November 28th, 2010 | 195 Entries

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195 Entries for “diagram”

  1. With a smug face Drew pointed at his diagram. He then taps his head lightly and then being smarmy, he said, “Chew on that for a while.” Michael, disgusted by this man’s pride knows that he can beat him. Drew is a human cliche.

    By Taylor Soper URL on 11.28.2010

  2. A diagram is a simple explanation of how something works. Love could never be explained through a diagram.

    By KO URL on 11.28.2010

  3. Perhaps I should use a diagram
    To explain your how your actions
    Do not align with your words
    And how what you say lacks
    Any meaning at this point
    To show you where we’ve been
    And what you’ve done
    To the future
    Despite the shared past

    By Amiee URL on 11.28.2010

  4. My mind doesn’t do diagrams well. Once a doctor asked me to copy a graph. I laughed. I couldn’t copy any of it. Nothing. Nada. My world sometimes is a harsh one; one that can’t be diagrammed correctly,

    By pia savage URL on 11.28.2010

  5. “Draw a diagram” the teacher said. The class was immidiately filled with students writing about their ideas with colorful paintings and artful sketches. My classmates expressed their arts in the hopes of getting a good grade. They all failed.
    I had a stick figure. It got an A.

    By Mizu on 11.28.2010

  6. “This is way too confusing for me.” I say as I stare at the diagram before me. “Are those labels? I think they’re labels but I’m not sure.”
    “Look,” my friend begins, “it’s not that hard to understand. The flux capacator–”
    “That doesn’t exist you buffoon. That’s only a piece of fictional hardware.”

    By Dante Howles URL on 11.28.2010

  7. The diagram dies within certain gram.

    By sifoo URL on 11.28.2010

  8. your diaphragm and see what comes next. you sit and wait and wait and wait and thinking it’ll come to this. this here at the bottom of a pregnancy test. pregnancy test, isn’t that why i used contraception?

    By Catherine on 11.28.2010

  9. life would be so much easier with a diagram, but wouldn’t that take out the fun in life? some people think that they want all the answers, but if life came with a diagram then we would all get bored. knowing exactly how everything is going to play out

    By Abby on 11.28.2010

  10. a diagram of his life consisted of nothing. possibly the occasional loop of endless failure. nothing too important. nothing noteworthy. just absolute failure.

    except for that one smile.

    oh how he wished that he would have died that day, not her.

    By teresa on 11.28.2010

  11. they explained it in a diagram:
    this is all very simple, they said.
    but it wasn’t–isn’t.

    By brittany on 11.28.2010

  12. It was just a sheet of paper with some numbers and fancy lines on it, so why should he care? He ripped it apart and threw it to the nearest garbage can.

    By kaitoleen URL on 11.28.2010

  13. the teachers diagram was shocking, a man beaten by man in uniform. the class gasped, ran and screamed. they could not believe it. they cried.
    from that day forth the teacher was more careful about what she showed students.

    By tman on 11.28.2010

  14. “Andrew” stop throwing paper across the classroom and get back to work on your diagram yelled Ms. Pearce, as she was walking away Andrew took another paper aimed it well and tossed it at the back of hear head, “that’s it no more”! yelled Ms. Pearce, report to the principals office.

    By bbk URL on 11.28.2010

  15. In science class, we look at diagrams all day. It charts out all these statistics and facts and cuts out little squares for every category. But we should just throw those diagrams out the window. Who needs them? Honestly.

    By Tina on 11.28.2010

  16. Divide my body into a diagram, chart and color and label my parts, however you see them, however I am scientific.

    By al on 11.28.2010

  17. Diagrams. Venn diagrams. Compare and contrast.

    Thank goodness for diagrams. If it weren’t for diagrams, I would have to read the freaking instructions to build something. Nobody wants to do that. I just like to follow the pictures. I’m a visual learner, anyways, so there. Yay, diagrams!

    By angelina on 11.28.2010

  18. SHe studied the diagram carefully. The rest of the crew waited impatiently, but she took her time studying it. She was responsible and she wasn’t going to make a mistake because they were impatient.

    By Angela on 11.28.2010

  19. circles overlap
    identities collide
    spectrum no more
    no more lines
    just blobs floating
    my label is not on here
    i fit under another category
    at least i belong somewhere

    By Ander on 11.28.2010

  20. The diagram on the blackboard in front of me seemed utterly and hopelessly unhelpful. Life was on the outside of these walls. It was waiting, waiting for me to escape. I could learn love. I could learn hope. I could learn more than just the science of this silly junk.

    By holly URL on 11.28.2010

  21. Diagrams are things you see in mathematics, like when you take geometry. Geometry involves proofs, where you see a diagram and have to prove something about it. Sometimes the diagram shows the thing that you have to prove really obviously, and sometimes it doesn’t look like it’s true, but you have to make it be true with your words.

    By Katie on 11.28.2010

  22. I already wrote about diagram. This is a little bit disappointing, seeing as I thought it would give me a new word every time I hit the button. It’s also disappointing that I can’t spell that word disappointing. I also can’t spell apologize or opportunity.

    By Katie URL on 11.28.2010

  23. Ever since he had shown up at the library, he hadn’t said a word. He just scribbled notes from his history book on a tattered line of notebook paper. After awhile, I went back to my chemistry homework, forgetting he was there until a fragment was slid across the table. Two circles intertwined in a Venn diagram, labeled “you” “me” and “perfection” in the middle.

    By cmsiena URL on 11.28.2010

  24. A way to put my thoughts on the page. It makes life easier. Almost like laying out the things I want to do in front of me without having to put much thought into it. A diagram helps me learn. Not only about practical things, but also about the things I don’t need to know. It tells me secrets. It tells me things that have been there right in front of me but I’ve been to busy to look.

    By Stephanie on 11.28.2010

  25. Ugh, Human Anatomy and Physiology. Full of diagrams of things I’ll never remember five minutes after I take the test (or, in some cases, things I’ll never remember period). And I thought science was my passion. . . time to find a new one. Anyone up for soul-searching?

    By Lucy URL on 11.28.2010

  26. we have to write about this for school. well not really. actually i make them all the time. ALL THE TIME! theres 2D and anylytical and theres site diagrams and everything else. they describe buildings or ones you are trying to build. they are used to convey your point and should show every part of your building.

    By Emo O'Loughlin on 11.28.2010

  27. I stare at words and pictures that are supposed to tell me about those words. I don’t understand. Diagrams don’t tell me anything. I need to know what’s happening outside my window. Not in there colorful boxes of information.

    By Anna-bell URL on 11.28.2010

  28. diagram of what? I had to make a diagram in science once. It sucked. I hate diagrams. They suck. They take so long, and really what’s the point?

    By Kay on 11.28.2010

  29. She drew in a deep breath as she walked into the office, her diagram for the new marketing project for her line of clothes and fasion, tucked neatly under her arm. She tripped as she walked into the opened door that led to the center of the office where the boss would be waiting, along with the new reprentatives that were waiting to see if the young woman’s ideas for fashion and designs were worth the time to start her own company and pay half the expenses as promised in the contract they offered if they thought it was good enough. There motto being “We’ll pay half, if the work is half as good as half the world wants.”

    By Anne Louis on 11.28.2010

  30. I blinked at the diagram, not comprehending. “I need this in writing,” I finally said. “Like, writing writing, none of this crazy geometrical shit.” He stared at me in much the way that I had been staring at the diagram. “Seriously, man, I can’t function like this.”

    “I don’t think I could make it much clearer,” he said tentatively.

    “Well, you’re going to have to,” I sighed in exasperation.

    By Julia A. URL on 11.28.2010

  31. He showed me the diagram, but my mind was elsewhere. It was stuck on heart valve something, something. A long word, meaningless to me. Which is why he had taken out the diagram. I needed a “visual” he had said. He also told me not to worry. I was trying not to worry, and thinking about what the something-something word was. The kids would want to know and when I’d tell them it was something-something, I think it started with a “S” the tisk-tisk of their voice would come though loud and clear.

    By desiree URL on 11.28.2010

  32. Math math math and math,
    Why does it have to be that way?
    I should be able to think of maybe something like architecture or maybe small little kids drawing…
    but no my brain refuses to take me down the pleasant path and goes into the more depressing one,
    Such is life

    By Hasumi URL on 11.28.2010

  33. The diagram the doctor showed her parents broke their hearts. just like hers, they knew it’d never be fixed again. she was only 17.

    By Nicole on 11.28.2010

  34. I drew a map of the island on the sand, pointing to the different parts. “Here,” I said, “A waterfall. We need to get there so that we have a good water supply. We don’t know when we’ll be rescued.”
    Everyone looked to me as the leader. Thing is, I didn’t know how to lead.

    By Taylor URL on 11.28.2010

  35. Diagrams will vent me away as they display to the world the solemn of my truth.

    By Jhosy URL on 11.28.2010

  36. big picture explaining something in greater detail. usually project for elementary school kids… i.e. space diagram with constalations, galaxies, stars, etc.

    By kelly on 11.28.2010

  37. The diagram on the board became hard to see, colours swirling in front of my eyes. The world went silent, and the darkness closed in, only she saw me fall.

    By Emily URL on 11.28.2010

  38. my life, mapped out before me. can it get any worse? do i have no choice? my life is predestined to go one way…my happiness lies within me and i have to make the best of it. the choice to be happy is all i have.

    By kj URL on 11.28.2010

  39. I diagram life, drawing lines between every person. I burn them, snip the lines, cut them away. Turn from the lines. Stand alone and tie it all up.

    By Faith on 11.28.2010