March 8th, 2010 | 238 Entries

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238 Entries for “found”

  1. I found out that you find things whenever you move. I remember when we moved the first time I found things I had not seen in a long time. When things are lost, they eventually get found. The state that they are found in . . . now that is a different story.

    By Seth McArdle on 03.09.2010

  2. i never thought i would still be playing hide and seek at 19 years old. but this is the ultimate game in my life at the moment. you see you left, and now i see how many places i can find you. in the rain in the wind its all a cycle and you always come home to me, i just wish it were the same as it was when we were kids. with love and remorse, i am yours until the last drop of rain or the last wind kisses my face.

    By gabatron on 03.09.2010

  3. to find something in the past, so it would be found. They found out. I found it. I never want to be found. Found is always after a search….

    By Jamie on 03.09.2010

  4. I’m tempted to write about finding something… but instead my mind took a turn down the other lane of “found”.

    Now I want to found something. Start something, get up and do something with my life.

    However, I’m sure many people feel this way. Few act on it.

    I guess I’m one of the many.

    By Minikimii URL on 03.09.2010

  5. I found a two dollar bill in my book once and I spent it all on candy, chocolate candy. Someone found their vocation once in a novel about the priesthood.

    By annie on 03.09.2010

  6. found i thought that i had found love. like you find a lucky penny. Only what i found was not anything i could hold. I found a feeling that i felt. I found…

    By eroticserenity on 03.09.2010

  7. found what does it mean .well it simply says gotten something that isnt mine and could have been lying around somewhere.

    By drayton on 03.09.2010

  8. One of these days I’ll figure out just what the last twenty yeas have meant to me. I’ve been so busy living watching and learning that I have neglected to articulate it. Living in the moment lends one to get muddled in the particulars when recounting events that define your past. If leaves you with a glossy after effect that make the memory almost altogether unrealistic; however I choose to rely on the preset that I was simply living and try not to beat myself up for not slowing the tempo of living life in order to document it for everyone else to enjoy.

    By Kimber G on 03.09.2010

  9. i found this beer next to me… so i’m drinking it. :)

    By Alicia A-D on 03.09.2010

  10. I found it in a hole in the backyard. I’d been digging up the ground to plant a tree for Arbor day. I’m green like that.

    It was a sphere. Black. So black it reminded me of a black hole. Perhaps it is something from outer space, my husband said. But I wasn’t so sure…

    By Heidi URL on 03.09.2010

  11. I found it. it’s my hope, my dream.

    It was on a tree, like a kite stuck there, waiting for me. I’m not sure how many people passed it by, but when I saw it, in all it’s black and white glory, it was mine.

    It called to me, rather like a song. I had hoped that it would become a winner, but all it really will be is the sound of another trumpet. It is the dream and wish of a lifetime.

    By Samie URL on 03.09.2010

  12. Found wound and bound by the pound. Now for a man of much renowned the vainglorious illustrious fluffy M

    By Trevor on 03.09.2010

  13. I once found a penny at the bottom of my washing machine, and I was like, “Awesome! Free penny.” My day was complete

    By Kristin on 03.09.2010

  14. Found wound and bound by the pound. Now for a man of much renowned the vainglorious illustrious fluffy M

    By Trevor on 03.09.2010

  15. I found him. He was sitting on the sidewalk next to the old building, bopping away to the tunes in his head. I wasn’t sure if I should disturb him, but my relief was overwhelming.

    By N on 03.09.2010

  16. i found my book at the lost and found yeah amazing grace how sweet the sound thats i know and i once was lost and now im found amazing grace for me

    By z on 03.09.2010

  17. WHen you’re looking for something, you don’t know where it is. Till you find it. Lost and found they say. Could be things, could be places, could be times. COuld be abstract.

    By ed on 03.09.2010

  18. what was it that you found when you peered into the old boxes dug up out of the attic that day? you’re face was blanched an eery shade of off white and you looked a bit green about the gills as they say.

    By cre8whirledpeasno on 03.09.2010

  19. I found it, the signs use to say, they were all over the place, everywhere you looked. No one knew what they meant, even on big billboards! Then one day I learned it was Christian advertising. Hmmm. What an odd marketing strategy.

    By Elizabeth Munroz URL on 03.09.2010

  20. I want to find it again, that feeling. It was like a thousand butterflies had been released into my heart. But now all the butterflies are dead and crumpled..

    By s on 03.09.2010

  21. Where the hell is my bra? I know I wore one. I remember flinging it over my head at…that guy. Oh God…THAT guy. The one next to me. I have to get out of here. But that bra set me back $57. I’m not leaving without it.

    By Trish on 03.09.2010

  22. this is the day that i found out that i can get angry and not be mad and mean to myself in the process

    By kate on 03.09.2010

  23. there are very few things that I think I’ve found in life. Mostly just obvious things that everyone finds… now I just need to figure out what I’m supposed to find so I can do something with this thing called life.

    By Joel on 03.09.2010

  24. I was lost but never found you always hear of meraculous stories of people who get lost and found but some people are better off lost living in their own deluded world

    By Kpj on 03.09.2010

  25. I wish I’d found the winning Lottery ticket, then all my problems would be over. To be replaced by new ones maybe?

    By Annemarie on 03.09.2010

  26. I don’t lose things as much as I used to. I think I used to lose them intentionally just to have the thrill of finding them again. I still do some things like that. I leave money for myself in my winter coats.

    By martin on 03.09.2010

  27. You never have to be afraid again, now I’ve found you. I’ve found you, teddy bear; you hang limp yet happy from my small hand, relaxed now you know you will once more be looked after, happy in the knowledge you were always loved and sorely missed.

    By Robyn Comfort on 03.09.2010

  28. “Well, maybe I wanted to be found by that ‘stuck up, blue-haired, prince’ of mine, Zack.” I said, my eyes locking onto him like a target. “Maybe I wanted to finally be worshiped!”

    “Worshiped??” He asked, in utter disbelief. “I’m sorry, but this isn’t the Max I knew or for that matter, know.”

    “Okay, so maybe not the best word choice but…” I trailed off, trying to find a way to defend myself. “I wanted to actually mean something to people, Zack.”

    “You mean something to me, you always have.”

    “As a sister??” I countered.

    “Nope.” I was in something I hadn’t asked for within seconds of him saying this, and I wanted out as fast as I could.

    By H on 03.09.2010

  29. I found you, I have you, now I want you. I need your attention and presence. Acknowledge my soul trying to deepen into your heart. Find me, here.

    By jason URL on 03.09.2010

  30. maybe I don’t want to be found and I just want to stay here forever. Lost forever. I don’t want to have to deal with all of this anymore so leave. I don’t want to be found.

    By emily on 03.09.2010

  31. Standing on the bridge, praying to a god, who’s somewhere above me. I’m so lost I’m so distant. You won’t find me in my bed tomorrow. I hear the pounding in my head, when that god reminds I’m not dead yet, and I wanna live. And suddenly I’m found.

    By Taylor on 03.09.2010

  32. i was lost but now I’m found
    who will find me next?
    I still feel lost, and alone.
    Can I be alone
    and found?
    not sure

    By d on 03.09.2010

  33. I went to retrieve one glove I had lost possibly days ago and hadn’t noticed until today, when the veins in my hands grew stark with the cold and I found I needed it. I had to sift through piles of unwanted things to find it, and saw

    By nora on 03.09.2010

  34. i went and discoverd the simple reason for my rational thinking. it didnt come to reason but found purpous just the same. how can i know the truth behind it, i just want to lie down and never get up. i am innactive
    but i know it’
    cleaning the streets make me want crawl away into the one person i ll never have
    where do we go?
    cant i just find you? am i even good enough ,or are we all miserable?
    contact. contact. contact.

    By botkin20 URL on 03.09.2010

  35. Yesterday I found something in the garbage
    It was a heart. It looked like my heart
    but I could have sworn I still had one
    beating within my chest.

    Still, I’m looking at this thing
    and it seems a bit too familiar,
    like it knew stuff I didn’t know
    for a long, long time.

    By Don H. URL on 03.09.2010

  36. lost and found.. you need somebody to find you, to save you. you’re lost, floating in this huge, scary world, afraid, alone.. please, somebody, find you.

    By b on 03.09.2010

  37. Haha, found. That’s about all I want, well I guess I want to find where the me that I am is supposed to be; I want to be found.

    By A'Driftin on 03.09.2010

  38. she found it laying on the ground, splayed across pebbles and dirt and the remnants of some long-displaced red mulch.

    By betty wolfanger on 03.09.2010