April 15th, 2011 | 436 Entries

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436 Entries for “gasoline”

  1. “gasoline” she said, ” I need some money for Gas.” the thick twang of her northern American accent echoed throughout the vehicle. “show me your tits or I leave” Her passenger stated. “Can i have the gasoline” she enquired with a sympathetic glance. “only if your tits are worthy of it!” from that she slipped of her bra and revelaved her droopping bossom from years of child rearing and breast feeding. He gave her $20 on the dash out of pity and left, “its petroleoum anyhow. gas is not a liquid based substance.” She snatched the $20 and left to find her next victim!

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 04.15.2011

  2. what amazing thing to be killing our country with. if only there were the people who would be able to fix every problem with our planet.

    By megan URL on 04.15.2011

  3. life & gas!

    Someday I’ll be the gasoline
    running through your cars,
    or maybe I’ll power your rocketship
    and blast you up to Mars.

    My body will be broken down,
    floating through the air.
    Darling, won’t you love me then?
    No, you won’t know I’m there.

    You’ll breathe me in through your lungs,
    just a vapor on the breeze.
    Swirling with the raindrops,
    mixed in with grass and trees.

    Perhaps you will forget me,
    scarely remember my words.
    I’ll work hard to paint you a sunset,
    just so my memory is heard.

    I’ll warm you in your houses,
    flicker as a light.
    My body will be gone, my darling,
    but spirit still in sight.

    Someday I will be nothing,
    nothing’s all I’ll ever be.
    Aspiring to keep you alive,
    and that’s just fine with me.

    By jonny URL on 04.15.2011

  4. Gas. Gassy. Farts. Poop. Haha
    “I WILL S*** IN YOUR BED!”
    My little brother farted on my pillows because I scared him.
    I need a car so I can get out of here.
    I want food, too.

    By Victoria Chartier URL on 04.15.2011

  5. Suddenly, the car halted to a stop. I went forward, the seatbelt stopping me a bit. He went out and popped the lid. He shrugged. “Nothing wrong here!” I looked at the dials, trying to find something wrong. I saw the gas meter and sighed. “We’re outa gas!”

    By Lilly URL on 04.15.2011

  6. Poured on a lit up. Crazy sky bound flames engulf. Pour some more, higher, higher! Its all over the sky now, that sweet strange smell that everyone likes but loathes they like it. Poison fuelling all the important places we must go. There is no gasoline needed to get where you already are.

    By Laura Mary URL on 04.15.2011

  7. Gasoline is VERY expensive. Need I say more? It’s a black liquid that helps cars run and that’s about it… Apparently it makes people a lot of money…

    By Addison Nichols on 04.15.2011

  8. Gas, gas, gas… That’s all people talk about these days. Kids. “Mom, do we need gas to go to the park??” Parents. “TIMMY, WE’LL GET GAS LATER!!!” Grandparents. “I remember when gas was just a penny…” The list goes on and on.

    By Addison Nichols on 04.15.2011

  9. Gasoline. Something this world has become so dependent on. But why? Why do we need it so bad? There so many other ways to fuel our needs. But we are greedy, and refuse to change to better the world.

    By Breanna on 04.15.2011

  10. A fossil fuel, which will soon make mankind a fossil. Society continues to bounce checks off of mother nature, and sooner or later she’s gonna cut us off from our favorite little cocktail of ethanol and additives- then we’re gonna have a massive hangover.

    By John Connor Dykes on 04.15.2011

  11. I already wrote about thisnword but here goes nothing. Gasoline. My heart isndrenched in gasoline. Why do you keep trying to light it? It hurts enough as it is. It’s not supposed to be like this.

    By Leira Carola URL on 04.15.2011

  12. Gas is very important. In many ways. It lets us go places that we couldn’t get to otherwise. It gives us a laugh on a gloomy day. (Especially when it’s during a quiet test or something. Really, it is.) See? IMPORTANT.

    By June Lex URL on 04.15.2011

  13. it fuels a car as love fuels the heart it keeps the car moving as pain keeps the body moving it is the soul life force of a car as our soul is the life forceof us …. it is needed for a car to survive as we need a heart to survive,

    By carlylousie URL on 04.15.2011

  14. The car swerved along the wet road. Honking and flashing lights went everywhere, and my life flashed before my eyes. I felt no pain; I felt nothing. There was a light, and then everything felt like Heaven, but then it felt like Hell.

    By kelly. on 04.15.2011

  15. SO. EXPENSIVE. I’m about to get my car…major factor is how much gas it sucks up. But I live in the hills, so I need four-wheel drive, which means V8. WOO!

    By casey on 04.15.2011

  16. The sound of the metal colliding has forever been in my mind. The cars came to a complete halt. I felt like I was not in my body, but looking from the outside. I felt I was seeing everything in slow motion. I turned to my left to see him draped over the wheel. Blood was spilling over his face. His beautiful face.

    If only I knew that was his last breath.

    (this really has nothing to do with gasoline, but I was inspired)

    By Phoenix on 04.15.2011

  17. $3.89 today, I believe. Put in some fuel injection…well, I didn’t put in fuel injection, it was something for it. Simple enough for even the least car- knowing like myself to dump inside. Hopefully the gas task was empty “enough.” Gotta check oil at some point. You know what? I’m happy to be able t get around.

    By felsparks URL on 04.15.2011

  18. we try and cut back, or say we will, but we it’s just not practical or realistic to cut it out of our lives. we waste tons of money on it and are utterly dependent. we just keep hurting ourselves.

    By Scarlet URL on 04.15.2011

  19. A fuel that powers things in the world making them fly, off cliffs, around the world, across the continent. At the same time spreading trouble as it spreads thoughts feelings and people. Good and bad just like so many things in the world. Soon it will be gone then electricity can shine.

    By Will on 04.15.2011

  20. too high. cause of war. smells funny. fumes give me headache. funny annoying song by Pitbull. vaseline, related?

    By Pauline Melvin on 04.15.2011

  21. what is gasoline, i really dont understand whats this word mean, could anyone tell me? maybe I should check the dictionary to see it. Now im using EuDict, which is good, compare the simple Dictionary in Ma

    By Shawn URL on 04.15.2011

  22. gasoline is very flammable. And i love it cause i get to places quicker (since cars run on that shit). Anyways, i have nothing else to say about it but it does smeel good. Another liquid that smells good is fuckin…uh………… white out. I enhale that shit. I love it. By the way i spelt inhale wrong,

    By Hootie on 04.15.2011

  23. gasoline is too expensive. I might as well buy a goat, instead of buy gas to mow my yard. It’s ridiculous. I mean, eight dollars for two gallons of gasoline….serious. I wonder if it’s legal in town. probably not.

    By Audra URL on 04.15.2011

  24. Gasoline can be found at gas stations. At a gas station, people put a tube into an open hole on the side of their car and fill their car up with gasoline. Gasoline makes the car go vroom. Vroom. Vroom. Gasoline has oil in it which causes much controversy on drilling. Gasoline is first a liquid but heats up and becomes a solid when in a car.

    By Meagan Donovan on 04.15.2011

  25. Gasoline prices are high. Why do they call it gasoline? Or why do they call it gas? It’s not the same has that comes from our bodies. Unless it is. Can we fill cars with our body gas? I think not. Than why do they call it gas/gasoline? What is gasoline made of? The same as the gas in our body? Or why do they call it fart or gas? Can gasoline be called fart too? We fill our cars with fart. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

    By Fiona on 04.15.2011

  26. i think gasoline smells like shit, and it costs too much. makes the world go round. the world is far too obsessed with gasoline. If there were as many people worrying about getting gasoline as they were concerned about stopping global warming and helping environmental refugees. imagine what the world could accomplish.

    By Rucha Patel on 04.15.2011

  27. Gasoline is like a million dying sheep who are fleeing the sun as little drops of dry heat and enemies of lotion. They run in fear of the snow and in fear of ruining the colors of the world.

    By Jessica Sanchez on 04.15.2011

  28. it’s what we run on. it’s not pretty, but that’s the way it is. I wish it was cheaper. Cheaper than water and less toxic. I wish we had other forms of energy, and we’re getting there, but right now that’s the way it is.

    By Daivd on 04.15.2011

  29. its what you put in cars…makes thing go…smells funny…is expensive…is not that fun to write about…is hard to think about…is oily…is not used to slick back hair…like cum is…like in that movie about mary…like my boyfriend…santi…who is fucking hot…i think i love him

    By Izzi on 04.15.2011

  30. The cost has been on a steady rise. MY small car takes over forty dollars to fill up. I honestly can’t say why the prices are so high but I know there are people out there benefiting from my forty dollar gas tank. I know that the Saudi’s who live near me just bought a brand new car with their wealth.

    By Tamir on 04.15.2011

  31. Gasonline. WHYYYYY IS IT SO EXPENSIVE. i just want to fill my car for a little bit and not have to spend half of my paycheck at that terrible job i have. i want to cry everytime i pull out of the station. ughh. and as for the pump that wont pump unless i’m holding it….i hate you and get frustrated everytime i use you.

    By samantha on 04.15.2011

  32. its what every person owning a vehicle needs but its soo stinkin expensive. makes me want to cry everytime i buy it.

    By samv120 URL on 04.15.2011

  33. “Mark?”

    “What is it Dave.”

    “Run like hell man!…the water’s on fire.”

    “Go, go, go, go, go, go!!!

    Later that evening…

    “And tonight our top story…Little did the boys know how contaminated the west side swamp was until they decited to play with matches, candles and gasoline. Now they do, and so does their neighborhood.”

    News at 11.

    By vanhaydu URL on 04.15.2011

  34. Gasoline is a form of petroleum. How funny. I’m going on a competition with bP, which is a mega company dealing with gasoline. I know they are going to let me see turtles and elephants. I can see them in my future. Now i’m going to my real future

    By gfg on 04.15.2011

  35. I had to fill up before we left. It was going to be a long trip and I didn’t want to be in the same situation as last time, where trying to show off I bought my date McDonalds, then had no money for gas and we sat on the side of the road, both with stomach aches for the next two hours.

    By Clyde Ramos URL on 04.15.2011

  36. Gas shouldn’t be so fucking expensive. No. That’s not necessarily true. We shouldn’t be so dependent on it. We shouldn’t kill each other for it. The dinosaurs and the plants should have been the only ones to die for gas, but I guess that’s not how it was meant to be. We need another way than the sick black shit. We need to save the bank.

    By Katie on 04.15.2011

  37. It’s been pretty expensive lately. Talk about a waste of money! Um.. gasoline is a natural resource..? Right? It keeps cars running! Man! Ran out of time:(

    By Maribel on 04.15.2011

  38. It is taking over the world. we are addicted to it and its terrible, no one should drive we should live in a world of walking, that would be better i am thinking. gas is WAY to exepnsive aslo! ugh its so bad for the envirment and the polar ice caps

    By elie portnoy URL on 04.15.2011

  39. Meaner than a green bean
    Oh it must be gasoline.

    By Z on 04.15.2011

  40. I smelled the harsh scent of gasoline. It burned my nose just as it burned the rest of the crime scene. I did it. I killed him. The blood on my hands would wash away when the dark clouds brought rain, but it wouldn’t wash away this feeling. The feeling of chocking and suffocation. My world was ending. Just as I ended his world. I looked up and said goodbye.

    By Angelia URL on 04.15.2011