May 4th, 2013 | 133 Entries

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133 Entries for “credibility”

  1. It’s sad when people have no credibility.
    As if their excuse is a disability.
    That they only use as a formality
    To get out of reality
    These presumptions are true despite nationality
    Gender, race or sexuality

    By Evie on 05.04.2013

  2. being reliable. Having credit? No, not really. But being believable, that’s credibility. Experience and knowledge. Credibility. People believe you. You believe you. Ability? Credibility.

    By Charis on 05.04.2013

  3. Sure, he was a professor. His tie was green, and his coat was purple and if that didn’t make you doubt this guy’s credibility I’m not sure what would. I mean, if your wardrobe’s color pallette is that of the incredible hulk, I’m not sure you have the credentials to teach me how to dress, you feel me?

    By ray ray on 05.04.2013

  4. The only way you can count on someone or feel your own worth is through credibility. Without being able to depend on a way a person will behave or be is crucial to our interaction with ea

    By Deansington on 05.04.2013

  5. The word incredible. It means amazing, unbelievable.
    You couldn’t call me incredible. I pulled at my thighs once again. Yeah. Incredibly FAT, maybe. God I hate my life.
    My sister called me

    By Katerina E on 05.04.2013

  6. am i credible to myself?
    am i who I really think I am
    have i still more to show myself
    and others?
    am i that image in my head that i thought would never be
    floating over rough waves through the dark see
    looking for the perfect state to be
    are all good things in life really free?

    By Aidan on 05.04.2013

  7. Credibility, accountable. Trusthworthy. The media should be credible and not set on agendas. It’s really gotta do with the current situation of on nation’s politics.

    By Misty on 05.05.2013

  8. There it was again, credibility. I don’t know exactly why the man asked of me. He was so overpowering in his mannerism. He wanted me to become credible for the house theatre, yet I could not accomplish such a feat. I’m sure that one day he’ll see that I’m just as credible on my own as any street performer. I am a singer.

    By Joanne on 05.05.2013

  9. Take account, take credibility. You know what you did, what you still do. What you do to me… But is it your fault? Is it your fault that I want you. You with all your faults and failures? Even though I know just what you are? A criminal, a thief, an accuser, an executioner. But you are my criminal, the thief of my heart, my accuser, and surely the death of me.

    By Caitlin on 05.05.2013

  10. why in the world wouldn’t anyone buy that? is it that it glares, oh look here, i’m shiny and fake? i just want a minute or ten of attention from you. please, i can’t help that my coat is looks like a vomited rainbow. can’t you at least flip me open? i have nothing bad to tell!! just believe me please.

    By berenique on 05.05.2013

  11. i don’t know if i can trust him
    but i know that i did

    what else do you call
    phone calls at 2 am,
    when you’re most vulnerable?

    what else do you call
    favors that aren’t favors,
    just commands
    for the excuse of friendship?

    what else do you call,
    trusting him to keep your skin warm
    when it’s past midnight and you two are still

    and when we walked away,
    two hundred miles apart
    separated by a world of love and hate
    and misunderstanding
    i might have looked back

    ( i was not disappointed )

    By F URL on 05.05.2013

  12. His credibility is zero, a disgraced politician who has clearly paid for foreigners to vote for him after he gave them false IC’s and sums of money, an alleged murdered with the blood of a model on his hands.

    By bibliobibuli URL on 05.05.2013

  13. you have to be credible or else someone won’t hire you. It also works the other way around. If you try to hire someone who is not credible they might try to put waffles in your inbox instead of important documents and that would really be a problem.

    By CHIMBA on 05.05.2013

  14. People will believe anything that is credible. Obviously. If it wasn’t credible then only a fool could fall for anything. But why is it that the worst people, the selfish, ignorant, hateful, prideful, superficial ones, have all the credibility. As if it were that believable to assume that because one has large amounts of money that they must be amazing. Must have something going for them, must be at the top of the food chain. Why are we all fools, for surely we believe this of our world. And how come the humble, gracious, level-headed lovers of the world are given as much credibility as an asylum patient ready to go on an adventure to some bubble gum island made of cheese and oranges with a baby face for the sun and raindrops as sand…

    By SMejorado on 05.05.2013

  15. Her credibility was damaged by her inability to focus. Drifting thoughts dragged words well away from the points she endeavored to make and each verbal pause pushed her frustration closer to the cliffs of cursing, which could not be climbed again once one fell from them.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 05.05.2013

  16. Credibility is something everyone wants. In all aspects of your life, you’d want credibility to do certain things as you would want to make good impressions of yourself and make people notice your worth.

    By Fatin on 05.05.2013

  17. He had started to lose all credibility already, especially since he had lied to everyone about such an important matter a few days before.

    By Aysha on 05.05.2013

  18. The credibility of the author was shoddy, to say the least. But she had to talk to her. Just once. For some reason, the books spoke to her. They lifted her out of her darkest places. She needed to see the woman behind the words that settled themselves so deeply within her soul. Taking a deep breath, she lifted a cautious hand and pushed the button, listening to the soft ping of the doorbell, and waited.

    By Sarah on 05.05.2013

  19. The credibility of the witness was brought in to question as more evidence came to light that exposed her evidence under further scrutiny. It was revealed that she had lied about having a relationship with the convict.

    By victor URL on 05.05.2013

  20. my credibility went down like a falling rocket I had been caught in a web of lies causing a ripple effect throughout my life I ruined everything I had worked for for all those years all because of one measly temptation

    By Box of Rain on 05.05.2013

  21. “Why don’t you believe me?” she asks, sobbing on the floor in a crumpled mess.

    Everyone just stares at her. They’ve heard this too many times before.

    “Please. Please. I swear this time I’m not lying. Maggie killed her, not me.”

    The crowd starts laughing at her. Maggie stands in the corner, her expression angelic.

    By October Mars on 05.05.2013

  22. if I think before I write I’ll lose all of my credibility

    By A False Terl on 05.05.2013

  23. it’s a word that gives credit to those who need it and well actually those who need to use it. Actually I have little to no idea what credibility is, why? because I’m horrible at english.Blegh :P

    By Mei on 05.05.2013

  24. A nobleman walked into the room holding such a credibility that you may find respectable. He walked up to the middle of the room with no trouble as citizens gave way to the gentleman in blue. He gave a thundering speech that overwhelmed the hearts of all those that stand in earshot. I sat in the back of the room of this old and rusty bar, as I watch those drunken lunatics talk about the tyranny their wives gave them before they decided to come here.

    By Jem on 05.05.2013

  25. Credibility makes me think of having many friends and having people always to rely on you and trusting you. That would be one great thing which I would love all my friends to do with me. Credibility also makes me think of being noticed by many people.

    By u8hu9oo.mi on 05.05.2013

  26. I couldn’t resist peeking into the large gray chest which sat smugly in the corner. I know that I shouldn’t have but I needed to do it- needed to know. But when she returned and looked at me and the open chest in the middle of the room, I knew that she would never trust me again- my credibility was gone.

    By Foshizzlebeth on 05.05.2013

  27. He had lost credibility with her. She found his secrets inside his brown leather cap, under the tag. And he felt relieved to no longer hold secrets.

    By Meg URL on 05.05.2013

  28. sometimes i’m not myself, actually a lot of times. is more like o don’t show myself to others. credibility is when we look true about everything in the world. is when we say what we think.

    By Flávia on 05.05.2013

  29. Your credibility is flagging. Never give them any reason to question your morals or ethics. Having done so, you lose credibility. Keep your basic beliefs first in your list of priorities and you will retain credibility.

    By JP West on 05.05.2013

  30. What is a credible source?

    With the internet nowadays, you can easily find information about anything. The problem is, this availability comes due to the fact that almost anyone with internet access can post information online. You have no idea if the essay you’d just read was by a scholar or just the random musings of a teenager. How can you trust who’s on the other side of the screen if you have no idea who it may be?

    By veryterry on 05.05.2013

  31. One of my least favourite things about writing papers is pulling together a works cited. I don’t know why, it doesn’t take very long to do. But having to explore each of my resources and determining their credibility based on a plethora of different things, it’s so time consuming and I just… I just hate it.

    By Gyarados on 05.05.2013

  32. But she did have the credibility that I knew she had. And just because she spoke about me sometimes did not make it exempt from the fact that she is trustworthy. And it doesn’t change anything, because she is my best friend. And that satisfaction kept me sane.

    By Kayla on 05.05.2013

  33. credibility? what’s that? I don’t fancy such proper words, makes me feel like I’m surrounded by superiors. just because I’m not above lying, doesn’t mean I’m bad. just less good

    By Em on 05.05.2013

  34. erm………..credibility……………i……have,no idea what it means how am i suppose to write about something that i dont know argggggg im stupidd blahblah

    By lttwn on 05.05.2013

  35. i don’t really know what this means, i think its to be a good person that people can rely on. you should be honest and do things well. my mom has credibility.

    By Lindy on 05.05.2013

  36. Transformation is easier when you’ve been caught
    With the ice cube stuck in your throat
    If you can hold your breath long enough for the heat of your throat
    To melt the ice cube, there’s no worry of suffication
    The ice cube credibility test

    By gsk URL on 05.05.2013

  37. From day to day, he tried and tried, constantly proving himself, or at least trying to, when all he needed to realize was that in order to be credible, he simply needed to stop everything that he was doing, and stop trying to be what he already inherently was.

    By Aiyana on 05.05.2013

  38. credibility is when you give some credit to their source or work. For example, if someone I knew did a party for me i’d give them credit by either gifting them or thanking them. Sometimes you even give credit to taking peoples information from websites or books.

    By Aisha Abbasi on 05.05.2013

  39. There’s something within all of us that yearns for credibility. We want to have things to hold on to, things that MEAN something. And it’s difficult sometimes to find those things. But one day, maybe soon or maybe far in the future, they will appear.

    By Lauren on 05.05.2013

  40. its all about having the stuff to back up your ideas, talents and self. its like your reputation, people need to know what you’ve done and how your valuable to them if your ever gonna make it big. Do big things and get big results.

    By kyle URL on 05.05.2013