November 17th, 2012 | 196 Entries

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196 Entries for “thought”

  1. I thought you would come.
    I waited.
    A dozen years, actually.
    But no.
    You never came.
    And today, I stand before your grave.
    Even if you didn’t keep your promise,
    I forgive you.

    She walked away from the gravestone that read, “I’m sorry, Elaine.”

    By Endless Waltz URL on 11.18.2012

  2. I thought that this was the word yesterday…

    By Jordan URL on 11.18.2012

  3. I just thought that maybe you would go out with me. Maybe her. But why her? Choose me. Not her. Why did you choose her. I thought you loved me!

    By Katie on 11.18.2012

  4. Never have I thought about anything as long as this dream of mine. The dream to be held in a way of such innocence that I could no longer find wrong in the world. As surely as the sun rises, his love would never change.

    By taylor jones on 11.18.2012

  5. What goes on in the private space of our internal dialogue… How we make sense of it all… Our honest self, unvarnished

    By Artist on 11.18.2012

  6. it can be good or bad depends on our character. It leads to words which lead to action.

    By Naju Shah on 11.18.2012

  7. I thought I knew. I thought I had it all figured out, his feelings, and mine. I would never be with him, he would never look at me that way. Yet here we sit, my hand in his.

    By Jessica on 11.18.2012

  8. It speeds across the wrinkles of my brain. A electrical impulse connecting a random sequence into a correlated idea. The millions of neurons firing to come together into one instant millisecond of idea, in a miracle of bio-electric charges. It is a thought about the belly button fluff I found this morning.

    By River Ranter URL on 11.18.2012

  9. i thought this was it. our chance. to run away, far. to never look back. i thought wrong. here i am, not where i want to be. but at least i am with you. you are my all and i know you feel the same about me. if you didn’t then you wouldn’t have taken the risk of running away with me. and you wouldn’t be standing next to me in front of them. them who will decide our fate. our future. i know they won’t let us go. we broke one of they highest rules. at least i have you. and i have this moment to look into your eyes, kiss your lips, and rustle your hair for last time. we are going to be taken away from the earth. but i hope i will meet you on the otherside. i love you, you are all have and now that’s being taken away. but we will meet again my soulmate. this can’t be the end. we will have our happy ending my dear. i wish this wasn’t the end but it is. i will love you ’til the ned of time.

    By kathpine98 URL on 11.18.2012

  10. These can be good or bad. Some of them can lead to ideas which can also be good or bad. Sometimes people can be thoughtless.

    By LS URL on 11.18.2012

  11. I think a lot maybe to much people say it is an excuse not to participate. I agree but i like to observe rather than participate. I think about the future mostly, how it will be better

    By Catie URL on 11.18.2012

  12. I think a thought and the thought could be anything. A place, A time, I need to remember I choose my thoughts they do not choose me. If I think negative, I will be negative, If the thought is a happy one then I will be cheery.

    By cynthia on 11.18.2012

  13. how insane is it that
    every one
    of my thoughts
    could be had by
    no one
    is being exactly thought

    By Gracie URL on 11.18.2012

  14. Its what runs in the mind. very dynamic, one leads to another, speed of which is probably more than that of light. well that is probably proved otherwise by neuroscience with the rate of neuronal firing etc

    By kishan on 11.18.2012

  15. A thought. They are inevitable if you think about it. one is never NOT thinking a thought. its impossible to avoid thoughts. they enter our heads every second of every day. kelse

    By kelsey lynch on 11.18.2012

  16. The main thought I have in this exact moment is what to do about my life. Of course, thinking about it is not really something that is gonna change it somehow, all of a sudden. One may even say that thinking is useless, and that I should take a stance. Do something.

    By Akimi on 11.18.2012

  17. Thoughts are the things that fuel our actions – they are the driving force behind what we do. When we engage with our minds, we consciously act. Thoughts are incredibly important as human experience throughout history has shown us that not thinking before we act, or even thinking irrationally, leads to tragedy. For example, the decision to storm the Winter Palace in November 1917 by the Bolsheviks was achieved after Lenin thought through his takeover of power.

    By Laylaa on 11.18.2012

  18. October 12th 2011 was the day the doctor told me my wife was dying.
    Well shit, I thought.
    My wife and I never liked each other. Our relationship was mutual. Separate rooms, separate sides of the house. God knows why were married. God knows why we stayed together.

    By Gaia Serene URL on 11.18.2012

  19. I find thoughts odd
    They never say when they are coming
    Or what they’re bringing.
    They are my everything,
    I hate that.

    By Selinau on 11.18.2012

  20. is hard to catch at first but easy to express once it is there.

    By AJ on 11.18.2012

  21. thoughts are amazing. i have a thought about you every time i see a rose. a thought abt friend ship everytime my phone buzzes. i have a million thoughts triggered by little things. and everything is different from that point on.
    i had a thought of death one night. and i’ve been trying to make everything better.

    By Bharti on 11.18.2012

  22. Gah.

    I’m having a writers block.

    My thoughts are fleeting.

    By Cross Eyed Mary URL on 11.18.2012

  23. Thought about it. Thought about it last night, and again this morning. This thought, this immense thought, giving pressure to the back of my forehead, making its presence known, only to me.

    By Jennifer Lemming on 11.18.2012

  24. i buried your body,
    but i can’t bury you.

    By h. b. URL on 11.18.2012

  25. I walked through the noise and lights and spotted him in the corner of the room. What a shame. He had come with someone else. I tried not to laugh at the thought, of how pathetic he looked. I stepped into the crowd, felt the beat envelope me, and danced along with everyone else. I didn’t need him, I thought. At least, that’s what kept me going for the next three hours.

    By Marissa URL on 11.18.2012

  26. i thought it was a lovely day today.
    I thought i was the best.
    She thought i was being mean.
    Me and my friend thought the same thing.
    She thought i was fat,ugly how mean.

    By Roxy URL on 11.18.2012

  27. I’m thinking right now. I’m thinking all the time. I think too much. And I think to little. Where is the balance? No one really understands how much I think, how many thoughts go in and out of my head. I say so little of what I really mean, it’s incredibly hard to articulate…

    By Megan URL on 11.18.2012

  28. A thought was all she needed before she could hit the canvas in a colorful wave.

    By Sophie URL on 11.18.2012

  29. People think every day and you know what, i do too. it can be irritating as heck to try and figure out a way to control it, but it all honesty, you cant. i certainly cant. as much as we try to get ourselves under control, what we think is who we are. to leave that would be to leave ourselves and whos willing to do that?

    By hannah on 11.18.2012

  30. I think to myself sometimes, my thoughts run around madly as i sit at my desk.
    ”I think i shall have some ice creme now”

    By keely jones on 11.18.2012

  31. i thought you were better than me. it turns out you were a fucked up drugged idiot. but your tongue on my chest felt a bit like more than it could have been, like you could have reduced me to your dream and i could have been great. i wanted to be great.

    it was something no one had ever given me, and with your eyes closed, you pushed forward and tried to make me see, blindly, a fantasy.

    By christelle on 11.18.2012

  32. I think a lot about thought,
    And muse about memory
    But of such thought,
    Little is wrought
    Of anything useful to me;
    Excepting assurance
    Of humility.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 11.18.2012

  33. Thoughts are things that are free flowing. they move, like the wind. each one enveloping another, merging, creating swirls. thoughts keep the mind fresh. each one is related to an emotion which you feel the moment you think of something. it feels real. the thought makes you feel like it just happened. these emotions lead to more thoughts which inspire you over and over again

    By diva on 11.18.2012

  34. A thought. A precious, irreplacable thing. There contantly lost and discovered. They have a tendency to be unexplainable. They’re uncountable. There is a one thought for everystar. Some times that thought can grow and grow until it’s a constellation.

    By Kim on 11.18.2012

  35. A thought is in the mind. You have a thought about something, someone, what you’re going to do later or what you did before. What you’re going to do tomorrow, if you ‘re going to even live tomorrow.

    By Anna on 11.18.2012

  36. The greatest and largest most comfortable and reassuring thing that is inhearent in our natures, in human nature. It drives and creates, the insupressible spark that is so important and important to the word being. That which is needed to exsist, that which is needed to be, without it, one is dead, and is never truly alive.

    By Chris on 11.18.2012