November 11th, 2010 | 178 Entries

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178 Entries for “certain”

  1. The only thing I truly know about you
    is the way you make me feel.

    By worth on 11.12.2010

  2. I didn’t know what I was going to say to the judge, but one thing was for certain: I was doomed. Whether or not I could give reasoning to why I was in that exact place at that exact time, I had no credibility. Insomnia had weakened my mind to the point of mental deterioration; I was in desperate need of sleep. My sleepwalking habit had intensified with said insomnia, and frankly the confusion was too overwhelming for any real basis of explanation as to why I was asleep beside the beaten, unconscious woman.

    By Angeline on 11.12.2010

  3. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be writing, so here I go.
    This is to whoever takes the time to read this.
    I love you and I think you’re doing something great.
    My name is Jordan and you will never know who I am past these simple words.
    PS. I had time leftover.

    By Jordan. on 11.12.2010

  4. Certainly these people like to visit me and my mother. We go and walk down the lane, and get some coffee at that little place down in the village. Mother and the people talk a lot, but mostly i like to sit and listen. It’s what I do.

    By Emily on 11.12.2010

  5. sometimes, life is uncertain. You’ve got to make a decision and get on with it. Pick yourself up, and get going. You never know what you will find.

    By Emily URL on 11.12.2010

  6. He wasn’t all too sure about who killed the old lady, but there was something he couldn’t deny no matter what: it hadn’t been deliberate.

    By kaitoleen on 11.12.2010

  7. The world is upside down; nothing is certain. First amendment rights are being crushed in a country that celebrates its right to free speech. Is our Constitution on firm ground? I always thought it was, but now I can’t be certain about anything. Speak up now.

    By Jenni Hunt on 11.12.2010

  8. I’m certain that i will one day find the person I’m looking for. I’m certainly not going to give up trying.

    By robyn on 11.12.2010

  9. I’m certain of many things and uncertain of an equal number of things. Certainty is usually fleeting and circumstantial but one is always in search of it. What a wonderful word and it reminds me of a breath freshener.

    By Bryant on 11.12.2010

  10. Nothing is certain. I’m certain of that.

    By seekellygo on 11.12.2010

  11. “Of this, I am certain.”
    -“But how do you know?”
    “Because, I love you. Duh.”
    -“Okay. Wanna go get some breakfast?”

    By Kendra on 11.12.2010

  12. I assert that certain urchins are, in fact, not as poor as they let on and simply play on others sympathy to make it easier for themselves. These certain urchins may be seen near exit ramps, under bridges, or outside bars in well populated areas. Trust me, I’ve seen them. YES, ALL OF THEM. EVER.

    By Bishop Chave URL on 11.12.2010

  13. for sure

    By lily on 11.12.2010

  14. I was certain Meyah was a werewolf. She was always so warm. She attacked me! I could have Died!! I am now certain that she is one. She even told me she was a werewolf.

    By sierrajessie URL on 11.12.2010

  15. there is a certain kind of drinks that i really like that are very good i my opinion certain, certain, certain!

    By Kimberly on 11.12.2010

  16. certainn means something certain!!!!! like a do, cat something like that. Certain meaning something that is something! uhm, i dunno……

    By ninjabacon URL on 11.12.2010

  17. certain means something specific or (certain) in other words it has a certain type, or way.;)

    By ***~(;ninja*_*wheels;)~*** URL on 11.12.2010

  18. certain is to be sure that you know something or that you are positive that you are doing something right i guess certain is for sure.

    By Tina!! URL on 11.12.2010

  19. Certain is something like i think it means to do something certain i really don’t know what it means so thats what i guess it means.

    By steph URL on 11.12.2010

  20. certain means like your are possitive about something i think certain about something so ya I dont really know how to explain it

    By tori URL on 11.12.2010

  21. I am certain that I am going to write a story about a vampire,werewolf,demon,angel,and neko. Just for the record a neko is half human and half cat

    By summer firm URL on 11.12.2010

  22. i was certain that sierra ate the whole pie. I was also certain that meyah helped her eat the pie. They are both going to be in trouble for eating the whole pie

    By tylerjames URL on 11.12.2010

  23. certain mean that you absolutly know. like i know that is my name certainly know.

    By just URL on 11.12.2010

  24. i am certain that i am at school. certain is a word that means positive or definite. is that wood real-i am certain

    By jpratt URL on 11.12.2010

  25. i was certain that sierra was a vampire. she was always so cold. and i guess i should have know because of that one time she tried to bite my throat. it wwas kinda creepy but im certain now, because she told me. im also certain that tyler is very strange:]he wears girl pantyhose. its very strange. but im certain that im the least strange of all of my friends. just because i dont do any of the above…. so super certain. certain. well im certain that this thing is kind of making me angry because it keeps going back and i have to right all over again. wow. so this is certainly just aggrivating me. so this is still going. i have to keep writing it is so very aggrivating=/ this is not helping my mood at all

    By meha URL on 11.12.2010

  26. “I am certain of this,” he said. “That nothing is truly certain. Not out here, anyway.” He exhaled slowly, letting his breath fog up the thick transplex of the viewing dome. Outside, the deadly beauty of space spread as far as his eyes could see, defeating the imagination utterly.

    By M. Lawrence Key URL on 11.12.2010

  27. Certain is that you know it will work or you can do it. this to show that you are certain that you can and will do it or you believe it will work.

    By cobra URL on 11.12.2010

  28. I’m certain that there is a God. I’m certain that He loves me and my family. I’m not so certain that I trust Him enough, even though I’m certain that I should. I’m certain that my kids will always love me, but they may not always like me. I’m certain that I will never find a love like the love of my children.

    By samantha hartman URL on 11.12.2010

  29. I was certain that this anniversary would come around, but i guess certainty is never certain. All I can hope for is that one day I can have another day to be certain about.

    By Mayra URL on 11.12.2010

  30. I am certain about many things, such as love for my family and friends, my dedication to education, not only for my children and students, but also for me as a life-long learner. I am certain that technology will out-pace me at a rate that is expodentially increasing, and I am certain that I need to find a way to keep pace without sacrificing my sanity…

    By Kelly URL on 11.12.2010

  31. I am certain of very few things. One thing I am certain of, is that my mother will often and always say silly things. And that the sun will rise. And then, of course, there’s death and taxes.

    By Alex on 11.12.2010

  32. Today I thought was my day, but here I was suffering with writers block of that I was certain, yet here I am writing at the mention of one word. That’s for certain.

    By Brad Templar URL on 11.12.2010

  33. I was certain I was terrible. I had no life. This stupid internet overwhealms me, to the point that I can’t do anything anymore.

    By Amy Merritt on 11.12.2010

  34. sure absolutely things should always be certain. You can be sure that something is correct if you are certain. particular a certain color is good for you.

    By Wendy on 11.12.2010

  35. I am signing up?

    By Laura on 11.12.2010

  36. I’ve never been certain about anything in my life. But never more so than right this minute. Nothing is right; nothing feels right. Everything feels as if I’m living someone else’s life.
    Is this how change is supposed to feel?
    Or am I just nuts?

    By Alexandra Brown URL on 11.12.2010

  37. Certain is a word with a lot of restriction. To say you’re certain is very definite. I’m not certain of the meaning of the activity. I’m certain I am breathing. Certain should be used with caution, as it is very binding. I’m certain I’m about to be out of time. I’m certain sixty seconds is longer than i thought.

    By Brad on 11.12.2010

  38. i am certain of it
    are you certain
    certain is a word
    when your sure of something your certain
    certain as 7 letters

    By stephy URL on 11.12.2010

  39. i like a certain kind of milk, cheese, and lots of different kinds of foods.
    i have a certain amount of pieces of meat and cheese on my sandwich.

    By Lil_Schwag URL on 11.12.2010

  40. Certain means that your exact about something. I am certain that Lucy was here a minute ago.

    By SW on 11.12.2010