May 4th, 2013 | 133 Entries

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133 Entries for “credibility”

  1. Credibility. I used to think I was a credible person. Dependability. I used to think I was a dependable person. Reliability. I used to think I was a reliable person. I used to think a lot of things. Until I was thrust into situation where all those things needed to come into play…and they didn’t. All that came out was fear. Now the only thing I think I am is a coward.

    By Rachel on 05.04.2013

  2. He lost all his credibility when someone spotted the prompter behind a cloud. After that, his proclamations from the sky were no more awe inspiring than the thunder.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.04.2013

  3. credibility, face value, how much are you worth, what’s in your big silly velcro wallet, ass bulge wallet, like sitting on rocks by the lake, keep shifting in place to no avail

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.04.2013

  4. “This was written on a napkin with a crayon,” she says, waving it in my face. “It has no credibility whatsoever!”
    “It’s i nwriting,” I remind her. “that’s technically a contract.”
    “This is bull. I don’t even remember doing this. I was drunk.”
    :We might be able to plead something,” I tease.
    “You don’t need any vodka for that.”
    She punches me lightly in the arm.

    By Jasmine URL on 05.04.2013

  5. “It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just-”
    “Ya doubt my credibility,” she finished, offering her a soft shrug to show there were no hard feelings. “Ya shouldn’t but I guess it’s understandable, given my history. But I think this ain’t the time fer doubts, eh? ‘Sides we both know, no matter what, I wouldn’t do nothin’ ta hurt ya or yer crew. Least not intentionally,” she added.
    Lena couldn’t deny that; Kiaos HAD looked out for her and hers over the years, there was no use denying that, though the ‘why’ had always eluded – and intrigued – her. Finally, she sighed. “Alright, Kiaos. What have you heard?”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 05.04.2013

  6. Do you trust her? I ask
    “Oh, umm well we’re friends” She responds looking a little awkward
    “Yeah… and…” I prompt. She shrugs and walks away.

    By Ellie on 05.04.2013

  7. Its important to have credibility in life in order to secure the jobs you wa- oh screw it i’ve got nothing on this word but this website is cool and judging from the little TM sign after oneword i could confidently say that this website has credibility and i dunno cool. oh i think i just restarted this thing somehow which means more time lololol i’m actually a much better writer than this but i dunno huh. credibility means trustworthiness. its extremely important.

    By Videl on 05.04.2013


    By Videl on 05.04.2013

  9. I go through life offering advice, as if I have some kind of credibility.
    Truth is, I’m as lost as the day I got here but I just have a few scars to prove I’ve been here for 25.

    By Samantha URL on 05.04.2013

  10. am i credibell didi i spell that right how could i be cerdibell if i cant spell how will i live a life of bordem i don’t know credibilty is hard to get will

    By alex on 05.04.2013

  11. “I don’t trust you anymore” She’s five years old, her hands are planted on her hips. She looks at her friend who has committed the terrible crime of stealing a cookie. Boom! Just like that the other girls eyes brim up with tears. Her day has been ruined, there is no trust left for her.

    By Ellie on 05.04.2013

  12. He didn’t have a lot of credibility. We all knew that he didn’t belong there, and that the fight was his fault. Yet, when the police wanted to question him, I came to his defense. His credibility went up with my story, and I knew that I had just changed my life forever.

    By AnnieB on 05.04.2013

  13. When I met you that summer your hair was bottle blond. I told you how much I loved your long ‘surfer girl’ tresses. Late I night I would comb through those golden rays with my fingers. You’d close your eyes, and smile like a child. Then one day I saw those dark brown roots.

    By rosemary on 05.04.2013

  14. After all this, I do hope you still have the credibility that I’ve known you for. I hope it wasn’t true, maybe this all was a crazy dream. I need you though, and I need you to realize that when these sick people bring me down, I can’t brush it off. And I need you to let me show you what she said, so you can tell me it isn’t true, and that I can trust you.

    I need that.
    I do.

    By Kayla on 05.04.2013

  15. but why would you think i meant it when i said that?

    By not rachel on 05.04.2013

  16. It is tough to believe everyone so we want to . Why don’t we believe or truth people? Because for the most part they have a reason for persuading us that may have little to do with our own interests, or with the truthTh They want money from us.

    By Alex Brown on 05.04.2013

  17. When what you say and what you do match up, you build credibility. It’s when you really are who you say you are.

    By Ja on 05.04.2013

  18. It isn’t solid flesh, I’m not holding real cut up bones or warm blood sinking into veins and out again. I’m not holding you, dead or alive. I think of you, of how I’d love to hold you scar-bit arms and whisper laughs into your ears; I think of you, and how I used to dream of flinging you into the swallow blue sea. I’m sad today, because you are not here. I don’t know if your blood is beating or if it is still- there is no pale pulse beneath my hand to stop or start of turn from. You are not here, and so what is real, what is credible, what there is to believe, is nothing much at all.

    By Saudade on 05.04.2013

  19. You are quiet,
    But I wouldn’t go as far as to call you shy.
    On the contrary, you seem to hold back your thoughts
    And you seem to savour the words
    When you speak.

    By Abbey on 05.04.2013

  20. To us one of the most important things is credibility. If you don’t think that someone is credible you won’t trust, listen or believe them. What they have to say is not important, even if it is. Shouldn’t everyone have the chance to speak no matter how credible they already are?

    By Riley Monthy on 05.04.2013

  21. It is my hidden secret, that would take away from my credibility if I ever had any to begin with. It is my demon and addiction that I feed on. It is a love substitute. I cannot control it.

    By sturmzie on 05.04.2013

  22. Credibility – An illusion given by one individual to another. Pure illusion. no one can be credible. How can they be? eve

    By christopher Robert Mitchell on 05.04.2013

  23. ha! credibility. it’s nothing but who lies better than the other.
    i’ve been there honey.
    i’m still in court.
    credibility is nothing more than who can forge the best documents and who can rally up more troops to lie on your behalf.
    credibility my hardworking ass. hardworking for nothing.
    credibilty shouldn’t even be in the english language because it sure as hell doesn’t exist in america.

    By whitney on 05.04.2013

  24. I think my credibility has gone down a bit over the past year. With me losing my friends, my family and now my home, I’m not sure why anyone would listen to what I have to say.
    But I’ll keep talking. Because one day, someone is going to be in that same situation and see how I pulled myself out of it.


    By ~ on 05.04.2013

  25. It started out with a breath, like all life begins. I gasped and jolted, waking up from a nightmare. I never thought it could end, that horror, but in the end it did and I am all the more thankful for it. I could go to sleep once again without fear of falling into that dark pit. The dark pit that swallowed me whole, attempted to destroy me. But I rose, pulled myself out on my hands and knees and when the sun, the beautiful shining sun, was in my sight again I wept. For I believed that the sun would never grace me again, would never shine down on me and bring joy. But this time it brought strength. Renewed I took the last steps until I was again awake, staring at my white ceiling and under those aqua covers I so adored. A face leaned down to me, one I couldn’t see clearly, and spoke, “And this, gentlemen is an example of the credibility you’ve been waiting for.”

    By Carly on 05.04.2013

  26. Credibility is hard to find. People you can trust, or believe, are rare. It is tough living a life in which you always look back to see if anyone’s following you, always distrusting people. Yet, no one’s to blame, they say. Credibility, like i said, is rare.

    By Jyotirmaya Kar on 05.04.2013

  27. credibility.


    home equity.




    By maggie on 05.04.2013

  28. The newspaper shut down on a Friday afternoon.
    One story, caused the downfall of thousands of people.
    Bigfoot had always been considered a hoax, making the truth too hard to bear.
    He crashed his way through the presses, causing delays, none of which were caught on camera.
    But it was too late.
    The next day, the citizens were furious,
    and the presses burned.

    By Siege URL on 05.04.2013

  29. credibility is everything in this world.
    In order to get a job you need to know someone. credibility
    it makes people trust you. they know you arent a scammer or someone who will rip them off.
    once you lose credibility, you’ve lost it all

    By Nadia on 05.04.2013

  30. My faith in his credibility had disappeared ever since he’d invited me over to that party. Where he got me drunk,
    And then got me naked.

    By Juliet on 05.04.2013

  31. One’s credibility takes a life time to build but can be swept away in one careless moment. People judge us by the snapshot they take of our lives never stopping to consider the whole picture. They could never know the whole picture anyway. Only you can God know. Guard your own private kingdom well…….your reputation is more precious than silver or gold.

    By Tracey on 05.04.2013

  32. He simply did not give his work enough credibility. i thought he was absolutely amazing at what he did and how he did it. How did he not see this? how did he not realize how amazing people thought he was. He was my hero. My everything really. Why could he not see this? Why could he not understand. And they said he was brilliant…

    By Christelle on 05.04.2013

  33. When the text you sent me ends with “otherwise you’re going to end up dead.”

    By aura.rayne on 05.04.2013

  34. Credibility. One can lose all credibility by lying. I rarely lie. Or actually I lie all the time, little white lies, being dishonest to my true feelings and thoughts. Because socialibility requires this. Requires you to lie, to change, to conform I guess. Even though that’s kinda cliche.

    By Eve on 05.04.2013

  35. what in the world okay guys i dont know what this word means i said it last time i did this and so i tried again and it was the same word, whats up with that? do we not get new words or something? i mean i want a new word. what happens when i give you my email address i dont even know what this is

    By Kassidi on 05.04.2013

  36. Without credibility, man has nothing. If you can’t be a man of your word, what are you worth? You are only as good as the promises you keep. Credibility is not easy; rather, a life long endeavor for men who truly want to be a man.

    By Alexandra Burns on 05.04.2013

  37. there was once an old man who owned a city pawn shop. the thieves and crooks of the night would bring their stolen golden treasures to His old shack of a store hoping to receive some cash for the stolen goods. the man had been about this business for quite some time indeed. he often doubted his own credibility for who in their right mind would put faith in a man with a profession like his. he regarded his work no higher than he regarded the dirty work of the rogues who walked through the squeaky door at the dead of night.

    By Ella on 05.04.2013

  38. “Credibility is hard to make and hard to keep. So don’t throw away your years of good standing for one little indulgence. Don’t lie. Don’t cheat. Don’t go behind her back. Stay on the high road.”

    By Strategos on 05.04.2013

  39. stay strong. that’s all i can tell you right now. really, that’s about it. ha, sorry to dissapoint you. anyway, take time, do something you love.

    By halfbright on 05.04.2013

  40. No one believed in the work that I created. it took me so long to build this empire. To get to where I was, only mere moments ago. No one believed that any of it had to do with me. And why would they? I am only a bastard child after all. We account to nothing. I deserve the fame. I deserve the glory. Who do they think led them here? Without me they are nothing!

    By The Good Life on 05.04.2013