November 29th, 2010 | 218 Entries

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218 Entries for “copper”

  1. my grandpa sed to work in a copper and silver mine. he operated the crane. our statue of liberty is also made out of copper. but i guess when it turns old it becomes green..=)

    By meha URL on 11.30.2010

  2. Copper is the color of a penny. Pennies are made out of copper. People used to mine for copper. One of my family embers used to work in a copper mine.

    By sierrajessie URL on 11.30.2010

  3. Copper has been used for hundreds of years. There are mines to dig up copper like ray mine.

    By cobra URL on 11.30.2010

  4. A penny is made of copper. The color of the penny is what copper looks like. Copper is also put in houses to give the house electricity.

    By tylerjames URL on 11.30.2010

  5. its what pennies are made of.

    By !!! on 11.30.2010

  6. its what pennies are made of. it sets down the swelling of bee stings

    By !!! on 11.30.2010

  7. There are many uses for Copper such as pennies and jewelry. It’s also a great shade of brown and goes great white white!

    By ZO3Y URL on 11.30.2010

  8. Copper is the material that a penny is made of. The Statue of Liberty is also made of copper,but when it gets old it turns green.

    By summer firm URL on 11.30.2010

  9. When i think of copper i think of a penny and i also think of the color the colors i think of are brownish and redish i also think of it like a shiny rust

    By tori URL on 11.30.2010

  10. copper is a color and is a color of a penny. copper is like a mineral type thing and can be mistaken by other things. That is what copper is.

    By Alexandria URL on 11.30.2010

  11. Her copper colored hair fell in her eyes as she look down. He touched it- rubbing it between his fingers as he put it behind her ear. She looked at him through her lashes all the while wondering what this strange new feeling was for her best friend.
    “I love you, Martha.”
    She stared in awe at him, wide green eyes that resembled her mothers. He thought she was the prettiest girl in the world.
    “I’m sorry, Jack, but this is weird.”

    By The girl with the purple pen URL on 11.30.2010

  12. He smiles and lifts his cup and the light on the glass makes fragments of stars shine on his face and his hands. He smiles and I smile and i raise up mine, too. “Cheers,” and i tilt back my head and pour the coppery liquid down my throat. He smiles again and i notice the shine to his teeth. I notice how he looks like stone as he sighs and leans his head against the wall. His legs are sprawled out lazily in front of him and he reaches for me. He pulls me down and lets me rest my head on his neck. He is warm and comfortable. I am somewhere else for a minute but somehow still right here. I close my eyes because i know the confusion is coming and i hope to hell that the alcohol hits my system before the overwhelming sadness does.

    By Kay URL on 11.30.2010

  13. Copper could be a rock , jewlrey , and a penny . There yeah go . :D

    By hot wheels :) URL on 11.30.2010

  14. man,i hate tht game,american copper…XD copper,its suppost to be chopper dummy lol rofl lmao :D X) XD :) o3o
    :3 man tht was funny XD

    By dorin on 11.30.2010

  15. The coin flipped over before landing in his hand. It was odd, seeing him toss a penny up and down, and I saw his eyes slide over to me. “What?”

    “You’re a millionaire. Why do you have pennies, anyway?”

    “Lucky penny.”


    “You can’t build something from nothing. Even the smallest things can be valuable.”

    It was one of the kindest things Kaiba had ever said.

    By Darkdragonwriter URL on 11.30.2010

  16. “You’ll never take me alive, coppers!”, Smiles yelled out the window of his car. Li’l Jimmy Boxer leaned out the passenger window and sprayed the red and blues with a hail from his typewriter, thinning the ranks of the pursuers by two.

    By Bishop Chave URL on 11.30.2010

  17. This lil Girl had Dog & he Was Named Copper
    Copper Was A Lil Puppy Who Had” A Loving Family But Until One Day Copper Got Sick & He Died !!…..The End………………………

    By Chee Chee!!!!! URL on 11.30.2010

  18. copper reppoc so long coppers poper c ccccccooooooooooppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr penies are made of copper is made a penny coppers lucky penny lol

    By william URL on 11.30.2010

  19. so a bee crawls up your collar bone and your neck and trys to crawl onto your face and then you freak out and you crush it but it stings you right on your jaw bone you brother tells you rub a penny on a bee sting and it wont swell or hurt. it works

    By :) on 11.30.2010

  20. choppre chopper copper hopper

    By william URL on 11.30.2010

  21. Copper: once the coin of the realm. Now green and tarnished.

    Why do we make things that ought to last, that need to last, from materials that, by their nature, cannot? Because it’s easy? Because copper was once freely available? Because it’s novel?

    By Mel DuPont URL on 11.30.2010

  22. i ate some copper,now i am made of pennies

    By dorin on 11.30.2010

  23. Copper Is A Cruse! It’s Really Worthless idk I Have A lot to say about this but i rather be writing poems then talk about copper…

    By Chee Chee!!!!! URL on 11.30.2010

  24. llll

    By Chee Chee!!!!! URL on 11.30.2010

  25. :D

    By happy! URL on 11.30.2010

  26. All the copper in the world has not really amounted to a source of wealth like gold or sliver. With most houses using pex pipes copper is becoming less effective in plumbing

    By Chris on 11.30.2010

  27. It is metal. It is like the place in Northern California, Copperopolis. Near where I want to take Samuel, exploring Samuel Clemens. Conversations with Danvir. Showing up, performing. Being present to all we are, all we hope to be, where we are going. Discovery, exploration, a filled belly. Exercise. Love? Love. Love. I want to go there. I want to be there. Listen.

    By Julie Jordan Scott URL on 11.30.2010

  28. I cannot think of any place to put the copper. The change in my pocket is close to nothing and all I have are the pennies in my jar, and it’s overflowing.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 11.30.2010

  29. copper plated gully old knowledge like bronze lost to younger minds but still present in the rusty patina of our world

    By KushPax on 11.30.2010

  30. copper is a type of metal i think, it’s usually associated with coins. As far as my knowledge goes this includes the 1 pence and 2 pence in britain. I am also lead to believe this is how we have firbe optic broadband?

    By ellie on 11.30.2010

  31. a penny is copper. Or maybe not. I am not sure. However it is the color of copper. Copper is rather interesting material wouldn’t you say?? Perhaps not, I guess it really doesn’t matter. Oh well. Copper…

    By Nicole on 11.30.2010

  32. copper is a gross gold ish color that no one really likes but they deal with it. copper is a color. copper is a word in witch is something….

    By Mikki URL on 11.30.2010

  33. i like copper. i own copper. i borrowed copper. i ate copper. i married copper. i enjoy going to movies with copper. i love copper. copper is weird looking.

    By ikaika URL on 11.30.2010

  34. Pennies are made out of copper.
    Copper is like brown but it is lighter.
    My friends hair is copper.
    Copper is a pretty color.
    I love the color copper.

    By Lil_Schwag URL on 11.30.2010

  35. they were prospecting copper ore. pennies are made out of copper. you need copper wiring for that. he had a copper ring.

    By Richy URL on 11.30.2010

  36. There are copper bells. There is only five copper bells, but we need 10 for the christmas tree. there are 6 copper balls now.

    By dustin URL on 11.30.2010

  37. copper is a word
    copper is what we use to make penny
    copper has six letters

    By stephy URL on 11.30.2010

  38. It shone pale orangish brown in the light of the summer moon. Long grass of long-past days had wrapped around it and through it and nearly destroyed it, but no so much that she couldn’t notice it as she passed.

    By Heather Price on 11.30.2010

  39. copper is a pretty color, it’s one of my favorite, pennies used to be made of copper but are now made of zinc. (:

    By RaeRae URL on 11.30.2010