November 30th, 2010 | 262 Entries

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262 Entries for “spike”

  1. The spikes on his neck alarmed her slightly. He looked pretty hardcore, like he played in a metal band or something. The choker, adorned with those horrific spikes, circled his neck like a noose. His face was pale, his eyes were dead. He wore a leather jacket with ripped sleeves.

    And then I heard his ringtone. Bad Romance.

    By Raiya Moon URL on 12.01.2010

  2. He drove the spike deeply into the ground and soon he heard the rumble of water rising to the brittle desert floor.

    By Keva Dodd URL on 12.01.2010

  3. i spiked the ball and it hit her in the head the spike was so sharp that she began to loose all feeling the spiking fever began to arise and she didn’t know who to trust she had a a spike and only trusted few and the spike ended up right threw his head and the spike left a spiking headache for all to feel a pacing pain that could spike threw the roof hopefully she will be able to get out of this one.

    By Katie on 12.01.2010

  4. It dug deeper into my foot; there was nothing I could do. I was trapped. “Help me,” I screamed. “HELP ME!” My screams were becoming louder and louder. Soon, I would be illuminated by the train’s lights.

    By Don URL on 12.01.2010

  5. To spike is to strike. the chance is 50%. either you get a point or you lose your cahnce beacsue someone better has blocked you. to take a chance when the moment is right. that is all you have and all you can get.

    By Frosty URL on 12.01.2010

  6. Hello there, Spike. It’s been a while. It’s been a while since I’ve seen your stupid face. Your dumb idiot smile. Your ugly teeth. Your retarded posture. Why don’t you just go burn in hell for all I care? Huh? Why don’t you just go die?

    I’m just kidding with you. You know I love you.

    By Bill Bagely on 12.01.2010

  7. shoving a railroad spike through your head has to be painful, that’s how the vampire Spike got his name because he tortured and killed his victims with railroad spikes. what are railroad spikes, anyways? hm i never really got that. oh well. i’m not really sure what else to write about with the word “spike,” though, really… :/

    By Paige2 on 12.01.2010

  8. The spike jutted from her skull. All she could think was, “I guess this is growing up.”

    By robin on 12.01.2010

  9. Spike was always a good dog. When I would come home from school, there he was. Always. Sitting by the mailbox, patiently awaiting my arrival. He never barked, at least, not when it was unnecessary.

    By Ashley on 12.01.2010

  10. I’ve never been one for bike rides. Your butt always gets so sore. Of coarse the one time I go for one, a giant spike pops my tire and I get stranded in some park.

    By Ashley on 12.01.2010

  11. spike is the sharpness of how deep our love is for each other its about being broken apart but always being there for one another (: and the memories that will always last, and will keep on going. live life to the fullest. (: forever and always.

    By Bethany on 12.01.2010

  12. I love Spike from that dinosaur movie! He is perfectly plump and is always eating! Gotta love him!

    By Jolt URL on 12.01.2010

  13. spike which one the volleyball spike or a deadly sharp spike. oh never mind. theyre both fine.

    By cmoney URL on 12.01.2010

  14. A spike is something that people use in volleyball. Or it could be something that you can cut yourself with like a cactus has a spike.

    By bodoque URL on 12.01.2010

  15. We have a dog named spike. He likes to run around and play outside.

    By Kayla URL on 12.01.2010

  16. a spike is like a bar or something with a point i think of a railroad spike or something like that

    By random kid URL on 12.01.2010

  17. we wher playing volly ball and i spiked the ball.

    By Mr.Smile URL on 12.01.2010

  18. A spike is like a needle and also a point and also a railroad spike

    By chewbaca URL on 12.01.2010

  19. One day a family went to a hair cutting place and they saw a hair cut that was very spikey so nobody got a haircut that day. and the little bot was sad for the resrt of the day . the end..

    By yoda URL on 12.01.2010

  20. there was a dog once I think it was from the cartoon rugrats I never liked it because it looked sick or old like it was going to die soon. have you ever met someone like that you knew they were good people but they just looked like they were gonna get you sick Im always sad when I see animals or people like that because how lonely they must be to always be sick and no one with the balls to help them.

    By L.S. Earnest URL on 12.01.2010

  21. a spike is a pointed object please don’t get hurt on it. needles are pointed like spikes and can hurt you.

    By Phil on 12.01.2010

  22. It was over in a matter of seconds, in a blink my moment with her was gone, it was as if she had driven a spike through my heart.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 12.01.2010