November 16th, 2012 | 142 Entries

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142 Entries for “institutions”

  1. Mental institutions lock people up. Educational institutions lock people up. What’s institutionalized is inherently structured, not free.

    By Nathan on 11.16.2012

  2. “…One of the finest institutions in the world,” he droned on. I entertained my self by counting his clicking footsteps on the cold tile. The dull gray color of the walls did little to hide the true nature of this place: an asylum.

    By WearyWater URL on 11.16.2012

  3. Institutions seem to have been around forever. But that’s not true. They are really a creation of recent history. Institutions can help free or bind humans forever.

    By Anthony on 11.16.2012

  4. institutionalized
    bred angry in gray corner
    pretty nurse hands me a scapular
    tells me “her home
    is in the hospital too”
    could this be paradisio
    no doorways to walk through
    no windows to yearn out of
    only uniformity
    nature in plaster
    white wonderland

    By Theo Brown on 11.16.2012

  5. the eyes didn’t see, but the others did. they saw stretches of expanse and they willed with the wholeness of a mulberry.
    how much

    By joyecl on 11.16.2012

  6. “she’ll live,
    they said,
    “but she’ll hurt too.”

    and they were right,
    living hurts when you’re

    institutions built to keep
    people in, not help
    them out.

    By Effie on 11.16.2012

  7. the institutin of mariage
    to have one more
    plus one to the world, hello

    precious death
    no ring
    no home without my belly

    By kim on 11.16.2012

  8. I was stuck in that little white room for hours and hours and hours. Just sitting and listening forever. For eternity. Stuck behind white walls and on top of white floors, under white ceilings. They mock me and give me cards to learn from. I’m locked up here in this institution, because my mind betrayed me.

    By Ridgey on 11.16.2012

  9. We drove past you today. Twice, we waved at empty rooms. Twice, I thought of you. A man I never met, whose parents, sweet and familiar, familial, as they are, locked you up. For what? They never did say. They don’t talk about you. I want to meet you, see you, learn from you, of you. I want to fill that empty room for you. I do not want to pass you by.

    By darseyrsm URL on 11.16.2012

  10. I will not be just another faceless server. The institution is not the monster, but be careful
    of the ones wearing masks. They don’t want to see your eyes because that is how you connect. And then come the handcuffs.

    By aura.rayne on 11.16.2012

  11. The school was a large place, filled with plenty of students, eager to learn. It was only a few years later that it was filled with drones, unthinking, only following the instructions handed out to them without thought. Without creativity. Without life.

    By thelonehuman URL on 11.16.2012

  12. locked away inside
    no way out again
    sun is gone
    taken away from me
    privileges revoked
    i hate the dark
    light find me again
    why must you keep me
    here in this gray hell
    time passes slowly
    forgotten i have been
    stolen into the mire
    mind free me from pain
    one day i will walk again
    free to feel what is mine
    he will come for me
    i must not die alone
    his heart is taken
    still I linger within him
    just one more day
    nothing will be free
    except me as the night
    falls into the blackness
    delusioned into thinking
    someone loved me
    why isn’t he here now
    help me help me
    i don’t want to die
    i just want to see
    once more his eyes
    pure golden heaven
    running freely from the hate
    two worlds collided inside
    his heart buried deep in pain
    i see it now guiding me
    for he is here now
    arms i have missed
    love never lost in me
    this institution of death
    he has taken me from
    she whispers in my ear
    the hope my life brings
    his heart is complete
    three meant to be one
    his soul fragile underneath
    we must watch him now
    as i fall away blackness
    the key turns again
    she will hold him still
    the son lost too soon
    betrayal by one man
    our lives forfeit to hell
    he stands again alone
    but one left beside him
    is it enough to go on
    i can only hope he stands
    above them all giving more
    his heart broken into agonal pieces
    blood flowing to the ground
    he rises from the slaughter
    as i am flying away to the next
    his heart i will hold forever
    wrapped in the safety of my love

    By Olcsealgaire on 11.16.2012

  13. school, reading institutions, and mental wards. psychiatric help and lectures in huge classrooms. to be institutionalized or to attend and institution of learning? to learn or to medicate.

    By mika on 11.17.2012

  14. I feel like I need to be put into one of those institutions for mentally disabled people. I need help. I need healing. This anxiety is taking over my life and I don’t know what to do anymore. I just want this feeling to go away.

    By Madison Hite on 11.17.2012

  15. The institution of Love isn’t like the others. It’s gentler, but rougher. It’s easier, but harder. It’s uplifting and a weight like no other. It’s a contradiction, and there’s nothing you can do to fix it.

    By catyeah URL on 11.17.2012

  16. What is an institution even made of? Are they perhaps parallelisms of companies? I fear it is not. Institutions are, if even slightly, groups of people who are bounded by something greater than that of money. But then again when you are bounded by something greater than that how is it that the world still works for you?

    By What on 11.17.2012

  17. big barred scary. schools and jails and churches. some of the worst places to be. I hate them so. don’t you? also wha the fuck? why ariel black? that is an institution. government. institutions. words that look like bars and no windows. big long letters like walls. institutions. insane crazy houses. institutions. chains and padded rooms. oval offices. these are institutions.

    By Z.z. Trujillo on 11.17.2012

  18. Institutions.

    If they were of the mental kind, they were something relevant of a biggest fear of some sort.

    I like padding. I like silence sometimes. And there are times where I need the solitude.

    But the only time I’d like to see those combined, is when I’m sleeping.

    Any other time would signify that I’ve gone mad. That time would signify that this disease has defeated me.

    I damn well won’t let that happen.

    By ashley on 11.17.2012

  19. institutions..i stare blankly..what’s that…into the daze, the fuzziness, an understanding dawns..i have to write on it…why am i stumbling on the keys…many spelling mistakes, times running out..

    By Ann on 11.17.2012

  20. St. Xavier’s College is most certainly one of the best institutions in the city of Mumbai to pursue a course in mass media. Having completed two years of my degree, it’s been a joyride so far.

    By Wayne D'Cruz URL on 11.17.2012

  21. Silent yet ever-present, looming over that broken man, smiling sinisterly whilst children plot to over throw them, lining up toy soldiers and horses for the incoming battle from above. Seeking control and power yet hiding from blame, subtly interwoven into our culture. Cut them out and you cut off your own arm.

    By gracesea on 11.17.2012

  22. And with more trust than she’s ever allowed herself, she followed him into the crestfallen building. What she didn’t know then is that it wasn’t just a normal building, it was were an institution of time travelers and space morphers met, exchanging stories while they swiftly travelled through.

    By Dark-Masque on 11.17.2012

  23. WE have institutions that have been set up with the intention of providing relief and care for the elderly persons in our country. However not all has been done to create the right atmosphere and to focus on the immediate needs of those old persons, who need a one to one experience, if any real benefit is to be achieve by all.

    By victor URL on 11.17.2012

  24. It’s a place you never want to admit as to frequenting, but a place that commands you a reverence that can become addictive. You’re special, you’re a chosen one;you’re in an institution. Don’t think of the stereotype, discover the fame.

    By kate on 11.17.2012

  25. Great big buildings of solid brick close up around me, wherever I go. My mind feels closed up inside those walls, trapped, unable to breathe. It’s hard to find freedom when you’re trapped by institutions. How can birds fly when they’re surrounded by prison bars? I’m not certain. It all feels dark and meaningless.

    By Megan on 11.17.2012

  26. Funny thing is, the first one that popped into my head was my alma mater: Raffles Institution. Never regretted stepping into that school one bit. :)

    By Luc on 11.17.2012

  27. Institutions are the fundamental education unit of anyone’s life and the institute makes man educated with morals, great place for learning includes good as well as bad experiences

    By Deepesh on 11.17.2012

  28. An institution is any structure or mechanism of social order and cooperation governing the behavior of a set of individuals within a given community — may it be human or a specific animal one.

    Institutions are identified with a social purpose, transcending individuals and intentions by mediating the rules that govern cooperative living behavior.

    By Kansiime derrick on 11.17.2012

  29. So many. its hard to see where it is going. Yet the biggest one is place upon ourselves. We loomed around in all of the confusion that is place upon us trying to figure it out. then we go to others hoping they too can figure it out. They can’t.

    By Lloy McDonald on 11.17.2012

  30. I’m a part of one of the most prosperous kind of institutions in the world: college. For the past three years I’ve spent close to $200,000 on education.

    By Elsa on 11.17.2012

  31. adnan is my love. i love him unconditionally
    i want to spend my life with him and don’t want to lost him at all.
    am not sure if he feel same about me.

    By sarbjit on 11.17.2012

  32. “Our most sacred institutions are in danger!” he shouted. “Our schools, our courts, our churches, our homes, our families!”

    Jason and I watched, fascinated as the old man smote the air with his fists, as if fighting off some invisible dragon.

    By Annie on 11.17.2012

  33. Marriage? That’s one that people dismiss. But schools, those are noble institutions. Learning is the best activity one can ever partake in. You do it every day, whether you know it or not. Whether institution or not.

    By hbcarbonleaf URL on 11.17.2012

  34. The institutions are what are holding you back. You can never quite escape its arms. It reaches out to you in so many ways, to find you, to control you.

    By Krissy URL on 11.17.2012

  35. Institutions, with or without walls, surround me. They dominate the landscape like fierce giants, transformers. Benign one moment, they fly to new heights in smoke of rearrangement when threatened and I wonder, where is their life force?

    By LailaLCR on 11.17.2012

  36. There was supposed to be a solution to everything. That was the goal of this new society: to provide the place to solve each and every one of your problem. If you had health issues, visit the Health Institution. If your love life was lacking, visit the Love Institution. The Institutions of Society had the solution to everything—you just had to completely give yourself over to them and let them work their magic…even if you don’t quite know what happens sometimes.

    By veryterry on 11.17.2012

  37. I look at everyone I know and I dont understand how they dont see things like I do. What makes me different? Is that a bad thing or a good thing? When will I learn the answers to these questions?

    By Becka King on 11.17.2012

  38. Places where lots of people congregate. Sometimes they are there by choice but other times they have been ordered there or put there by force. Some institutions are schools, prison, hospital.

    By LS on 11.17.2012

  39. institutions are places people go to learn things. I guess that’s an incomplete concept or definition but it’s the first thing I thought of. I guess any type of building can be an institution of some sort. The word institution doesn’t remind me of big cities though, it reminds me of small suburbs filled with libraries and colleges. What does institutions actually mean?

    By Tristen Thompson on 11.17.2012

  40. White buildings all in a row
    Locked metal doors
    Shut-up windows
    “I’ll never go there
    to those old institutions….”

    By Chelsea on 11.17.2012