May 4th, 2013 | 133 Entries

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133 Entries for “credibility”

  1. Credibility is when you give someone credit for his/hers work. For example, if I was thrown a birthday party by a friend i’d give her credit by either gifting her or thanking her. We even give credit to people when we use their information.

    By AishaAbbasi on 05.05.2013

  2. so you like break it down by the roots to tell what it means…. “cred” sounds like “bread” and “ibility” is obviously “ability”… so we’re if you have credibility, you must be really good at making bread.

    By Cathalos on 05.05.2013

  3. It is amidst chaos, that credibility comes into question. However, how much can we trust the human intuition? Just because one man appears better than the other, without a logical conclusion or equations, we cannot trust the mind. So, when I was standing outside a building in the middle of being engulfed by flames, and my friend was still inside… it was time to test whether or not my intuition was correct. Running in… I was pretty sure I would die.

    Let’s just hope my intuition is incorrect.

    By A.C. Rooks on 05.05.2013

  4. I looked into his eyes, and saw a flicker of remorse. But that’s all it was; a flicker. His eyes quickly filled with an undeniable tinge of fury. He looked fierce, ready to explode at any minute.

    By Annelise Walker on 05.05.2013

  5. The credibility of the expert was called into question when he started flossing on the stand in the court room, and you though oral hygiene was good.

    By Matt DuBois on 05.05.2013

  6. why would i want it, if it wasn’t just to be recognized by others? i find it completely unnecessary.

    By Diego Reyes on 05.05.2013

  7. what the hell do i know
    about reality?

    i know in x years
    i’ll fall in love with a girl
    and we’ll marry somewhere far
    and legal
    and i won’t have any family
    on my side of the aisle

    i know in x years
    i’ll have to explain to the children
    who look like me
    why none of the superheroes
    ever look like us

    i know in x years i still be down
    by twenty pounds
    or maybe up by ten
    and i still won’t have the body i want

    i know in x years the contents
    of my purse
    won’t be enough for louis vuitton
    even half off, last season’s,
    unless i swipe it off the rack

    i know in x years nobody will foot
    the hospital bills
    when i say i have depression
    instead of diabetes

    i know you know these too.
    and i know you know they’re real,
    but you don’t care,
    because they’re not real for you.

    By hel bentley on 05.05.2013

  8. it’s important. What to do without it?
    It’s difficult to live in a word without it.

    I’m not even sure how to explain the word.

    By Leslah on 05.05.2013

  9. It was kind of pointless, asking his girl. She was a liar, and a good one at that. I’d known her for years, and, I’ll tell you, her credibility wasn’t all that great. Let me put it this way, I wouldn’t trust her with my 50 cents

    By Leah on 05.05.2013

  10. What credibility have you to dictate how I hop? I’ve hopped all my life, through the fountain of spilled orange juice and past the pit of abandoned toast, and yet you still have such nerve to try to alter my beautiful bounds?! Well, hop away, sir. Hop away.

    By Aera URL on 05.05.2013

  11. credibility, do you have credibility, who’s to say what you should trust anymore. i dont’ even trust myself so should i trust him? he has his motives. he could be lying. but theres almost no way to tell. believe him would make things easier. like ripping the bandaid off. the pain makes your brain forget…

    By Abigail on 05.05.2013

  12. Something liars know how to fake.

    By Eleigh Llaneras URL on 05.05.2013

  13. I’m not really sure what that means. Does it mean that you can believe someone and trust them? That when they act a certain way towards you that you can know they aren’t just doing it for some sick perverted way of boosting their own ego. So many boys do that. So many girls too. And yet, I know nothing has really happened but he treats me differently. differently than any of the other girls, and differently than any boy has treated me. Or is it really that different? Doesn’t it always start like this? Have I forgotten what it ends like because the excitement of the beginning is fun? Is this really credibly different? or is the exact same as every other time? Life seems to repeat itself over and over while we tell ourselves that things are different this time. maybe we should focus on being credible to ourselves and not about the credibility of the promises of those around us.

    By Kate Thorne on 05.05.2013