November 29th, 2010 | 218 Entries

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218 Entries for “copper”

  1. The time he found copper was the best day in his life. He’d been searching forever. Now was the time. He dropped his pick axe, sat down and stared at his newfound wealth. It was then that he heard a rumble. Slowly the cave began to crash down upon him.



    By James Alden URL on 11.29.2010

  2. copper is a metal that is brownish copper colored, duh, and it is used in lots of industrial processes as well as for jewlery and stuffs. it turns blue when its oxidizzed – thanks sam. it’s also not that precious like gold and stuff so I dunno why people like it so much. you can’t even leave cool teeth marks in it… wtf?

    By glum on 11.29.2010

  3. Copper pennies in my pocket they jingle and the clink and I walk along the sidewalk. I clutch them in my fingers and I rub their sides together. The copper pennies are warm against my skin as I try to make out the figures on each side. Freshly minted or older than dirt, I like pennies. The smooth edges, nothing like quarters, run along my finger tips. PENNNNNIEEEESSSS!!!!

    By Julia on 11.29.2010

  4. dont even know what it means. oh my this is quite embarrasing, but I will look it up. I swear. I will!!! also you can easily chat with this site. just refresh for another 60 seconds! ha great. ahhh its a cop. well i never liked them. never will.

    By jaja on 11.29.2010

  5. Copper, Cu, an element that burns blue in the fire. His skin, copper, tanned, perfect in my eyes. He is the world to me, my chem boy, my love, my life. I cannot explain it, but I hope our fire does not go out, like the blue flame that trickles away and vanishes before my eyes

    By Spark kano on 11.29.2010

  6. He stood on the altar, addressing his adherents. “Ask not the Supreme Being for what he can do for you,” said Brother Radiant, “but rather, what can you do to support His Church. You don’t need money. You don’t need material things. Love is the new paradigm. With love, you don’t need money.”

    He paced back and forth, gesticulating wildly. “Show your love for the Universe, shed your material wealth!” He dramatically pulled aside a drapery to show a large copper urn. “Enlightenment awaits!” It was that motion that upset his pocket, flinging the keys to his Lamborghini out onto the altar with a loud “clank.”

    By richpee on 11.29.2010

  7. Copper, Cu, an element that burns blue in the fire. His skin, copper, tanned, perfect in my eyes. He is the world to me, my chem boy, my love, my life. I can not explain it, but I hope our fire does not go out, like the blue flame that trick les away and van ishes before my eyes. Cu, an element. A mistake that turned out for the better. Chance, fate, on our side? Chemistry, corny as it sounds, brought us together. Me and him. My Cu boy. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.

    By Spark URL on 11.29.2010

  8. It’s a lovely thing for jewelry. A blasted thing for the wallet. It weights you down. Think about it… How much weight do those damn pennies add while trying to escape from the axe murdering donkey monster that’s been following you all night?

    By Addie on 11.29.2010

  9. It was like biting into a copper penny, only with the smooth crescents of her teeth sinking into the metal like butter. The tang hovered in the back of her throat and singed her nasal passages, her pupils blowing wide as stars going supernova.

    By Lira on 11.29.2010

  10. penny, what are you worth theses days to our society….except the fact that you show the smart honest abe. one of the greatest presidents of america

    By coco chanel on 11.29.2010

  11. Copper beans. Where are my copper beans?
    Under the seaweed? No. Under the telephone? Never.
    Oh no….someone… shot me…with copper beans.

    By Lisa on 11.29.2010

  12. the color of pennies, that taste like blood, that no one wants to admit they have licked.

    By Emily URL on 11.29.2010

  13. red shiny tastes good coin 1 cent pop per inexpensive used daily useful

    By hope on 11.29.2010

  14. copper. reminds me of the dog from fox and the hound. that movie brings me back to childhood. how i miss the days when i was innocent and ignorant. i was young and dumb. all the world was beautiful. reality has hit me now that i’m older. but the world is still a beautiful place.

    By Maxwell on 11.29.2010

  15. I once knew a dog named copper, shiny as a penny and as nice as anything. I wish she was my dog. I used to imagine that she was mine, and I would walk her every morning, but I didnt own her, she was just one of those after school dogs that the stay at home moms bring all the time.

    By Emily on 11.29.2010

  16. I’ve wanted to taste a penny all day…no idea why…it’s not like I want to eat them, who knows where they have been…some other person could’ve wondered what it tasted like and eaten it themselves.

    By Emily on 11.29.2010

  17. The veins were filled with molten metal, simmering beneath the surface of flesh like polished diamonds. She was transparent, a spun glass figurine containing delicate copper filaments. Spinning on an uncharted trajectory, the last breath of a dying wish lending her the buoyancy to cast free of those tethers. She was a fantasy. She was a myth. She was a construct of base metal and precious stones and wanted things, more real than the ethereal hands that had crafted her, once upon a time.

    By Lira URL on 11.29.2010

  18. Hey, I am a writer. I write on this page. Of course that means nothing, but well. There are obscure artists in this world and they ARE allowed to live, so what the hell. Oh shit, i forgot. Copper. Bwahahaha. I cheated. When you press ‘back’ you get extra time. :) I don’t need it though so I shall just type alphabets till it gets done: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p

    By Arjun URL on 11.30.2010

  19. flip the penny over and over with your tongue.
    the taste is cold and metal and twisted and strong.
    the warmth of the shine, the cold of the copper.

    By Jessica URL on 11.30.2010

  20. Myah, see! You’ll nevah catch me, coppah!

    Stop in the name of the law, cretin!

    Myahh, see! I’ll rob whatever 7-11 I want, see!

    You’ll never get away with this, copporne!
    (Fuck, I tried for a pun, it didn’t work.)

    By J URL on 11.30.2010

  21. Her hair was not as copper as her mothers and it led to her mistrust of belonging all her life. How could it be helped? No one thought she was a misfit but her. ANd the greeen eyes that shone like sparks.

    By Jessica Uhler URL on 11.30.2010

  22. There’s something about the colors of fall that soothe my troubled mind. It’s warm colors, contrasting the cool air, or how the stars seem to shine brighter in that velvety blue night sky. Is it the copper, brass and rubies of falling leaves, or the brilliance of the pale blue sky?

    By Phee URL on 11.30.2010

  23. the color of his hair. god i miss him, ever inch of me misses him. its been almost three years, yet I still find myself missing him. Three years we’ve been talking, and yet I don’t stop thinking about him, I still smile when i hear his name, my heart races when i think I see him in the store.

    By Jewleeuh on 11.30.2010

  24. Copper is a reddish brown nonferrous mineral which has been used for thousands of years by many cultures. copper is used for many thing such us

    By cesar vicente on 11.30.2010

  25. metal

    By stephane on 11.30.2010

  26. his blood tasted of copper, like everyone elses. not like he ever try to taste others blood, he just assumed. he wan’t sparkling fairy, who called himself a vampire…

    By Dee URL on 11.30.2010

  27. copper is used to make house hold articles. copper is a chemical component. it serves man kind in many ways. it is used at the bottom of stainless steel vessels. since copper is at the bottom the food is cooked fairly fast

    By kaaartee on 11.30.2010

  28. The copper coin had rolled right out of the man’s pocket, smooth as can be, and had landed onto the street, making a clanging sound. A mouse scurried by, nibbled on it, and darted past it onto the sewage pipes, thinking that the copper coin was not worth its attention. The copper coin was far from unworthy, it was a part of a rare collection, and had been a favorite of his owner’s. Why did his owner not notice his absence? The copper coin remained on the ground, as life continued to pass by, and continuously yearned for its true owner.

    By Feather&Tears URL on 11.30.2010

  29. A goldish metal that is a strangely beautiful metal.
    A metal of gold, yet un-golden.
    A true metal of love without praise.
    An unsung hero.
    A warrior of death on the battlefield.

    By Hiseki Lionel URL on 11.30.2010

  30. (…)

    By rachMiel URL on 11.30.2010

  31. pennies are worthless in this day and age. one cent is meaningless and honestly i’ll donate that to your breast cancer fund at the grocery store, or the aids epidemic. this tiny penny will mean more to them than it could ever mean to me. maybe billions of them will add up and you’ll find a cure to your disease.

    By Sierra URL on 11.30.2010

  32. It removes negative energies. We always had lots of copper molds around ours house. All over the walls. It wasn’t enough back then. But some, just a bit, would be great right about now.

    By Amber Rene URL on 11.30.2010

  33. The once-worthless pennies that were coined were no more, for they became far cheaper to make than ever before. The alloyed discs were so lacking integrity and heft, they could float in the air, making as little dent in the deficit as possible.

    By deaconblack URL on 11.30.2010

  34. I bite my lip and feel his eyes on me as my skin begins to burn bright, bright red. His hands are blue and purple and white and i feel them cold and warm all at once as he presses his fingers to that space at the base of my skull on the back of my neck. I shiver even though i am wearing a million sweaters. I am overwhelmed with desire. I want to peel the denim from my thighs and feel the feverish flurry of lips against my collarbone. I am burning, shining white and gold. I want to twist my fingers through his copper hair and bring our foreheads together. I am an animal.

    By Kay URL on 11.30.2010

  35. OMG a penny! thats what pennies are made out of:D

    By Thomas the Train:D URL on 11.30.2010

  36. copper is a nice color and it is made into metal so that we can use that metal to build metal things pennies are also something that copper makes..

    By Kimberly on 11.30.2010

  37. copper is a color and a type of mineral it is the color of a penny the name of the hound dog on the fox and the hound and it is usually mistaken for gold.

    By Tina!! URL on 11.30.2010

  38. copper is a mineral that arizona is very famous for. copper is used to make pennies and other items such as wire, etc. copper is gold and is also a color on arizona’s state flag.

    By ***~(;ninja*_*wheels;)~*** URL on 11.30.2010

  39. cooper is a metal that usually is a gold color and it turns green after a long time pennies have a tiny bit of copper in them but the statue of liberty is

    By jpratt URL on 11.30.2010

  40. Copper is the color of a penny. Pennies are made out of copper. People used to mine for copper.

    By sierrajessie URL on 11.30.2010