May 5th, 2013 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “burning”

  1. It hurts you
    It burns you
    but it feels so good

    By Talya.p on 05.06.2013

  2. The smell of smoke
    Off the wood
    Makes me feel like I am at home.
    I love to hear the
    Crackiling of the leaves

    By Sydney on 05.06.2013

  3. It is hot
    I can smell it
    it always tastes weird
    it is hot
    It can make a sound
    it can make a wonderful marshmellow
    It is burning

    By Casey.B on 05.06.2013

  4. I can feel that pain
    it’s in my brain
    If only it would stop

    Im hired
    two days later im on fire

    It’s my turn,
    water for my burn

    By Sarah C on 05.06.2013

  5. the fire crackles, with warmth on my hand,
    I pull it away from the heat,
    pouring water over it all,
    all that is left is a scar on my hand.

    By Sarah S on 05.06.2013

  6. the world is a flame in the shadow
    like wood being torn to shreds to ash
    floting in the wind so heavily
    the world is a war of flame burning in the night of the shadow
    world is never sweet like smores burning….only the ash brings the world to peace

    By cayla c. on 05.06.2013

  7. I see a fire
    Embers, Ash
    It makes me go wired

    It warms me till the end
    Making orange and red

    By Jake G. URL on 05.06.2013

  8. I love the smell
    of burning leaves
    I love the memories
    of the smell
    of burning leaves
    I love the smell
    of burning leaves

    By Mrs. K on 05.06.2013

  9. heat. fire. feelings. burning can be anything… you can be “burning with ideas” or “on fire for God” or anything really. but the problem with burning is that it’s temporary.
    it doesn’t last. it doesn’t last unless you feed the fire. and so after all, burning must be kept alive–or it will quickly become ashes.

    By gracegirl URL on 05.06.2013

  10. Het huis brandde volledig af. Samen met het houten skelet zag ik mijn jeugd instorten. Het grootste deel van de herinneringen die ik nog had aan mijn ouders speelden zich af in dat huis. Op dat moment werd het me teveel. De moeilijke periode die ik achter de rug had kwam tot een climax. Ik liet me levenloos op de grond zakken, de tranen, die ik al zo lange tijd had opgekropt, rolden eindelijk over mijn wangen.

    By George URL on 05.06.2013

  11. Everyone thought she was like water; cool and calm under any situation, flexible, and adapting. Sometimes, she too, thought she was like water.

    But few people saw the fire burning in her eyes, the flames guiding her actions, the passion with which she felt things, the ardent flame that would not dare to die out.

    By Rio on 05.06.2013

  12. She had this burning passion for him that she could not explain. Nor would she want to. Only he could put the fire out should they ever meet.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.06.2013

  13. Our fire was in the eyes. The magic came sooner than I was ready for. Falling to my knees embarrassingly in the train station, she was embarrassed, looked away. Left me on my knees with the cold concrete burning a cold flame into my now burning embarrassed cheeks, changing everything I imagined in those short seconds. The whistle blew.

    By Josh on 05.06.2013

  14. The sun of the Mediterranean sea and the love of my husband has similarities. I feel I am back to my 17years when my heart just beat so strongly that I melted into my body and today burning is my love to this earth which is getting abused every single second without retention.

    By Tunisia2morrow URL on 05.06.2013

  15. Love, is a burning sensation,
    it can be the best and the worst feeling,
    love brings forth accommodation,
    for you’ve saved my weening passion.

    By Kayaus on 05.06.2013

  16. it feels like the world’s on fire, everyone seems to be trying to shelter under rain. Does that make sense? Run from a disaster to another? and from there back to the fire for warmth. I don’t understand whats happening, it just is.

    By Jasmin URL on 05.06.2013

  17. My house is burning it is going to burn to the ground!

    By CristianP on 05.06.2013

  18. I am burning to find out the mystery of life. I am agnostic. I burn to know whether there exists a supreme being, looking over us all. Or, is this all a chance> I burn to know the goal of life. Is this life meant to do some philanthropic service, and leave only, or is there a higher cause?

    By fluencer on 05.06.2013

  19. That is burning.

    By Gigi on 05.06.2013

  20. I was watching the house burning down and then I started to cry to the ground so I just left and watched the house burn down

    By Destiny.R on 05.06.2013

  21. burning house smoke
    it’s turning blinding
    the morning is incinerated

    By D on 05.06.2013

  22. The fire was burning my skin. So hot that I couldn’t breathe. gasping, I leapt from the window and landed far out on the grass. I couldn’t believe that I survived. Somehow, something had woken me up from my sleep and gotten me to safety.

    By maggie on 05.06.2013

  23. BURNING is like hot fire that is just burning or when your cooking and you start burning yourself so then your finger starts getting all red and stuff but it is cool if you see alive it’s awesome

    By ChristianG on 05.06.2013

  24. URNING hurts you so don’t start crying like a little kid or something but if your a little kid then you can cry but if your not then just put water on yourself before you get on fire

    By ChristianG on 05.06.2013

  25. Burning, everything was burning.
    Her whole body was burning.
    Burning with the passion from her lover.
    Burning with her desire.

    Her body was inflamed with the emotions
    And she was only growing hotter.
    Burning, everything was burning.

    By Chelsea on 05.06.2013

  26. The room was burning. That’s what it felt like; that’s what I felt like. I had to get out, before the flames that were climbing the wall ensconced me.

    By greekyoghurt on 05.06.2013

  27. we were all icarus
    at one point or another

    literal moths to a flame

    the men who wrote the bestselling book thought
    the morning most sublime

    isn’t it f-cked up that what we consider
    the most irresistible thing
    is the one we cant ever have

    touch it and stop existing
    keep away and why exist?

    right now there are big balls of fire
    in place of your cheeks
    i’m beginning to see what they mean

    i love you, or,
    you are so beautiful you can destroy me

    (hope you dont,
    wont mind if you do)

    By hel bentley on 05.06.2013

  28. The man was burning in the fire that had been flung at him, he stumbled across the marble floor trying to rid himself of his skin. The court watched with wide eyes and unhidden horror.

    By Brighid on 05.06.2013

  29. 5Hot, painful, powerful. Felt so many times, so angry. Power, absolute. Scary, so scary.

    By Alejandro Osorio on 05.06.2013