. No institution declares war more than the family institution. For a very young child, parents mean more than the whole world, they are the whole world. Nothing else exists. From infancy to age four, i was infantry in a world war.

    By drew URL on 11.16.2012

  3. Second attempt at this exercise.. the time never stopped. Institutions are large buildings, communities where people work, go to school and or heal. The three main categories that come to mind are: mental, colleges, and large companies. The one that sticks out the most are mental insititutions. Mental institutions house the mentally unstable individuals who at times are incurable.

    By Dana Arevalo URL on 11.16.2012

  4. Institutions, whether they be mental or educational are everywhere but they are not limited to just these two types. There are many different types of institutions the first, a mental institution, is the one people usually think about when this particular word is brought up in conversation.

    By Alexia VanBeuzekom URL on 11.16.2012

  5. are for dummies; however they are where we go to get the straight answers to our questions – we learn and contribute to the knowledge base. You go in as a dummy and you come out a genius. Institutions are a brand to us all and I picture brick buildings w/ glossy floors.

    By Deyanira URL on 11.16.2012

  6. It’s where we go to learn. To gain. To know. Absorbing the knowledge of others and claiming it for ourselves. To learn, to steal.

    By Grace on 11.16.2012

  7. um
    not what i was expecting for a word I’m stuck
    sorry all you out there.
    :-p HI

    By Kyra on 11.16.2012

  8. “My job is to make sure you don’t get in the way,” I say, gripping the bow tighter.Slowly, I tilt the tip of my arrow lower until it is aimed at his abdomen. “Are you going to get in the way?”
    “Your Institution says differently.” He steps closer, his mesmerizing blue eyes burning holes into mine. “Your job is to kill me simply because I am related to the Kaisians.” He stops before my arrow, reaching out his hand for my own. “Will you kill me like the others?”
    My face contorts into a grimace. I scowl. “Stay away from me, Jace.”
    “You are as much of a Kaisian, if not more then I.” Moving the arrow to the side, he leans close to my ear. “Are you going to kill me too?”
    “What are you talking about?”
    “Your…Institution is unaware of your ties to Kaisia. I could make them…ohhh, aware.”
    I shove at him. “Don’t ever come near me again or you’ll regret it for the last moments of your life.”

    By KenzieB19 URL on 11.16.2012

  9. where i belong, full of shitty things. i thought this is the purest. but no. you’ll never know before you enter the door.

    By Eligia V. A. on 11.16.2012

  10. One day I was at school, I fell down a hole and started to fly. The universe had disappeared.

    By Itala Aguilera on 11.16.2012

  11. Places we’r we, people go to convene and be enriched. places where we go to to be stimulated or to GeForce a good or service

    By myia URL on 11.16.2012

  12. It’s a place where people meet and work together.Or rather,it’s a thing which keeps us bonded together.There are rules within every institution and one has to abide by that.Institutions provide services,necessarily personality enhancing but as they say,even marriage is an institution.So,perhaps each one of us have our very own definition because it depends on hpw we perceive things.

    By V3 on 11.16.2012

  13. the walls weren’t white like all the stories say
    some of them were pink
    a few of them were blue
    it wasn’t very clean
    but it wasn’t dirty either
    it was just a place with four walls
    and a bunch of normal,
    broken people

    By brennachan on 11.16.2012

  14. I imagine a prison. Rules that restrict and bind and limit the creative output of people. A limit. Something that I need to break free from. I never wish to be part of one. I’ll live my life fighting it.

    By Ashley Banks on 11.16.2012

  15. Bureaucratic little bastards
    teeth gnashing, gnawing into the air, latching onto anything that willy allow, even for the slightest amount of time, the opportunity to feast right through flesh till bones do crack and splinter,

    revealing that secretive marrow I held so dear.

    Before I knew it to be cancerous,

    feeding them. Sustaining them.

    Whether it metastasized because it sustained those greedy little gits, or those greedy little gits caused it to metastasize, no one will ever know.

    All the same, cancer is cancer. And it must be purged from the soul to be purged from the body-

    after all, they are attached, being one and the same in yin and yang.

    By Jason URL on 11.16.2012

  16. please forgive me, i’m not paying attention. things on my mind that i’m refusing to let in have taken over and i’m feeling rejected. retarded heart and my mind is infected with twisted words and they’re starting to set in. my brain is soaked and im feeling decrepit; im freaking out and i forget how to help it. please dont mind my belligerent melt down; i don’t mean it but i mean it for right now. my thoughts break off and i’m screaming them out loud… the people stare but they don’t really know how i went crazy or why im staying there for now… forget this but i really despise you. you twist my words and you make me come unglued. throw out my heart, now its shattered; well that’s cool. i’ll break your back with all my burdens you’ll go through. its no big but im feeling relentless. i try to sleep, but my body is restless. i toss and turn but my thinking is endless of ways i insult you, defy you, my Princess. dont even tell me you arent paying attention. things on my mind that you’re refusing to let in are taking over and you’re feeling objected. remember this: im a force to be messed with. i’ll twist your words and i’ll call it semantics. no need to yell your words never sink in. you’ll sleep better if you let me just win this. i lost my point but i’ll place the blame on you… i digress. not like its such big news. why stay here? i’ve been feeling the abuse. abandonment, and all of its issues. i try to block but blocking is missuse. i try to stop, i cant help it; i miss you. forget this letter i know it wont get through. just keep on leaving i’ll get over it so soon.

    By Paige on 11.16.2012

  17. i have no idea what to write…I think of mental institutions weirdly enough, maybe it’s because I m mental, or maybe I’m just surrounded my mental people. Hm nothing else comes to mind, i have a short train of thought, trains, nothing to do with instituions, but oh well times up.

    By Mallory on 11.16.2012

  18. I would tell you how i ended up here, but the story is far too long. I would tell you what I think, but that would be far too disturbing. I would tell you what I plan to do to myself, but that is far too dangerous. I am going to get out of this asylum, an institution where i was sent because i simply am so screwed up. I’m going to get out of here, simply with a little thing called a gun.

    By Manon L. on 11.16.2012

  19. Locked away,
    My heart goes astray
    You won’t be here come the day.
    My soul is revealed
    Deep and dark

    By Savannah donnelly on 11.16.2012

  20. Blah, blah, blah, institutions…
    Fun, fun, fun, institutions…
    Riveting, riveting, riveting institutions…
    Oh, yeah institutions really turn my gears…

    The key me like a locked phrase, luckily I’m not so easy to cage.

    By Intuition on 11.16.2012

  21. “You see, these special institutions should not be challenged by an egregious counter-culture movement that inflicts turmoil upon our beautiful socie – ”

    “Shut up.”

    Governor Regan whirled his head upon the reporters. It took a moment for him to realize that the comment had come from his own wife, standing next to him for the press conference.

    “Excuse me?”

    “You heard me. Shut up.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.16.2012

  22. institute, college university organisation instructors mentality mental home
    a place for a certain group of people with similar interests or personalities

    By clare on 11.16.2012

  23. Institutions are awful. All the conformity is poisoning to everyone’s mind. Everything about them needs to be torn apart and thrown into a complete state of anarchy. Fuck em.

    By Dani Fitch on 11.16.2012

  24. Institutions. They’e either beneficial or a place that can seem to be downright hellish to some. To some, they could mean a place to learn specific skills, such as a medical institution. To others, their first thought is of a mental institution, rumored to be for the crazy.

    By Kaci URL on 11.16.2012

  25. We built these institutions with the idea that everyone would get a chance to use them. Obviously that was a dumb idea because we pretty much hate everyone.

    By anthony URL on 11.16.2012

  26. been there done that… thought maybe I’d get a different word today – but I guess it’s the same word all day long. to continue my first thought on this is: Glossy Floor and pin boards along the walls that what an institution is to me – also florescent lights w/ large doors. cool temperatures.

    By Deyanira URL on 11.16.2012

  27. As a political scientist, I use this word every chance I get. Am I boring you already? Probably. What I’m certain of is that I’ve already instutitionalized my poor writing. Better luck next time, slow fingers.

    By Edna Paulet URL on 11.16.2012

  28. why are you looking at ME?? What do you see?? am i crazy??

    By Yasmine on 11.16.2012

  29. Fuck institutions. They think they can control everyone. In the end who have you really controlled? Tell me how the earth was created and then say.Fuck YOU!

    By SB on 11.16.2012

  30. Institutions come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There are jails with walls and jails without walls. Many people are institutionalized by their own beliefs…no stone walls are needed to keep them confined…it’s all in their own mind.

    By paulie aragon on 11.16.2012

  31. dark, cold places that are gray. death. smells awful. dark. lost individuality. rather be dead than confided to one. large.

    By Maria on 11.16.2012

  32. trap me in your old dusty habits.
    Keep me pent up, horny and frustrated.
    Rage does not breed creativity, did no one tell you?
    It only leads to a desperate retreat into old ideas.
    Keep me holed up in here. Don’t be surprised
    when I turn you inside out and show the world
    the nasty pink rivets inside of your
    fragile mind.

    By Genevieve on 11.16.2012

  33. Respect for institutions should only last as long as those institutions have respect for the public they serve.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.16.2012

  34. wat is a institution…. all i am going to say.

    By kathpine98 on 11.16.2012

  35. In the stark white cell, she laid down her hands spread across the expansive walls that contained her freedom, her rights, her voice. But to others, she was only a nutcase rightfully condemned to this mental institution, God’s rightful punishment for her alleged heinous crimes. Only thing was, nobody knew her heart was painted with only the purest of white hues. Only thing was, nobody knew she was innocent.

    By Deborah Lin on 11.16.2012

  36. Well, they do command. If you get your work well done, they’ll maybe congratulate you with a sheet of paper.

    By Jack Myller on 11.16.2012

  37. I breathed the smell of cold floors and mercury. I am alive, but for how long, and why. Nothing stops the walls. They are biased, and evil. She has not come for me. I am an empty figure. A window.

    By Lyndon Weir on 11.16.2012

  38. Institutions. Buildings. Call them whatever. Towering giants that block the sun, plunging the world into limitless darkness.

    By Aimless-A-Smiles on 11.16.2012

  39. I sit in this
    of learning and sadness.

    Here I live,

    By DesertPromQueen on 11.16.2012

  40. there are many types of institutions. mental, banking… those two have a lot in common actually. although a mental institution may be more fun.

    By katrina on 11.16.2012