November 29th, 2010 | 218 Entries

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218 Entries for “copper”

  1. Copper pennies jingled in my back pocket all day today. I only had pennies because I blew the bulk of my cash on movies and McDonald’s the previous weekend, and my last nickles on and dimes on morning coffee.

    By SLD on 11.29.2010

  2. Penny, Cold just waiting for someone to pick it up and have what is it ! Good Luck

    By Linda Berryman URL on 11.29.2010

  3. gluing pennies to the sidewalk, pouring acid down the drain, stripping wires from the walls

    By Lynx-182 on 11.29.2010

  4. I thought you had given me a gold ring to signify our love. Looks like the jokes on me because just like our love the ring turned out to be copper.

    By Mayra URL on 11.29.2010

  5. Copper is a mineral that is very valuable. It is a pretty light brown color with a tint of gold and has a nice feel to it after being polished. Most people today use it in medals.

    By LovableLilly URL on 11.29.2010

  6. ‘Don’t cry,’ I told myself. I bit my lip so hard that I could taste my copper-iron blood. Together, the five of us sat at a table eating, drinking. Everyone laughing but me, because I had to bite my lip to keep from shattering. Alone among family.
    I drank dark wine to mask the metals.

    By cmsiena URL on 11.29.2010

  7. Stained green with rust and time. The penny lay forgotten in a crack between the floorboards, the basement of some long-abandoned house. Fingertips had once caressed it, deliberated at what to buy. Back when a penny meant something.

    By Yaar on 11.29.2010

  8. I love when I look at my change and see a shiny copper coin. For some reason I have always been interested in pennies and the year in which they were made. Copper is by far my favorite type of material.

    By Misael on 11.29.2010

  9. Her copper hair spilled down in waves, obscuring her face. She stalked across the room, leaving blood in her wake. The message was clear – make a path or she would make one herself. The smell was thick, already, the burning, choking fumes overpowering as Seth stood on one side of the room, the staff base in hand, smiling. One piece down.

    By Alex URL on 11.29.2010

  10. The coppery smell of blood often reminds me of many firsts. The first time I was raped, the first time I self injured, the first time I was bitten, the first time I bit someone else. Interesting how they are all things of destruction.

    By Jeran on 11.29.2010

  11. Copper sucks, I always have to do things in chemistry with it. Then I have to balance reactions with it that I don’t know how to do. But, I did find out that pennies aren’t really copper and are mostly zinc. I made a completely copper-shelled penny but I lost it because it was flimsy. Whatever, copper is stupid.

    By Jena on 11.29.2010

  12. she was not to fond of the object for it was made out of copper. she would much rather own something made out of gold, anything as long as it was valuable.she was so materialistic

    By leah smith on 11.29.2010

  13. bright and beautiful golden brown fades to a light green. almost historic and proud and confident. like the statue of liberty. not going anywhere.

    By layla on 11.29.2010

  14. Copper, gold, zinc, zirconium, bronze, iron, shit man, SHIT MAN!!! Every type of stuff thing man, I has them. Copper is just the beginning. I can even take copper and add to other of things and make B R O N Z E ! Yes bronze. Ohhhhh we will be so unwelcome tomorrow!

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 11.29.2010

  15. copper is a metal which used to be made into pennies. that is until the alien overthrow. now copper is used to make neckalces for the alien commanders.

    By Walter Holohan on 11.29.2010

  16. Pretty brown metal. Always third to silver and gold but not a bad color at all. Just a color, just a glean to it that makes it beautiful. Copper colored hair. Copper penny. Color associated with an earthy beauty.

    By Laura on 11.29.2010

  17. Copper-colored curls used to be one of my favorite things. I was desperately jealous of Little Orphan Annie’s hair until I was 9 or 10 or so. Don’t ask me why…although albino blond hair that won’t stay in a ponytail no matter how hard you beg isn’t all Cinderella claims it’s cracked up to be.

    By Elizabeth URL on 11.29.2010

  18. The first thing I thought of when I read this word was “You’ll never catch me alive, coppers!” but then I reread it and realized the meant the metal, not the police.

    I remember running around the house with my brother when we were younger and playing “cop and bad guy.” We used to scream that same thing.

    By Jodi URL on 11.29.2010

  19. This element is not the least element of the periodic element. It can do more than just sit there like the other elements. It can bend and twist and make itself into a very flexible type of rope that can carry power and electricity. Can your element do that?

    I didn’t think so.

    By George C URL on 11.29.2010

  20. Schlitz cans

    By Amber on 11.29.2010

  21. My daughter calls it Abraham Lincoln and the Lincoln Memorial is on it. That’s what she sees when she sees a penny. If only I could see things through new eyes. Imagine how many new ideas I’d have. Wouldn’t we all? A penny has no monetary value to her.

    By Janelle on 11.29.2010

  22. The coin sat flat on the sweaty palm of his hand. Henry stared at the rust; at the fading royal profile on the front, its aristocratic nose giving way to age–then at the face of him who held this king in his hands, the crooked nose shiny in the glow of the streetlight, the eyes bright, like beetle shells, clawing into his insides.

    By Parka URL on 11.29.2010

  23. Plates. Pennies. Pots. Pans. Gold’s disabled brother: copper.

    By Yamuna URL on 11.29.2010

  24. Boom, bang, boom, rattle, ting. A little laughter rung between and then boom, bang, boom, rattle ting. I put the last dish in the dishwasher and turned around to look at my son. Boom, Bang, boom, rattle, ting. My poor copper pots, I thought as his little fist gripping the metal spoon went up only to come down again. Boom, bang, boom, rattle, ting.

    By Heather URL on 11.29.2010

  25. About five pieces of copper could be found in the boys body, and about seven grams of hash could be found in his back pocket. “so what do have here” ask one of the beat cops at the scene. “Judging by the cheap material of the bullets, junkie hit and run for what ever was in his left pocket, better put it as a low priority case” I said with a tone of disappointment at not finding a worthwhile case for the week.

    By Kevin Berry URL on 11.29.2010

  26. My friend used to have copper bangles and she always used to wear the. It was get really discolored. When it did, she would pluck lemons from the lemon tree and take a tissue and clean it , even if that meant not doing homework…:D

    By Hasumi URL on 11.29.2010

  27. transition metal
    periodic table

    By Katia Vazquez on 11.29.2010

  28. popo coins money cash

    By I m a gud riter on 11.29.2010

  29. I just heard a story on NPR the other day about gold, and why it’s perfect for use as money; it’s rare but not too rare, a solid at room temperature and not super reactive with air or water.

    On a tangentially related note, why is copper a medal in the Olympics. It’s really common, not particularly durable, and not all that pretty either.

    By Sam D. on 11.29.2010

  30. His hair stuck out like a sore thumb in a sea of blonds and brunettes. The color of a hot penny you find on a sidewalk, it made his head look like it had caught flame and had no intention of burning out anytime soon.

    By eymliilmye URL on 11.29.2010

  31. shiny, tarnished, green, dirty, a penny never breaks.

    sitting in the gutter, on the road, near the door; it can always make somebody’s day.

    it’s like a smile from the city.

    By h on 11.29.2010

  32. She bit her lip. The taste of copper – swelling, pumping – now sat against her tongue. The taste of copper. A grunt wrenching moan came pass her lips, her eyes dilated, and she collapsed to her knees.

    By brittany on 11.29.2010

  33. Coppery light trickled into the chamber from the doorway, casting a warm glow across the cobblestone floor of an old, forgotten room at the back of Ra’alethereal’s great library. A shadow cast across the floor, the shadow of a man in a hooded cloak. He held a torch.
    The air smelled stale, as if the room had not been used in decades.
    The man stepped into the room, the sound of his footsteps muted by the thick layers of dust on the floor.

    By Autumn Reds and Golds URL on 11.29.2010

  34. Well ever since I have been in chemistry, I always think of copper on a molecular level. That sounds really dorky, and it probably is, but for some reason that’s all I think of when I hear the word copper. It sticks out because it can have dual charges, if that means anything to anyone. Probably not. Haha. This answer is so geeky.

    By Julia on 11.29.2010

  35. autum leave in the falls looked a copper color in the sunlight. the glow seemed to light my face to give me a light tan. thinking about it now i miss that season of all the colored leave and the cool wind. but a lass it will come around soon.

    By Katherine on 11.29.2010

  36. copper colored fish, swimming in the sea, how they long to be a bird, soaring in the breeze. all along they find their home, hidden from the trees

    By john barbrio on 11.29.2010

  37. the copper doorknob wouldn’t turn. I stood there staring as I tried to think of a way to get in. But in moments of pressure, the only solution I could come up with was kicking the door. The copper doorknob wouldn’t turn, and I broke my toe in a fit of anger.

    By DayDreamin' Fool URL on 11.29.2010

  38. Copper leaves float in the breeze, drifting down, falling forming piles on the dewey grass. The copper-colored sun rises early in the morning, creating a warm glow over the countryside. The coppper coloring shone through the tarnished overlay, years of use and love obvious through the wear.

    By Ashley on 11.29.2010

  39. Copper. An element of great fortitude and resilience. Used in our nation’s greatest monetary unit: the penny. Our penny is emblazoned with the visage of the greatest leader our nation has ever had: Abraham Lincoln. However, the most recent penny has erased the image of the Lincoln Memorial. Rebel against this change! Fight the system and restore Abraham Lincoln and copper to their rightful places in American history.

    By Daniel on 11.29.2010

  40. The corrugated copper pipe that runs though my veins
    grows green with veneer, with age.
    Acid will restore perfection, but burns with too many ions
    for my capillaries to handle.
    I am Lady Liberty, from the inside.

    By ObsidianSky URL on 11.29.2010