May 3rd, 2013 | 116 Entries

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116 Entries for “rating”

  1. “I rate this hotdog a ten,” said the girl to the boy. “You wanna know why?” The boy shrugged at first hesitating and then sighing. “Fine. Let me hear your dumb reason.”

    The girl looked at him for a moment. She took in those green eyes of his and the freckles speckled across his nose. “Before my mom died we’d always go to this hotdog stand and when she would a take a bite she’d says, ‘I rate this hotdog a ten.’ And then she’d smile really big.”

    The girl and the boy stay silent for a very long time.

    By Tani on 05.04.2013

  2. Why should we rate. Rating is bad in a way. Can be good, can be bad. Why does it matter.
    Enjoy your Saturday everyone!!!! (\___/)

    By Janaye on 05.04.2013

  3. rating this from that I found there is no this from that

    By A False Terl on 05.04.2013

  4. Ratings are so important to TV show producers and movie makers but how about the rating on the much more important story, the story of your own individual life? How would you rate that?

    By Tracey on 05.04.2013

  5. A classification or ranking of someone or something based on a comparative assessment of their quality, standard, or performance.

    By Robbie URL on 05.04.2013

  6. Rating determine the likability of anything. The higher the rating the more likable that thing is. This usually occurs on TV

    By Christine Gara URL on 05.04.2013

  7. we rate the wrong things and wonder why we’re not able to tell anything about ourselves anymore. I rate that, I don’t rate that. Would you publish this rating if it was my last?

    A haphazard attempt, and a heavy miasma dulls any output that tries to seep into my keyboard.

    By nytrist URL on 05.04.2013

  8. ‘Does the world feel itchy to you? like everything is shuffling, taking a breath?’

    Hot air is heating their necks. They’re sitting at the skate bowl between their houses, hands inches apart just incase the boys from school roll around again. They’re smiling though – proximity is enough.

    ‘Something’s changing.’

    By genahtastic on 05.04.2013

  9. Everybody wants a high rating on anything that is able to get rated. And yet everybody believes themselves to be a critic, judging harshly and not giving other people a break. Ho is one to get rated highly when they only ever rate others low? Its an ongoing mystery that is yet to be solved. We aren’t very nice people, you know? Always undercutting others and trying to make things different than they are. it’s a bit ridiculous.

    By Serryphae URL on 05.04.2013

  10. I picked out a movie the other day, trying to use the rating as a guide for something with adventure, minus the heartbreak and darkness. I picked a kid’s movie and thought I was set. But the movie had all the parts of real life in it. Dealing with prejudice, narrow-minded hatred, violence, war scenes, the main character losing a leg at the end. I thought if I had been a young child, I would have been traumatized.

    Then I realized how much of it all was real life now. How brilliantly these issues were put into prospective for a young mind to see in a two-hour nutshell about the challenges facing us. A two-hour mini lesson offering better choices if life forces us to choose dealing with these types of realities. Afterward, I watched the news about halfway and turned it off in disgust. Obviously, some people hadn’t seen the movie.

    What if there were little popups in our real lives rating our choices in advance? A ‘PG-13’ popping up for a child letting them know ‘too soon, go around, you need someone here to protect you.’ A ‘V’ violence warning popping for explicit violent sexual content before we walk out to a parking lot alone at night. Imagine a ‘G’ rating for a life choice that will leave us happy and smiling, feeling our hearts enriched by the experience, forever changed. How would that knowledge before hand allow us to live an event more fully, or to detour around it completely? How about an ‘R’ rating telling us this action won’t be pleasant with an info option detailing what’s ahead to see if the journey is worth the prize before committing to something truly awful. Unrealistic, you think? Maybe. I know movie descriptions leave out the surprises along the way, but there are many life choices that make me wonder… if I could have foreseen the future a little better before walking the path, would I still have attempted the plotline? Imagine what happiness we might find in living if we could just turn the channel every once in a while.

    By JDwrites on 05.04.2013

  11. my heart rate stirs at the sound of your voice

    By stephaniewrites URL on 05.04.2013

  12. It was a rating from the local town newspaper on her restaurant.
    “Bad? How can my life dream be bad?” She whispered to herself and slumped into one of the cafe’s stools. “I put my life and soul into this place. I can’t just give up now.” She threw down the newspaper on to the table and put her elbows on the cool surface. She didn’t want to give up, but what choice did she have. A bad rating meant no local customers anytime soon. So she walked to the window and turned the open side to closed.

    By jill on 05.04.2013

  13. She can choose whether it is good or bad. It feels like she holds your future in her hands. This tiny inconsequential thing. That you’ll forget about. You wonder does she like it.

    By Ellie on 05.04.2013

  14. it’s amazing how often people rate each other. Rating is a form of judging. We rate everything around us, and compare and contrast everything. Humans are always rating as a way to seek a form of perfection we are always striving for but can never be found. I hate being rated. But I guess rating is what makes us humans.

    By Spirit on 05.04.2013

  15. Rating. Such as one’s view of themselves. How do we rate up against one another. What is that seemingly overwhelming need to stack myself up against another, and somewhere see myself as the flaw. Haha. Seems it’s more about myself than anything here. So be it. For now.

    By Claudio on 05.04.2013

  16. Rating is something people do to each other. And it is mean. No one should be rated according to another. It’s small, narrow sighted and mean. That is why I don’t like most people.. They rate each other mercilessly!t

    By R.M. on 05.04.2013

  17. He wanted to give her a good rating. Not because she deserved it but because she was so bloody gorgeous.
    Shame that injecting a patient with insulin wasn’t based on beauty.

    By fgarner on 05.04.2013

  18. The race for getting the h highest rating in the workplace has lead to many a competitive issues in the work place. There are those who stumble on Abner those who get left beginners. How much dou these ratings stretchy the middle of the people is still a both question. Many reason that it becomes important to compete to achieve. However, achievement itself is as relative term. It encapsulates people and their driving forces which may be different for different people. So how does a single reading define a persons worth? Is it a good indication of what a person is capable of and what a person can achieve? Is it something worth attempting to achieve since in a way a rating typecasts people into the kind of people the organizing wants them to be. Does it really leave a scope for individuality?

    By shivani on 05.04.2013

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    By תאיר on 05.04.2013

  20. This isn’t about abandonment or leaving me behind.
    This is not about the five stars peeled down to three.
    This isn’t even about the way you don’t look at me in the mornings anymore.
    It’s about the moments when you look through me because I’ve gone so easy in your eyes, so soft, so preciously invisible that you can’t possibly find me to pin the blue ribbon to my chest; the I choose you gets frozen in your throat because you can’t see me, can’t rate me your best, and then I’m gone, like the rest of your breath, expelled from a chest with no heart left over for me.

    By Thirteen URL on 05.04.2013

  21. The pyramid was huge, three different levels sprouting from the ground, probably as tall as Jack’s beanstalk. It would probably take years to reach the top, the purple part of the pyramid, but as I saw the sun rise, bathing the pyramid in a golden hue, I knew I had to do it.

    By A.C. Rooks on 05.04.2013

  22. a word that evaluates movies, books, quality of teaching, American Idol singers, houses that are being hunted, eharmony matches, and just about everything else is today’s society–It’s a word that involves a variety of opinions, both objective and subjective. I would give this oneword.com site a rating of 5 on a scale of 1-5 at this point. I may re-evaluate my rating at a later date, however, after I have had a chance to learn more about how this program works. I am hopeful that it will be a valuable tool for the classroom

    By AJ URL on 05.04.2013

  23. With my knees planted on the bed and my feet dangling over the edge, I spread my arms like a bird in flight and jumped backward.

    “Now give me your best rating,” I said. “You know, like they do in the Olympics.”

    I’m not sure how those Olympians have such perfect dismounts. I couldn’t even land a nice one from the edge of my bed!

    And how do I know that? Because my boyfriend–pretending to be the “Russian judge”–only gave me an 8.5.

    Where is Nastia Liukin when I need her?

    By Kayla Pongrac on 05.04.2013

  24. Criticism at it’s finest.

    By Stephen Cooke on 05.04.2013

  25. my thighs did not miss you
    the way thighs do
    turning arctic upon the lack
    if your body heat

    instead they turned volcanic
    magma in my veins
    trying to compensate for the
    warmth that’s missing

    (darling, come back to bed.
    put your talented mouth
    where it belongs. it’s the only
    thing you’re good for.)

    By hel bentley on 05.04.2013

  26. when we thought that our favorite radio station had come out front with the best rating, we were most pleasantly surprise to see an unknown station talking first spot.

    By victor URL on 05.04.2013

  27. “Give him a 3”, the fat grey haired man growled to the tight faced woman beside him. “He was useless.”
    “Next”, the guard shouted into the cells. A timid brown eyed boy walked in the door. He was small and scrawny. He couldn’t have been more than twelve. The fat man frowned. This was a waste of his time. Who had let this kid get this fair in the rounds. He sighed. He was tired of these useless trainees. He needed some good, someone who could get the crowd going.
    The boy looked at him expectantly with wide brown eyes. He nodded for the boy to begin. At the far side of the arena the heavy metal gate opened. In the shadows a dark beast began to move. The boy watched cautiously. You could see him shaking from the judges stand. The fat man couldn’t help but grin slightly. Today this boy would meet his death.
    Slowly the beast emerged out of the shadows. His black eyes scanned the arena searching for it’s prey. A whimper burst from the boys mouth as the beast took a step forward. The six paws moved slowly moving his mangled scarred body closer towards the boy. His nose twitched catching the boy scent in the breeze. He growled. No doubt he was hungry.

    Slowly the boy moved a shaking hand towards his pocket pulling out a knife. He spread his legs in a low stance and pointed the knife out towards the beast. The fat man frowned in annoyance he had expected the boy would have ran or pleaded for his life.

    “Let’s get this over with”, he murmured to the tight faced woman. he nodded to one of the guards on the opposite side of the arena. Slowly the guard removed the gun from it’s sling. He slipped a needle down the barrel. He fired one clean shot into the side of the beast. The beast roared and twisted up onto his back paws. His mouth began to foam, his pupils dilated. This eyes zoned in on the boy. He roared and shot at the boy. The boy screamed. Then suddenly everything was quiet.

    The fat man stood up in surprise. What had happened? The cloud of dust slowly settled. The boy sat in the middle of the arena covered in blood with tears streaming down his face. The beasts head lay severed still foaming at the mouth.

    “I presume he gets a 10”, the tight faced woman murmured.

    By maryc0 on 05.04.2013

  28. oh i am a ratings loser, i feel my rating reduce. my employer more or less sacked me today and i think i plummeted from aaa to a junk bond. i’m trying to stay optimistic but my ratings just gone

    By Anne-Marie Swift on 05.04.2013

  29. She opened up the link, cautiously. A new tab was creating showing two faces. A close-up of a young blonde girl was placed on the right, a brunette besides her. She recognised the two faces immediately, but could quite place it. Moments past before she realised who they were, fellow classmates from her Philosophy course. The site was now asking her to pick one, rating them out of ten. She laughed, thinking of the stupidity of the site, but continued to do so anyways. A few rounds past, all containing students from her school. After about ten minutes, she stopped. On the left of her screen was a young ginger girl who she did not recognise at all, but the right is what frightened her. The image showed a pale, insipid looking girl, with hair too long for the photo. It was a mess of brown locks, waving in odd places, flicking on the ends. There was barely a smile, but the eyes had a certain spark to them. It appeared that she was gazing through the camera, watching every move. The girl stopped her clicking, and stared at the familiar face, before turning her head to the left to eye the photograph on her desk. The very same photo as the one on her screen – the photo of her.

    By Charlotte on 05.04.2013

  30. you watch me with your
    primal glare.
    eyes running up and down
    rolling at the top.
    your tongue pokes out like
    a snake behind bushes
    watching its prey and
    you wink.

    tingles and shivers penetrate
    the skin as you curl you lips
    into crescent moon shape.
    your jaw remains harsh but your
    teeth flash my body.
    i replicate the lip movement in the hope
    of shaking things off.
    but you watch me with you gaze so heavy
    and i sink into your eyes

    By Charlotte on 05.04.2013

  31. you watch me with your
    primal glare.
    eyes running up and down
    hovering with ease
    your tongue pokes out like
    a snake behind bushes
    watching its prey as
    you wink.

    tingles and shivers penetrate
    the skin as you curl your lips
    into crescent moon shape.
    your jaw remains harsh but your
    teeth flash my body.
    i replicate the lip movement in the hope
    of shaking things off.
    but you watch me with you gaze so heavy
    and i sink into your eyes

    By Charlotte on 05.04.2013

  32. Ratings are used to judge people on many levels. But everyone is unique so what is the need to judge? Being open minded is the only way to find peace from within and ratings gives off clear class distinctions. We as humans should always make sure that we do not judge no matter what.

    By Menaka Ramakrishnan on 05.04.2013

  33. The ratings of this company are very low.
    My work has been rated very high.
    The ratings at the stock marked were a surprise to everyone.

    By Dagmara on 05.04.2013

  34. I love being a singer and getting lots of ratings everyday! The best rating I’ve ever gotten was in Paris with over 3 billion ratings, and they were all amazing! I love life as a singer!!!

    By vicky on 05.04.2013

  35. “Rating? What rating? Like five stars or something?”

    “…not really.”

    “What do you mean, not really? You’re kind of freaking me out, you know.”

    “I…I’m not sure. I can’t, I mean,”

    “Just spit it out!”

    “I don’t want to! I don’t know what to tell you. It’s not that kind of a rating. It’s…it’s not nice.”

    “What do you want me to say? That I hate you or something? I mean, what do you think that I am going to try and make you do?”

    By Sara H. URL on 05.04.2013

  36. As far as nights go, she supposed she would give it a six. It hadn’t gone horribly but it didn’t really get interesting until the stars began to fall and she saw him dodging them through the sky, laughing and trying to catch them in his hands. A glimpse at his life always brightened her mood but the fact that she could never join him left a foul taste in her mouth and a chill which soaked straight through to her bones.

    By Foshizzlebeth on 05.04.2013