April 15th, 2011 | 436 Entries

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436 Entries for “gasoline”

  1. Destruction and hate are not brought on naturally, but by sheer force. Brains actively send messages to neurons in arms and fists are clenched and punches thrown. The hate drips from lips to hips and forms a sleek puddle on the ground beneath humanity, gathering together to display a distorted reflection of humanity itself.

    By Emily on 04.15.2011

  2. Is something we need to attempt to replace. We will not be able to sustain the amount we use it , for even the next 10 to 15 years. Even though it is a valuable resource it is the bane of our existence.

    By ali Sherazee on 04.15.2011

  3. liquid gold
    high price
    they tell we can’t live without it
    modern day robbery
    when will people stop believing what they are told
    the end is near… the end of your wallet

    By Nate on 04.15.2011

  4. I like the smell of gasoline, or petrol as it is called over here. It’s an infringement of the sense, as soon as you smell it you lose all other smells and focus clearly on those memories, those deep scents. The reminder of car journeys long forgotten, and unexpected bars of chocolate.

    By Emily on 04.15.2011

  5. It smells, and it’s expensive. People rely on it way too much. we should go back to the days of horse and carriage, or maybe just all get bikes. It we rode around on bikes we’d all be a little healthier.

    By Alex URL on 04.15.2011

  6. Laughing maniacally, he pours the liquid over the papers. The incriminating, evil papers. To him, at least. He lights a match after he is done, staring at it for a moment. Then, turning around, he tosses the match over his shoulder without a second thought.

    By Tezcacoatl on 04.15.2011

  7. Dump the gasoline on your grass, Maureen.
    Make it up with your task, get clean.

    By Marianne URL on 04.15.2011

  8. I never used to check the price of gas until i noticed that mom and dad’s weekly 20 bucks wasn’t taking me as far. this was compounded with the problem that my car had blown a cylinder and was wasting gas somewhere into the engine.

    By Katie on 04.15.2011

  9. When it spills it covers the ground and you look at it with a feeling of deep regret. This stuff, beautiful on the gray pavement, can fuel the fires of the city, but it will never leave the ground, hovering, one molecule thick on everything, forever.

    By matt morgan URL on 04.15.2011

  10. She could smell the gasoline, in a Coke bottle he held in one hand, as the other gripped her throat, pining her against the wall. She couldn’t see his face; all she would remember in years to come was the nostril-shearing smell of putrid fossils and death.

    By Marty URL on 04.15.2011

  11. gas as the turmoil of a strangely nauseoibond odor, at the light of a fire cracker…gaso es el dueño del parque y lina su esposa cuando un alacran se parece a una lagartija

    By Vielle on 04.15.2011

  12. its put in your car ,it makes it go.its refined from oil which is getting very expensive,I have to fill up every day and its bloody outrageous.

    By brian on 04.15.2011

  13. The smell of gasoline always reminds me of car trips during the summer. The long rides, the visiting of family. The endless stretches of road and grassland as we pass through the prairies of the Midwest. I’m never sure how much time was spent a

    By Kheldarson URL on 04.15.2011

  14. I like the smell of gasoline. Its an oddly appealing scent, you know? Like industry and nature together. Its odd because I hate buying it, but once I get to the gas station I smell it and then I’m glad I had to pay for a new tank. I feel like the world is ready for me to drive on it and just GO. I like the smell of gasoline.

    By ECG on 04.15.2011

  15. Sometimes I am extremely worried about what our future will be like, in regards to the energy crisis. Honestly, what are we going to do for fuel? I feel at this point we don’t really have any optimal energy alternatives.

    By Me on 04.15.2011

  16. I’m going to drink it. I’m going to let myself drink it and feel it slide down my throat. And I’m going to close my eyes, and let it kill me. I want it to kill me. i know its not right, but thats what I want. I want it to burn and sting and I want it to kill me. Thats all I want. A tank of gas in my stomach, and its all over.

    By Aedan Lake on 04.15.2011

  17. Gasoline runs through my veins. I will sputter and choke and smoke without it. Honk honk! Outta the way! I’m a car. Vroom vroom! I am fast and I take people places. I have five wheels, four that run and one that steers. I am a major source of pollution and I am slowly killing this earth along with my millions of brothers and sisters.

    By MJ on 04.15.2011

  18. the gasoline tank smelled thick and heavy in the summer morning. it was well above 80 by the time jeremy woke up and stumbled into his pick up truck for the morning rounds. he never really liked how hot it got in atlanta, but knew the cold didn’t agree with him.

    By Michelle on 04.15.2011

  19. the gasoline prices are so high that i sometimes think about doing something about it. doing something for myself and being able to save money. but it’s too far to work and i dont think id like to catch the bus, although he says that its not so bad. maybe i’ll do it one day and see how it goes…

    By kris on 04.15.2011

  20. A fuel combustore, a scarcity yet a necessity, or is it?

    By Xavier URL on 04.15.2011

  21. gasoline prices ar wayy to high like omg its 4 dollars now!!! i dont know why the prices are so high i mean its because the oil isnt being produced in libya as much anymore so its hard to get but still like its so much gas and for peole that drive a lot like woah thats alot like 4 dollars a gallonn woahhhh! i dont know what telse to write.

    By broooooke on 04.15.2011

  22. Fuel. Petrol. Power. Acrid smell. America. Why is this made of one word phrases? Kerosene. Rhymes with gasolene. Chemistry. Ene – alkene; alchane; archane. Old. Weird. Crazy. Oh! Penguins. Schizophrenia.

    By A on 04.15.2011

  23. it makes our cars run, our homes stay warm, and keeps our lives moving. this fuel monster drives everything in this world. without it, we would not live. but living with it is killing us.

    By nathan on 04.15.2011

  24. Gasoline is harming the environment. The careless pumping out of the Earth’s crust is damaging it. the costs are higher. parents get headaches. the earth is rusty. gasoline equals bad.

    By Maria Rodz URL on 04.15.2011

  25. not gasoline again. kerosene. kings of leon. wth. what goes on. problems. distress is stressful. adam from maroon 5? rihanna? what do they have to do with gasoline? gangsters. that

    By Maria Rodz URL on 04.15.2011

  26. The flames erupted into the night, burning pillars reaching to the sky. From a distance I threw another filled gas can on the blaze, and ran, ran without stopping. Hopefully no trace of the body could survive that inferno.

    By Shad URL on 04.15.2011

  27. She poured it on the mattress. She poured it on the sink. She poured it on the tile floor he made her buy because he was broke again. She splashed it on the walls. She splashed it everywhere. She was done; she lit a cigarette.

    By Clay URL on 04.15.2011

  28. fuel: hot and dirty but filled with rainbows when spilled on the dusty sidewalk.

    By meli on 04.15.2011

  29. fuuuuuuck. i dont want to think about gasoline being in the hot water bottle of my girlfriendish.
    the fact that she is “ish” after tonight says enough. i am driven back to weed by this. welllll the weed thing was just looking for an excuse to be fair. i think i will try to be the bigger man tonight and tomorrow. i should grow up and deal with break ups in a mature way. “lets be friends” FUCK IT NO. I’m gonna be a dick i reckon. but i’ll do it queitly. thats the way to be grown up. be quiet.

    By colxm on 04.15.2011

  30. the smell of gasoline was heavy and daunting. this was no normal ‘i’m at the gas station, it smells of gas’ smell – it was a distinct and thick smell that entered the eyes and coated my throat. i hadn’t the slightest clue where i was – where they put me – how i got there.

    By Alexa on 04.15.2011

  31. Gasoline is a very crucial substance in the modern age as it powers cars and other vehicles which are critical for communications and transportation. Gasoline is created by refining and adding several substances to oil.

    By James Bronsted on 04.15.2011

  32. i remember as a kid i used to love the smell of gasoline. somehow it speaks to me of summer, sunshine, mown grass, the silver dairy, riding in the car with my dad.

    By annie on 04.15.2011

  33. I received a facebook invite telling me not to buy you today, but I put fuel in my car anyways. I don’t understand how you work and why, you’re prices are just so darn high.

    By Hannah URL on 04.15.2011

  34. fast and faster, when we ran out of gasoline we didn’t even bother pushing the ford onto the shoulder of the freeway (when you shudder, sounds like the rattling of engines.) we just tore off the plates, took the bikes out of the back, and kept on going. if i’d known we were going to abandon the car that day (if i’d ever known, ever planned on it, if we ever talked) i’d have ripped the radio out beforehand, a keepsake. (and when you blink, your eyes click like the shutter of a camera, the thick lenses of your eyes combative against protection)

    left the car in the middle of the road, and
    i don’t know you anymore.

    By robyn URL on 04.15.2011

  35. when i first aw this word i immediately thought of the smell of a petrol station, its a good smell, really rich.. then i thought about the plastci gloves the vend next to the poumps… oh yes.. free stuff, never gets old when you can get free air water and gloves… magic… pure genius… total witchcraft.

    By bobby on 04.15.2011

  36. cars auto smelly added into cars everywhere in songs gasolin alleyeveryone uses it it is colorful sometimes different kinds and uses for it you can use it in water

    By madi on 04.15.2011

  37. its ruining our economy. why cant we just have a system to power everything without harming the whole world. i mean gasoline is great and all but we are he smartest things on this planet and we should take responsibility for powering our things in the safest way possible.

    By megan on 04.15.2011

  38. Come on baby just a few more miles thought Alisha , I do not want to be stranded out
    here in the swamps low on gasoline with no gas station for miles especially at night
    hello, creep factor( why oh why) did I have to watch scream 2 last night.

    By Linda Berryman URL on 04.15.2011

  39. Running down the interstate, running low on gas. Hadn’t seen a building for the last hour, out as we are, in the middle of the salt flats of this long, never-ending place. The radio stopped working half an hour ago. Here the sky is vast and deep. My phone’s off the hook.

    By Phone's Off The Hook URL on 04.15.2011

  40. Gasoline blows. Seriously. I spend all my time driving back and forth to a job I don’t really like all that much, and I don’t get paid enough money to be wasting the gasoline I buy. And it’s fucking expensive. So I get shit money, blow it all on gasoline for my old car, and then I blow all that gasoline on a commute to and from the job that I get paid shit money at. It’s a vicious cycle. Maybe if gasoline wasn’t so god damn expensive, I’d like my job more or enjoy my commute more. Who knows, because gasoline will always be too much for me.

    By Nicole on 04.15.2011