March 8th, 2010 | 238 Entries

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238 Entries for “found”

  1. You found me.. Without even trying. You opened up the door to my soul and buried yourself in all that I am. I never thought that anyone would be able to do this. To take me all in.. But you proved me wrong.. Oh baby did you prove me wrong.

    By Kuriosum on 03.09.2010

  2. lost, treasure, search, rescued, forgotten, abandoned, run away

    By rebekah landy on 03.09.2010

  3. I still haven’t found myself. I don’t know if I even want to try, but I feel that I’m of the age where I should know where I’m going and what I’m doing. Maybe one day I’ll work it out, like finding a penny on the side of the road.

    By Liz Ebdale on 03.09.2010

  4. i found you

    By yamnia on 03.09.2010

  5. found a family in a window one day, they were laughing about something I’d missed; i didn’t hear what it was about as i was behind the window.

    By mark gardner on 03.09.2010

  6. i clench my fists
    & my eyes fill with tears.
    i stare at my feet –
    begging not to be found.

    i crouch down
    eyes filling with tears.
    only one thought fills my mind –
    ‘they’ll find out
    & now i’m dead’

    By Jasmine on 03.09.2010

  7. I found out that you hide everything that you have ever found. Never sharing it with anyone; therefore never learning what it is to share the gift of gab and feel love. He found out that she’s crazy.

    By Stefanie on 03.09.2010

  8. i feel like i’ve been wondering for… ages now i guess. feeling directionless, lest i say lost. but to be lost you must have to have a destination in mind. i guess there is at least some comfort in knowing that i’m not lost. not exactly.

    By h. cole t. on 03.09.2010

  9. to be found I suppose one must first be lost, but the great thing about that is sometimes you never really realize how lost you are until that moment when you are found or for the first time have truly found your way

    By Sara on 03.09.2010

  10. I found something today, it was pretty fun. I mean, someone else might have found it, but then I wouldn’t have been able to express the joys that I felt when I found it. It came from almost nowhere, I didn’t even know one of those things existed. I wasn’t looking for it, but there it was, just on the floor… Well, that’s where you were looking after all.
    Our eyes crossed, and I found something.
    It was my love for you.

    By WingedFlame on 03.09.2010

  11. i was walking on a street when i just found i broken robot, i took it to home and i fixxed it. he was incridible and could do impressioning things like dancing, singing and flying.

    By saulo on 03.09.2010

  12. I found a woman in the corner. She wasn’t broken; dejected; or alone. No, this woman was what you never would have expected in a story as tragic as this – she was rotund, pleasant, motherly. She was smiling and laughing in a manner that would never have suggested the unfortunate event which had just taken place.

    By Curious Catastrophe on 03.09.2010

  13. I found my keys

    By Mariana on 03.09.2010

  14. I found my keys

    By Mariana on 03.09.2010

  15. I was going to the mall and then I found a girl running from a cup!

    By Mariana on 03.09.2010

  16. i found a lion cub on the street the other day, such a cute little thing. with his fuzzy excuse of a main andbig yellow eyes. i found even his teeth to be cute, they were sharp yes, but their size and pearly white colour reminded me so much of a small child that the delightful creature melted my heart. he’s taller that me on his hind legs now.. and ever such a good gaurd dog.

    By Lily on 03.09.2010

  17. Ich dachte schon, ich m

    By Tina Tornado on 03.09.2010

  18. when i found you it was like love at first site. i found everything, about you, about me and we were perfect together because we were together. When i found you i found hope that things would turn around and they did, i found a whole new light to my world.

    By emily on 03.09.2010

  19. I found some lint in my pocket today. Not unusual. But the speck of glitter in the lint – unusual.

    Not sure how glitter made it into my laundry. Mental note: infidelity? Look into it later.


    By Mel URL on 03.09.2010

  20. The things i find, day to day, don’t so much interest me, as fascinate me. Who knew i’d find happiness? Contentment, if only momentary; creativity, love, confidence, in this of all cities, and so far from home.

    By Maisie May Skidmore on 03.09.2010

  21. found
    by you
    and you try to hold on
    try to save me
    but i’m just too heavy
    you can’t pull me up
    not on your own
    and i can’t help you
    for i’m too far gone
    but i want to tell you
    to keep trying
    but that’s selfish
    so for now
    i’ll just stay

    By hannah on 03.09.2010

  22. She found her way to the front door, through the deep screen of smoke. With a shirt she had found lying on the floor next to her bed across her mouth, she commandered across the room. “I’m not going to di today” she thought to herself. She thought of her three children and her husband. “Can’t leave the baby” she said over and over to herself.

    By Karina on 03.09.2010

  23. I found what I had been looking for, when I found myself at the right place. I did not know that I was searching for her but I knew when saw here that I had found that which I had been yearning for. The remedy to my restlessness the companion to my happy days and and and happy nights.

    By lin on 03.09.2010

  24. discovery was of it’s mot humble nature. the meekly featured gray cat looked up at me with eyes that had seen dark places. i knew right away this was the beginning of the end.

    By may on 03.09.2010

  25. i found my white shoes. they were under the bed, covered in dust and glitter and newspaper clippings. they reminded me of sleeping bags outside and the day our tent fell down and starting a campfire and the tide came in but we were too drunk to care. i liked that summer

    By eden on 03.09.2010

  26. F-Friends

    By gigi on 03.09.2010

  27. The birds by my window chirp so loudly now that the snow is gone, and rain has washed almost all of it away. It’s so amazing to see the grass. I feel like I haven’t seen it for 3 years. My mind seems to be washed away with the snow for the year. My old thoughts and old feelings and old thinkings are gone and spring has come. I am glad.

    By Scythe42 on 03.09.2010

  28. I wasn’t born – I was found. The angels had left me on earth…

    By Bigbaer on 03.09.2010

  29. once i found a 100$ bill, i was at a playground, i sort of walkewd around looking at people trying to figure out if thaey had lost something. i felt a little guilty….

    By bridge on 03.09.2010

  30. this is what i found a rock inside of a desert meadow. under that there was a frog being chased by a trantula. not to mention i was sweating and thirsty i still watch the frog turn to stone and fall down the mountain he had so anticipated reaching the top of. as i watch i couldn’t help but feel sad after eating it.

    By cess URL on 03.09.2010

  31. “found a place where I can hide, found a place where I can run.” God our Father is the safe place that I have found today! Thank you Lord!

    By Emily on 03.09.2010

  32. When you lose something you find it… lots of things can become lost in a lifetime and lots of times they’re not found and if you don’t find them you might always wonder where they could be… you can find yourself and a lot of other personal things that you never thought you could until you find them.. finding something you lost is wonderful and makes me happy and excited to finally find it.

    By Lindsey on 03.09.2010

  33. The name of the street, Main, bent in the grass. The shoes on the telephone wire that tell out of towners where to find their fix. A polaroid of a girl stretching an accordian across her bare chest.

    By ts on 03.09.2010

  34. The cat drifted down the river of trash and fesces and other dead animals snorting filth out of its nostrils tipping to and fro on an old television barely floating. When the boy found the cat he had almost died.

    By Plasticities on 03.09.2010


    By JORDAN STEMPLEMAN on 03.09.2010

  36. I found myself in an awkward situation. I was sitting there, 20 minutes left, and I had finished the test. I mean, I know I’m not stupid, but I felt weird just then. I was done, and I didn’t know what else to do but take it over. So I proceeded to do the English portion of the ACT a second time, just for kicks.

    By Rachel on 03.09.2010

  37. I had known him all my life, a life of almost whispered secrets, and a friendship based on what’s easy, never what we want.

    He found me under a tree crying words of salvation, and with my face in his hands, he tucked my heart in his pocket and kept it there safe.

    I found him in my bathtub, face down in three inches of water, my heart drowned with him, not as safe as I thought.

    By Taylor on 03.09.2010

  38. Found
    again and again
    but lost
    still inside
    no maps to lead or
    guide you there

    I have become
    amidst the mess
    who is there
    who will find me

    perhaps I am

    By Leyla on 03.09.2010

  39. I have found you out in the place you least expected. I knew I would find you there. It’s such a funny thing the things we think when nobody is watching. The things we claim to just barely discover, when we knew it all along. So I found you as much as I could really find anything. But find you I did.

    By Jessica on 03.09.2010

  40. i found this. i wish i would have found something else. but i found you. and this place. and her too. i didnt find money, or happiness. but i found love. and that find is precious.

    By tess on 03.09.2010