November 16th, 2012 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “institutions”

  1. Las instituciones caerán tarde o temprano, y nosotros las seguiremos. Cuando eso ocurra nuestra verdadera naturaleza saldrá a la luz y nos encontraremos cara a cara con nuestro destino. Sea cual sea, el resultado será el mismo. Destrucción, caos, renacimiento.

    By Julia URL on 11.16.2012

  2. Keep on saying the marriage plot isn’t funny and it won’t be any more funny or industrious or silly or doable than it already finds itself when you wag your funky tail at it. You know that there isn’t time enough in the day to express, to get across what the power of two plus two can equal. What two to the ancient power of aggrandizement makes available, what two can bend or blend into, a hoard of roaming unbelievables.

    By Chesa Peake on 11.16.2012

  3. Public education is an institution. It is one that is slowing slipping away from the public and being taken over by politicians that no nothing about what a real classroom looks like in 2012.

    By Autumn on 11.16.2012

  4. Is a Instititution a collage?

    By skyler jayne URL on 11.16.2012

  5. the institutions were masive
    those are very big institution

    By kyle URL on 11.16.2012

  6. they made massive institutions
    their institutions were massive

    By Sam URL on 11.16.2012

  7. I went to the institution for college speech. It was a strange place. I had fun though.

    By Reagan URL on 11.16.2012

  8. If you are crazy or mentally ill you could get sent to one of the mental institutions.

    By desiree URL on 11.16.2012

  9. we have istitutions in show low

    By sterlingm URL on 11.16.2012

  10. Some people are mental and they need help and so they go to a mental institutions because they may not know what to do.

    By siena URL on 11.16.2012

  11. 0this is are institution

    By ashlee URL on 11.16.2012

  12. Things for creating order, limiting, establishing control, managing chaos.

    By mike d URL on 11.16.2012

  13. an institution is a college

    By Cash URL on 11.16.2012

  14. Institutions are only as strong as the message behind them. Without a purpose and vision that we can support, the internal staff cannot attain their goals which destroys movement internally. Without the movement internally and a good external message, no one supports it externally. Message is everything.

    By John Komarek on 11.16.2012

  15. My crazy aunt got put into many institutions.

    By annarui URL on 11.16.2012

  16. its an instatution to punch dale in the gut

    By tanner URL on 11.16.2012

  17. I want to go to an institution to get further education after high school.

    By andrewk URL on 11.16.2012

  18. I know of a few people who need to be in institutions. They can’t seem to get their head out of their ass and they keep messing up their lives.

    By teeda URL on 11.16.2012

  19. I hate institutions. They rot your mind with useless garbage like math, and science, and poetry. I’d rather do something that matters like video games, or watch a movie, or TP my neighbors house.

    By The Thinker on 11.16.2012

  20. lines of white and black
    rumpled ties and socks and shirttails
    the hidden secrets of dark eyes
    as they size up the prey

    By gwen URL on 11.16.2012

  21. school
    idiological tool
    locked up
    wonder what this is about

    By brodie URL on 11.16.2012

  22. i watched tv last night
    it scared me half to death

    the beautiful people in their costumes
    pretending they don’t know who they are

    how are they so good
    at something so bad

    and why am i not
    beautiful people

    By Julia URL on 11.16.2012

  23. I’m the one that’s crazy, but you’re trying to tell me what’s gonna make me happy.

    By quiqui~ URL on 11.16.2012

  24. streptococcal infection a major health problem in Yemen,

    By all URL on 11.16.2012

  25. This is my home, my only true home. My houses shift but my place here stays because I must stay here, there is no escaping institution
    Born in one, we will probably all die in one too. But I don’t mind

    By Bobs_cat URL on 11.16.2012

  26. i dont know. keeping souls withheld at the gates of who knows what. how they escape is a mystery to us but sometimes we get the benefit of doubt in not knowing. knowing is a crazy thing..this a keepers palace.

    By Aydin on 11.16.2012

  27. Many institutions exist. Some to hold you in, others to keep you out. Some in your mind, some in the minds of others, some just outside of the mind. They keep us in or keep us out. Where do we go? How do we escape? Do we want to escape? A prison is an institution, but must an institution be a prison? What way out is there for us? I do not know. Please help us. We need help.

    By fichtion URL on 11.16.2012

  28. The institutions of higher learning are churning out professionals on an annual basis, filling the workforce with qualified individuals for the varied tasks of running an industrialized civilization. Where will the innovators and free thinkers come from? How do the outside of the box thinkers break through, she wondered? Can the cream continue to rise to the top in a society that favors conformity?

    By Katherine on 11.16.2012

  29. Institutions.
    I believe we need institutions,
    Institutions of learning, of governing.
    Institutions mean education,
    Instituions mean knowledge.

    By Anna URL on 11.16.2012

  30. institutions lead to a majority of people who think in the same way, Is that really productive? Institutions repress innovation and original ideas and concepts. Ask no questions. Accept what you are told in spite of the fact that they are often lead by people with no further experience or knowledge!

    By Kim on 11.16.2012

  31. I’m not entirely sure what this word means but my brain is associating it with some kind of authority. Government, schools, that kind of thing. Boring but important. Institutions.

    By Harry on 11.16.2012

  32. Institutions lead to a majority of people thinking in the same way. Is that productive? People are not allowed to think or form their own opinions. Original thought is not encouraged.

    By whatireallythink URL on 11.16.2012

  33. institutions are the collection of ideas on which we settle our behaviors and way of living. Institutions are formed by us.

    By Montserrat URL on 11.16.2012

  34. This institution we call success. What is the value of it? How do you measure what changes so constantly? If I don’t know where I am going, but know what I want to do am I a failure in the eyes of my beholders?

    By EmilyH URL on 11.16.2012

  35. institutions… many of us was born alone in this world not knowing if we could belong somewhere thats why people built institutions to feel a sense of belongingness.

    By pj on 11.16.2012

  36. “Welcome to the Dorian Institute for Talented Women! I am your tour guide. Prospective students are welcome to visit any classroom or atheletic field or court. All professors and coaches are in their designated places; if you need information in an area, feel free to ask one of them.” The creepy tour guide woman said. Why am I even here, I thought to myself. I have never liked all girl schools. Maybe I should find another institute for talent. I play the piano, but I’d rather be playing it for a bunch of gorgeous guys, not preppy girls…

    By mickey URL on 11.16.2012

  37. I don’t want to go. And no one can make make me. Progress is for failures. I want to be a free bird, one that no one can cage. I want to be free. Free me. NO. STOP. I just…I don’t want this. It’s not for me.

    By Olivia URL on 11.16.2012

  38. The institutions were set up for those who were mentally unstable. The institutions were supposed to help them regain their mind and train them to act like “normal” people. The institutions were wrong. I was not mentally unstable, not terribly abnormal. I was creative, and that was seen as a sin.

    By Kristina URL on 11.16.2012

  39. The institutions are the people who last. The people who don’t quit. The Rolling Stones is an institution. They will keep playing music until they die-besides, what else would you expect from them? They’re well paid and respected, like any institution.

    By dan URL on 11.16.2012

  40. She hates that word, institution. She’s scared of them, scared that one day she’ll be in one. That’s where her mother went. She disappeared into the cement walls, she doesn’t want to end up like her mother.

    By Emily Ramser URL on 11.16.2012