March 7th, 2010 | 220 Entries

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220 Entries for “british”

  1. I am British. My Dad is a Cockney after all. Even though I was raised in America, I still consider myself British because I was raised with the culture inside of my home. It is a part of me. I am also American, and being British makes me distinctly American as well. That is what it means.

    By Andrew L on 03.08.2010

  2. as if it were pepole british pepole

    By Cadence Gayfer on 03.08.2010

  3. British? British accents are cute sometimes, but only when they’re real. I mean, if you see someone and they start speaking in a British accent and you know they’re not British, it’s just annoying. But seriously, who thinks of these words?

    By Rachel on 03.08.2010

  4. English, but not really. OR maybe us Americans are the “not really” half of the English equation. British means bad teeth, tasteless food, and grey weather. Not exactly bloody pleasant!

    By Brittany on 03.08.2010

  5. headline: The british parliament passed many bills today.
    British museums are not very british at all.
    The beatles were british.
    What does this word mean?
    British. Birthright.

    By Suefie on 03.08.2010

  6. Quelqu’un dont je ne citerai pas le nom disait : “I’m not gay, I’m just british !” ou encore, parodiant le Joker de Batman : “Why so british ?”

    By McTernell on 03.08.2010

  7. i know british soldiers like the guy from the simpsons and uk like harry poteer

    By z on 03.08.2010

  8. i like the way british girls sound, it’s amazing that their accent shines through even when they are screaming in pain.

    By mike o on 03.08.2010

  9. british ppl are really hot and they have an amazing accent… and i don’t know… they’re hot again… and i wanna live with british ppl and… Robert Pattinson is british… (: as a lot of hot ppl yeah (: that’s it

    By julienneee on 03.08.2010

  10. The British are sexy people. With their cold blue eyes and platinum blonde hair. What is that all about anyway? this false presupposition that British people are blondes and snobby. What can you say about a people? Nothing, but their food is great.

    By T on 03.08.2010

  11. The British fleet left harbor and embarked on a journey the the ends of the earth. What will they discover?

    By cathy on 03.08.2010

  12. wow well I mean I like the British, they certainly make good TV shows like the office or top gear, but I must admit the thing about teeth is totally true. I saw a British man once here for a visit and his teeth were more crooked that before I got my braces

    By Emily Johnson on 03.08.2010

  13. Britain. Union flags, letter boxes, post boxes. The post boxes with a snow hat and a cosy robin on the top! Busy streets and black taxis… ‘taxi’, not ‘cab’. Tourists. They’re not Britain, though, they’re foreigners, wishing to seek just that little bit of traditional British glory.

    By Robyn on 03.08.2010

  14. I just watched the sweetest british indy short film. It was about a sign waver in the middle of the city. He was so passionate about it. It was precious. He was beautiful. He thought everyone else was beautiful, too.

    By carley on 03.08.2010

  15. I’m not sure how I feel about British. It’s a difficult to define being part of a nation. I think I naturally pigeon-hole myself as ‘English’, but I have an affinity to Wales, Ireland and Scotland too. We’re all related, and nationalism doesn’t help the world get along.

    By Chris Ogden on 03.08.2010

  16. he was tall, with brown eyes like molasses and a clipped british accent. I wanted to drown in that voice. He spoke with half a smile between each word, like each moment he might just ask me to tea. I’d go if he did ask me. He was adorable, british, and wayyy out of my league.

    By sienna on 03.08.2010

  17. a british man, so polite and tall. He seeks out refugee. I call upon him and tell him it’s okay. He seeks comfort in me while i fetch him some blankets. I can barely figure out his accent but he appreciates the help. He’s so cute , he needs help, that’s what im here for.

    By linda on 03.08.2010

  18. the man was simply a jerk. he sounded polite but everything that exited that refined mouth of his was insensitive & condecending. but he still seemed so polite. i couldn’t understand the paradox, but i still found myself giving him money

    By thomas l on 03.08.2010

  19. Well, isn’t that a coincidence. Gorillaz, which I am fully in love with once more with their new album, Plastic Beach, is British. Well, British based. There’s an American and a Japanese member but 2 out of 4 is… merely half. Not the majority. I do enjoy their accents. Lovely and funny.

    By alice on 03.08.2010

  20. Brits brits brits
    i like my tea with honey and grits.
    my teeth are bad and my clothes are red
    brits brits brits

    By noone on 03.08.2010