April 15th, 2011 | 436 Entries

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436 Entries for “gasoline”

  1. nasty smelly fire hot ily expensive gold stinky strong go lighter flames fire colorful hot dogs cookouts marshmallows

    By Amanda on 04.15.2011

  2. I watch mutely as Doug scatters the gasoline around us, in a circle of protection, slick oily Holy Water that is supposed to keep the monsters at bay. Above us, the sky is blood red. The buildings are silent, indifferent sentinels. I wonder if it will hurt when the flames lick against my skin. The fire has always looked pretty to me, like orange-red-blue flowers, but I was never allowed to touch them before now.

    By Kaye URL on 04.15.2011

  3. expensive gross oily dead liquid ugly ducks bp slick oil fire brown black shiny rainbow wwater

    By Maggie on 04.15.2011

  4. I pushed the button for assistance but no one came. Just as I had expected, no one. I poured the clear liquid all over and hesitated, my index finger hovering over the lighter. Yes or no? It all came down to one decision. It always did. And that decision ended when I flicked the lighter on.

    By Lia URL on 04.15.2011

  5. gasoline, i wish we had another way to fuel our vehicles, this is becoming way to expensive, at $3.65 a gallon, its almost unaffordable just to get out and do things. you cant get out like you used to.

    By vanessa kinane on 04.15.2011

  6. gasoline is a very harmful substance and it kills the world. i really think that there should be less gasoline because it killed the sea and all the animals and ecosystems. all that jazz, yeah. plus all the money that goes towards buying gasoline goes to dictators in the middle east, and we don’t want to give them money. that’s bad. very bad. why would you ever give them money? that’s like giving candy to a baby. you just don’t do it. anyway gasoline sucks.

    By Michaela on 04.15.2011

  7. cars dont go far without it and it costs too damn much in this day and ag e we should find more renewable enery sources.

    By lucinda on 04.15.2011

  8. The price of gasoline is off the charts high. I filled up today and paid extra for a car wash. I’m too lazy to do it myself. My Dad used to smell like gasoline when he came home because he worked in the oilfields my whole life. Even now the smell of gasoline makes me think of him.

    By Patty Wonderly on 04.15.2011

  9. Gasoline smells like a pair of boots I left in the sun on the hottest summer day of 1995. I was 6. Now, when I pump gas I have nostalgia as well as nasea.

    By Robin on 04.15.2011

  10. You’ve always hated the smell of gasoline. It would sneak into the car when your parents went to the petrol station; no matter what you did, it would always be there.

    By Emma Hugbear URL on 04.15.2011

  11. The car went on for miles. It wasn’t about distance anymore, the thing ate all our money and food and oxygen with it. I tried to turn the dial to tune into some half-way decent station, but all the satellites had long decided that this particular vehicle was a lost cause. The back passenger window kept sliding down and the seat cushion reflected the days in a slow decay of fabric.

    By April Hope on 04.15.2011

  12. Gasoline, the essence of cars. its like our blood. Our blood is our life esscence, so gasoline must be cars life esscence. without it they die. So cars are like people. Theyre modeled after people but theyre metal instead of flesh.

    By Alayna Betancourt on 04.15.2011

  13. It’s way too expensive. I mean the prices keep rising. Even when they fall for a while they just keep climbing. Stupid economy. Stupid people who decided that it was a good idea to use so much gasoline. We need to find things to help the earth, not destroy it anymore.

    By Lydie Jaye on 04.15.2011

  14. The light breeze blew in the dampened air, causing the gauzy curtains to flutter, as if to escape the droplets of rain. “It’s raining, y’know. Gasoline this time.” She said it matter-of-factly, no expression within the statement. “Well, that’s fortunate. Those bodies that rained yesterday will be easier to get rid of when they’re all soaked in gasoline.” This, too, was said without feeling.

    By Luhan URL on 04.15.2011

  15. Ive written about this one already
    so here we go again
    the smell, the smell, it makes my nose feel interesting
    it gets me to work
    it gets me to the shops
    oh gasoline
    you really are something else
    yes yes yes
    you are

    By Dan on 04.15.2011

  16. She stopped by the side of the road as her car sputtered and finally died completely. The gauge had been steadily creeping toward empty all day, but she knew her car, she knew that gauge and she knew exactly how many miles she could go before she had to stop. She was wrong, but just this once.

    By Greta Gieseke on 04.15.2011

  17. Kerosene poured through all the cracks of my front door. I’m indulged by the silent dreaming screams that cannot be heard. Is my lucid dream real? What I feel as heat could be the sun, fire, or hell itself. Someone wake me up, before it’s too late. This body lie limp, incapacitate.

    By Kait URL on 04.15.2011

  18. I put gasoline in my car. And my car spits gasoline out. I cut an arm and a leg off for gasoline and I walk half-limbless. What’s the point? Green? I want a lean driving machine. Damn. Is it possible to have one of those? I want to fly and never have to buy gasoline. I want to teleport. Gasoline kills people. People die for gasoline.

    By Atain URL on 04.15.2011

  19. Gasoline means high prices. “Back in my day gasoline cost sixty cents,” is something my mother can recall. It’s funny how now it’s so expensive and in the future it’ll be even more expensive probably.

    By Emily Minor on 04.15.2011

  20. gasoline. this is what we put in our cars.. it smells kind of good.. haha. apparently, its a turn on for chicks.. :P i don’t know if its true, but i really like it! :D hehe.. hmm, its flammable.. so don’t light a cigarette by it or anything! (obviously..) ;P

    By Noelle on 04.15.2011

  21. gasoline fuels our cars. clearly we shouldn’t rely on it seeing as the problems that it caused during the oil embargo. i also think that it’s absolute crap that it costs so much. something that important shouldn’t cost nearly $4 a gallon. how are we supposed to live? hover crafts? yeah probably not, but still. fuck gas.

    By Kt on 04.15.2011

  22. Well, that’s rather uninteresting I guess I could write some shit about the environment, but do you really care?. What is there to say that hasn’t already been said?, don’t hide from action in fear with speculation.

    By Isaac Taylor on 04.15.2011

  23. gasoline prices are soaring to ridiculous prices. its getting more and more difficult to travel from place to place. people will eventually have to resort to other more inexpensive methods like walking or using the bus. which might actually benefit the country as possibly people might lose some weight.

    By sasha on 04.15.2011

  24. The fire raged on after the battle started. The blaze extended into the night, darkening the sky. All over some stupid dead plants.

    By Tikian URL on 04.15.2011

  25. As a child I used to walk around the car while my mother filled up the tank. The swirling rainbows mesmorized me while the strong fumes intoxicated me with a slight high. I still take a deep breath when at the pump but not for the high, for the memory.

    By Dakota Davis-Powers on 04.15.2011

  26. Well now, gasoline. A tried and true friend in times when I find myself without anywhere to go. Have you seen the moves gasoline has got? Don’t be fooled; it’s the real deal. Can you take you places, whoosh, and just like that – a fine time to be had, enjoyed, or otherwise taken advantage of. It’s reasons like these that we celebrate: gasoline.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 04.15.2011

  27. Glittering stars fall from my eyes as I glare at the price on the gasoline…at the price of gasoline. raging, I whip out my debit card cuz i’ll never have credit cards again. Credit cards are EVIL! The car doesn’t really need gas today, does it?

    By Starr.R URL on 04.15.2011

  28. Audioslave gives me perspective. He didn’t think I was worth it… So I cranked Audioslave to shut up the inadequate feelings and the thoughts of my own worthlessness.

    I cranked Audioslave to get the courage to tell someone I loved him. He may not know that thats what I did on the way over…. leaving someone… finding him. My journey started with Shadow on the Sun, and ended with Gasoline.

    By Molly on 04.15.2011

  29. gasoline: a world’s wonder or a world’s demise? Sure, it lets us go places, but to where are we actually going? to a sky overpopulated with carbon? To a land of dying trees? What are those ‘magic’ cars and aeroplanes actulally dong to us?

    By Lauren on 04.15.2011

  30. Is the bain of our existence, there is nothing in this world that is worse. It not only pollutes our planet but it also makes us spend tons of money on it because it is so expensive. It creates animosity with other countries in order to get it and that only makes us hate each other and the gas companies more and more everyday. It only creates angst and destruction. I hate it and wish we could live without it.

    By Jordanne Way on 04.15.2011

  31. “What are you doing?” Maggie cried. “Are you trying to kill us both?” “What?” Lorenzo held the can close to his chest. “I know what I’m doing.” “Dude, you’re putting out fire with gasoline.” “Stop being so melodramatic,” he replied. “I was just tipping a hat to David Bowie.

    By Izolda on 04.15.2011

  32. I remember my sixteenth birthday. I remember how my family put off fixing the car until that day, how we had to postpone the plans I didn’t realize I was excited for until it was too late. We spent the first half of the first day of my sixteenth year of life in a car repair shop. I remember the smell of gasoline, and how it stung my nose. I always hated that smell. Even more now. I was rereading a book I never liked, carrying an Eeyore stuffed animal around with me. Crying. I couldn’t help it. The culmination of sixteen years spent lacking something came to a head. My family took me to buy a happy meal and promised things would be better next year. I didn’t realize how much I wanted to enjoy life until it was too late.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 04.15.2011

  33. SHE TRIED TO PUT THE FIRE OUT, SHE USED GASOLINE. WHEN THE CONGREGATION GATHERED ROUND, SHES CRYIN ‘IT WASN’T ME’. those are lyrics in the song called Gasoline by Brand New off of their album Daisy. Brand New is the most amazing band ever and if you haven’t listened to them go do it right now. seriously. Sowing Season, Jesus Christ, The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot, Degausser, any of them.

    By freesia on 04.15.2011

  34. The gasoline formed a circle around him. He had never meant to die this way. What started as an innocent prank ended up leading to his suicide. He heard the close of the garage door behind him and slowly felt the oxygen leaving his body. Within moments, he’d be dead.

    By Amanda URL on 04.15.2011

  35. the price of gasoline, the price of gasoline, the price of gasoline, the priiiiice of gasoline. is that a song? i feel like it should be. how very insightful.

    By Anastasia URL on 04.15.2011

  36. The gas prices went up and down, like a roller coaster ride. I remember when I was in prep school and they had the gar riots because the prices were something like $30. Bet they never figured they’d pass the hundred dollar mark.

    By Gabbie URL on 04.15.2011

  37. Some people love the smell of gasoline. Not just because they want to sniff it, or something unfortunate like that. They just…enjoy the smell for the sake of enjoying a smell.

    I, on the other hand, extremely dislike the smell of gasoline. And that’s a fact.

    By Vanatron URL on 04.15.2011

  38. just a minute ago I was thinking about how selfish I am, about how the world does not revolve around me but then this word made me realize that everything in this world comes down to gasoline. it causes war, it creates energy to get from point a and point b and of course can bring down my world in flames with a match.

    By ennabeatriz URL on 04.15.2011

  39. gasoline smells bad. but i like it anyway. uhm……………………….idk what to write. this is really stupid and im not overly sure what the objective is. but gasoline is in alaska and the middle east. its really expensive and explosive. well, the fumes are anyway. it fills my car and my lawn mower..

    By Sarah on 04.15.2011

  40. Gasoline prices, way too high. I don’t pay for my gas, my parents take care of that for me, but I’m going to college in a few months and I don’t want to put anymore burden on them than I already am. We’re definetly not rich but I want to do something with my life, these unreasonable prices are not helping matters. So if you’re someone who has control with gas and its prices, please try and lower them. For all of us, some people are a lot more worse off than me. You never know where I could be one day, maybe I could help you out in some way you really need as well.

    By Erika on 04.15.2011