November 28th, 2010 | 195 Entries

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195 Entries for “diagram”

  1. Sentences get diagrammed, although once you’ve done it the message seems to have gone into hiding. Weird.

    By Helen Husher URL on 11.28.2010

  2. Even as an English teacher, I’ve always hated diagramming sentences. Perhaps because grammar came to me fairly intuitively, I just never saw the point, and for those confused by grammar, I think the whole concept is just too complex.

    By Jade URL on 11.28.2010

  3. The diagram was drawn in a way that made it appear as though the exit was in the rear. This was wrong. The exit was not in the rear. He did not escape.

    By Clay D. URL on 11.28.2010

  4. a diagram is seen in a lot of science books. i can’t draw at all but i wish i could. my brother can. i can play sports while he can draw. sometimes i wish that i could do both but then i realize that would mean my brother wouldn’t be able to do either and that’s not really fair. i guess it doesn’t matter much. we are both good at different things.

    By Brett on 11.28.2010

  5. A diagram shows a picture . It is usually drawn in science, and is most important to all scientists to show what is happening.

    By Grace Ashwell URL on 11.28.2010

  6. diagrams are like graphs, except fancier. They are usually used for construction work and in big fancy corporations higher echelon’s board room meetings. The second use is much more fancy and stuck-up then the first one.

    By Timothy URL on 11.28.2010

  7. Its funny how we always try to fit things into nice diagrams. We create them to show complex relationships or compare things. I think it represent the contrast of how the most complex of things can sometimes be expressed through simple means.

    By Hera URL on 11.28.2010

  8. You know that I need you, right?

    By I bet you think this song is about you on 11.28.2010

  9. They show the diagram to the others but I laugh and laugh because I know how things really are. People can be tricked so easily. They believe in a completely irrelevant diagram a person they respect showed them.

    By Hank Moody URL on 11.28.2010

  10. I was diagramming a sentence the other day, separating verbs from nouns and finding prepositional phrases and gerunds. I don’t know why. I’ve not done that since grade school. But it felt fitting to break it down to the basics again, just to see what it felt like.

    By Jessica Speaks URL on 11.28.2010

  11. On this diagram is a pie chart. It is a chart of pie; so disappointing that it may not be a real pie. Show me a diagram of that and I’ll show you the losses after I eat it.

    By Tyler on 11.28.2010

  12. Sometimes I wish I could see people all mapped out. It’d be great to see her and I as Venn diagrams. I’m dying to know how much of an overlap there is and what she’d call the overlapping space.

    By Rob URL on 11.28.2010

  13. We built a diagram of what was wrong and what was right. This diagram was supposed to show me, come time, the right decision.

    Diagrams are always too vague. Because only my internal sense of self can tell me what to do.

    Mine was wrong. Mine was so, so wrong.

    By Dani URL on 11.28.2010

  14. She bent down and took a stick lying there in the sand and started drawing circles on the beach. It was a Venn diagram, but she added another circle, and another, and another, and the endless chain of rings stretched across the beach like children holding hands.

    By A Bananie URL on 11.28.2010

  15. As i sat in english class diagraming sentences, I thought how dull. The language should fly off the page not be tacked down by bars and lines. writing is magical, why should we break it down?

    By docwen URL on 11.28.2010

  16. Something that I detest creating. Just seeing this word brought up memories of Venn Diagrams and comparing and contrasting the most pointless of things.

    By Apollo URL on 11.28.2010

  17. The diagram is as follows.
    Attention – Attraction – Affection – Affliction

    By Cabalero Karakashyan URL on 11.28.2010

  18. I paused, glancing at the diagram on the board in irritation. I don’t understand this at all; science is so…aggrivating. I glanced over at Rachel, who had her pencil moving furiously over her paper. I rolled my eyes, i’m in a class full of freshman and they all understand this more than i do. Let’s just say, science isn’t really my strong suit.

    By Lizzey URL on 11.28.2010

  19. There is no structure in the world. Hence we wish to draw conclusions on everything. We wish to form structures from nothing, but can we truly appreciate life if we make nothing into something. Shouldn’t nothing remain as nothing?

    By bob on 11.28.2010

  20. He took a quick look at the diagram
    and thought straight away ‘it must be a scam’
    a quick swipe of his pen
    and he’d never again
    be the mint sauce that’s seeping into the lamb

    By gsk URL on 11.28.2010

  21. Diagramme sind nützlich für Lehrer. Sie können mit ihrem Zeigestock dort draufzeigen und sagen, was sie wissen. Sie können es den Schülern erklären, egal, ob die das wissen wollen oder nicht. Vielleicht sind die Schüler gerade mit der ersten Liebe beschäftigt, mit der Frage, wie sag ich’s ihm oder ihr, und mag er oder sie mich auch?

    By Eli URL on 11.28.2010

  22. I sat there analyzing and not knowing what I was looking at. You stood over me waiting for me to come up with the answer. I really ate this Ikea shit. Will this really make the room?

    By Jeff Rosser URL on 11.28.2010

  23. The diagram on the floor was oozing out magical power. There was littler more that he had to do now than to simply add his own into the mix. He was ready. With his hands together, his eyes closed, and his breath short, from the center of the circle, he forced his energy to match and mingle with the programmed energy in the dragin.

    By Nydia on 11.28.2010

  24. This is what I want. I don’t know how you’ll get it. But this is what I want. I know what I want. I just don’t know how to get there. I can draw it perfectly. And show you. But I don’t know how to reach into it and make it real.

    By Sophie URL on 11.28.2010

  25. There was a diagram on the first page. It showed how the thing was put together, but the directions were in Chinese. Or Korean. Or maybe it was Vietnamese. It was all the same to me, because I couldn’t read them. And the print on the diagram was so tiny, the labels so incomprehensible, that finally I just picked the whole thing up and threw it in the trash.

    By Barb URL on 11.28.2010

  26. Funny, when I first looked at this word I read, ‘diaphragm.’ Either way, both are essential parts of life, or not.

    By Lizette URL on 11.28.2010

  27. A chart on paper. Informational it is.
    Picturesque and two-dimensional
    Used to explain and understand
    Found in books and created by those that need to show.
    Helpful in most complex circumstances.

    By Alyssa on 11.28.2010

  28. You can’t make a diagram of everything. Life isn’t simple enough to turn everything into statistics. Some things require brains and a heart. Use yours wisely.

    By Anne on 11.28.2010

  29. I love diagrams. I love the diagrams that come with LEGO toys and IKEA furniture. I love exploded views of spaceships. Anatomy diagrams.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 11.28.2010

  30. A diagram seems like such a structured sounding word to be writing about. What could someone say about it other then it has shape and form.

    By August URL on 11.28.2010

  31. There was a diagram of the human brain on the wall–the cerebral cortex, Broca’s area, and all sorts of other things he didn’t care to interpret.

    He stared at the wall, thinking about all the things that should have been, but weren’t.


    By Emily Duvall URL on 11.28.2010

  32. SO a diagram is a chart that shows growth or illustrates an object or symbol over time. I like diagrams because they are useful in all situations and help one to fully and more comprehensively understand the meaning of what another is trying to demonstrate.

    By Blaise on 11.28.2010

  33. school. I was at school and I’d conduct experiments. Always with a diagram. I remember the tripod. Three legs and a roof. The bunsen burner, an upside down T with a wire and flame.

    By lisa on 11.28.2010

  34. Dr. Amanda Ambrose looks directly at Detective Larson, and smiles with certain. “The diagram that they showed me was not accurate”. “I feel like the blood splatter on the wall indicates the blow came from behind the victim, not the front of him.” “Look at what I have here.” gathering scattered documents on the top of her partially cluttered desk. Detective Larson reaches out for the papers Dr. Ambrose is holding out towards him. “So your telling me that we have a serial killer on our hands.” “Yes detective, that’s excatly what I am saying to you.” Looking worried, Dr. Ambrose breaks the silence with a certain unease in her voice. “It is imperative that the Judge sees this!” “It could not have been your brother.” “He’s innocent!”

    By Amanda URL on 11.28.2010

  35. I drew a diagram. It contained things. You had a chance to understand it. End of story.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 11.28.2010

  36. The diagram is black and white. She looks at it. “What wrong, again?”

    The doctor points.

    She nods. She should be crying.

    The doctor puts a hand on her shoulder.

    She shrugs out from under his touch and hands the diagram back. “That’s interesting.”

    She doesn’t know what else to say.

    By Emma McDonald on 11.28.2010

  37. Drew pointed to the diagram with a smug face. With his smarmy personality he taps the side of his head then says, “Chew on that for a while.” Michael, disgusted by this man’s pride already knows he’s a better person and that he can beat him.

    By Taylor Soper on 11.28.2010

  38. I would like to see a diagram of how many people actually fall for this. How many percent of people complete this? How many people go to a different website after 5 seconds? Where’s the diagram? I want the diagram now. Give it to me. Hello? Hello? DIAGRAM!

    By Mark Nguyen on 11.28.2010

  39. venn diagram. learning in school i loved venn diagrams. diagrams in general. they’re so helpful especially for visual learners. i can be a visual learner, but i love taking notes, especially from reading power points.

    By Sofia on 11.28.2010

  40. Flow chart. A representation of information. An effective way to introduce information. Displays data.

    By Caleb Arp on 11.28.2010