March 9th, 2010 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “hit”

  1. One hit; that’s all I need. One hit wonder they can call me but at least I’ll have had it. All my life I have dreamed of it and I know it’s close now. I’ve sold one of my songs to a guy who deals with Robbie. It’s going to happen.

    By A weir on 03.10.2010

  2. hit that shit or pass it. if i had a nickel for every time some one told me to stop camping…or maybe a bag, yeah, a bag. if i had a fuggin bag for every time some one said “hit that” to me, I’d be brain dead.

    By sarah on 03.10.2010

  3. The word is “hit.” Well, I’m not sure I like this word. It seems to carry too negative a connotation for my taste. In any case, hit will do. For now, at least. Hit or or miss it.

    By Viviana on 03.10.2010

  4. i hit the ball over the stadiuom nd got a grand slam yeah have you seen the movie hitman cuz its pretty cool and confusing

    By z on 03.10.2010

  5. singing along to the hit of this moment |I see how it all fits into place. It’s amazing just how how much we think we understand but don’t

    By Joyce on 03.10.2010

  6. I want to smash your stupid face, i want to make you cry. all i can think of is you in a bloody mess. i want to hit you, i want to hit you, i want to hit you and make you die.

    By mikeo on 03.10.2010

  7. the first thing is pain, everywhere south of my left leg, and the second thing is this strange ringing in the background that slowly gets louder until it’s right on top of my head, and my foot’s long gone by this point and all I have left to hope for is that at some point something’s going to stop and something’s going to get better, somewhere, but

    By crabmuffins on 03.10.2010

  8. Please, don’t hit me.
    I’m too weak to think.
    I can’t, cope with it all,
    I can’t feel anymore.

    By See URL on 03.10.2010

  9. i would likwe to hit on someone right now cuz getting hit n is fun, but also punching people, hitting them can be fun toom but it can also be very mean and upsetting and i would not like to be hit in the face esspcially but i would like to be hit on because it makes me feel good inside. i also like hitting on people because it makes them fell good too and i like providing people nice feelings. what else can i say about hit? you can hit a ball or a goal or

    By vita on 03.10.2010

  10. The sound of squealing tires and a shattering windshield was the last thing she remembered. Waking up the hospital two days later with a broken nose, a concussion, and a fractured wrist was shocking enough in itself. But the worst part was hearing the medical bills she’d have to pay since there was no one accountable. It was a hit-and-run kind of day apparently.

    By Julia Semile on 03.10.2010

  11. “Hit!”
    The sound of heavy breathing, the smell of sweat.
    The pain shooting up my back, the ache in my arm.

    By Jordan on 03.10.2010

  12. i hit a ball and it went soaring through the sky. Suddenly i heard a crash from the near by neighborhood.

    Shit, was all i could think of and i ran as fast as i could. All i remembered was that my school principle lived in that neighborhood.

    By Christie on 03.10.2010

  13. i would so like to hit him in his face. the kind of punch that will send his teeth flying. but no, it’s all in my imagination. there he is, sitting right across me, smirking like an elf, 30 minutes late. i had ordered my second drink. i had to, the bar was getting crowded and i was taking up a table by myself.

    By Ting on 03.10.2010

  14. You hit me. You ashamed me in front of everyone I know. You made me realize I have no power. You took my love away and you turned it into hate. I can’t look you in the eyes without cringing, and I want to leave more than you can imagine. When I thought about you, I smiled. Now there is little left on my graying face, a shadow of what once was.

    By Cat M on 03.10.2010

  15. I wish he wouldn’t hit me anymore. I try so hard to do what he wants and be what he wants me to be, but all of a sudden –
    Out of nowhere, I am hit.

    The act of hitting is violent and intrusive. I thought he loved me!

    By Karyn Long on 03.10.2010

  16. “Yeah, I hit Gilbert last week. Took him down in about thirty seconds. It was brutal.”

    By vish on 03.10.2010

  17. he took a big hit off the pipe and felt all the veins, pores, and hairs on his body come alive and begin squirming for action.
    No wonder he can’t quit, nothing else has ever been this intense.
    he is an addict.

    By KaJo4ever on 03.10.2010

  18. it stings. everything else around me has become muted. i raise my hand to my cheek, to cover it, as if i am ashamed, like i deserve this. everything around me seems to slow down. he brings his hand back across my face, dizzying me back into reality.

    By mischa on 03.10.2010

  19. I can’t believe you actually hit me.
    I used to be so in love with you that I wished you would hit me. It was disgusting, pathetic. But that’s how obsessed I was with you. You could have hit me and I’d have liked it, loved it.
    And now you hit me for real and all I can think is that I’m ashamed that I let you. I know I will never say anything about it to you, or tell you to stop because the sick part of me does still like it.

    By Blake on 03.10.2010

  20. one time i was hit by a ball flying at me wayy too fast. i didn’t think.. i turned and saw a flash of red, and then the dodgeball hit me right in the face. it hurt, and a blotchy, pink mark went across my face. i was blind for a couple seconds, which i expect was from the impact.

    By ariel on 03.10.2010

  21. Hit, Man almost hit some children walking across the street from P.E. I would like to hit him. Is he an idiot? How would he have felt if his child were in that group and someone almost hit his child. People who have no consideration for others irritates the hell out of me.

    Good bye.

    By Peggy on 03.10.2010

  22. one time i was hit by a ball flying at me wayy too fast. i didn’t think.. i turned and saw a flash of red, and then the dodgeball hit me right in the face. it hurt, and a blotchy, pink mark went across my face. i was blind for a couple seconds, which i expect was from the impact.

    By ariel on 03.10.2010

  23. There was blood on floor. It was splattered on the walls. It covered the couch and pillow that had fallen in the struggle. A baseball bat rolled across the floor, leaving a trail of sticky red blood behind it, as the killer drug his victim out the door.

    By Tilley URL on 03.10.2010

  24. hit me,
    hit me hit me hit me
    i dare you

    you punk

    i wish you would
    HIT ME
    youre scared

    please hit me
    i want you to do it
    put her there
    right in my cheek

    make me taste my blood
    make me swallow my teeth

    By alex white on 03.10.2010

  25. pain. hurt. baseball. one hit. punch. slap. mean. cruel. i don’t like the word hit. it doesn’t sound nice at all. it’s sad kind of. and it means violence and our world shouldn’t have violence. this is not a good word. at all.

    By Kayla Nicole on 03.10.2010

  26. I’d like to hit. I’d like to be hit. I haven’t been in a fight in ages, and I need a rush like that again. Nothing matters in that moment. You are facing off another with nothing but your weight, feet, hands, elbows, knees, shins, motion, instincts. You trust the other person entirely.

    By RB Axtell on 03.10.2010

  27. i think my word was hit? i dont like hit
    i mean i hit my friends as a joke because im super weak , but people who hit are horrible people!!! i hope my word was hit!!!!!! yeah! woooo hoooooooo type type type typpeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    By allegra on 03.10.2010

  28. Baseball.. I prefer minor league, seems to me there is more heart in a minor league game compared to a major league one.. prolly cause they aren’t making millions of dollars yet.

    By Bree on 03.10.2010

  29. Everyday, the Television and people around
    make me feel taunted

    They display and can’t appreciate the comforts
    that I have always WANTED

    Luxuries I desire less, nor think any of the Few should have

    But, surely I’d deserve them more than most any other man

    By The-Apotheosis on 03.11.2010