November 11th, 2010 | 178 Entries

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178 Entries for “certain”

  1. I am certain that love is out there. Everybody keeps singing, writing, and crying about love and how they can’t find it. But you gotta look in the right place. I know that the love of my life is out there walking on the Earth right now. I’ll meet him, and be happy with him forever.

    By Kristina on 11.11.2010

  2. I am not certain.
    Certain of anything
    anything is up in the air
    air is so empty

    I am not certain
    Certain of life or death
    Death is certain
    Certain of taxes
    Death and taxes
    That is all I am certain.

    By bex URL on 11.11.2010

  3. im certain that he cares but im also certain that he doesnt. why would i be so certain? because I certainly trust my instincts. I havnt done so often, but i will certainly do so more often. you can be certain of that.

    By laura on 11.11.2010

  4. Is anything certain? I know it’s cliche, but I think it’s also true. You never know for sure. There’s always that element of uncertainty; will it happen? Will she say yes? Can I know anything for certain except that nothing is certain?

    By Kyle on 11.11.2010

  5. I am certain that nothing is certain, and I shall leave it at that.

    By Apollo URL on 11.11.2010

  6. sure
    certainty is subjective
    i’m certain of the existence of God. some call me crazy. i call myself faithful and blessed…and i am certain of that.
    also, happiness is alot of uncertainty

    By taylor on 11.11.2010

  7. Certain is not the word to describe my life. I’m not quite certain whether I can apply it to this sentence really. The only thing certain remains the fact that I cannot write a sentence without the word I in it. It’s driving ME nuts.

    God I’m certain I’m self-involved.

    By Jeannie on 11.11.2010

  8. “I’m certain this time.” I looked at him, as if I would be able to read into the future. I couldn’t, obviously. “Are you sure?” He nodded, but it was very dubious. “We can get through this. You know that.” He looked at me sadly, then down at the table. My heart dropped at the thought of his loneliness.

    By Marissa URL on 11.11.2010

  9. Certainly or is it maybe or might be or could be but mostly it maybe assuredly definite.

    By Mike on 11.11.2010

  10. I am certain there is a monster under my bed. I saw it with my own eyes. It has bright green eyes, and long blue fur. I think all it wants is a friend.

    By James URL on 11.11.2010

  11. I am certain that Christmas time is the best time of the year
    I am certain that my mother loves me more than anyone else on this planet
    The same goes for my nana
    I am certain that my mom and nana are the two most important in the world to me
    I luv them to pieces
    I am certain my sister is a lil mixed up right now buit she will be ok
    and so will I
    Cause I am certain of all I am certain of

    By amber URL on 11.11.2010

  12. I am certain that the best things in life cost money! Forget about them being free. Are the best things in life – water, air and sunshine? yes and no. I would be much happier with champagne, a swim in a beatiful clear ocean and surrounds. I do like a sunny day, but it’s no good being sunny if you don’t have food in your belly or access to shelter that night. Indeed – some of the things we need are free – that I am certain. However most things that make me hapy are certainly costly!

    By michelle on 11.11.2010

  13. uncertainty about my gender identity is just about killing me.

    i feel about as confused about myself as people do when they look at me.

    i just want to learn to love myself!

    By Ander on 11.11.2010

  14. i always need to be certain of myself before i can make a decision. i tend to make many lists and write pros and cons to see both sides of the argument. this helps me to be certain that my decision is a good one. in the end i feel good about myself for taking the time to be absolutely certain that my choice is the best one.

    By Mina on 11.11.2010

  15. To be certain is to understand that things will work out. To trust that tomorrow will be different than today and that the sun will always rise in the east and set in the west. Certainty is hope, faith, and folly. Living with certainty is assuring and foolish all wrapped into one.

    By Joseph Durst on 11.11.2010

  16. Nothing is ever certain. Except uncertainty. Maybe that is where we should all stay… enjoying the uncertainty of life. I wish things were certain more often trust that! I don’t have anything certain it feels in my life.

    By Rachel on 11.11.2010

  17. it is certain that it certainly isn’t certain. but what is certain in this world? what am i doing? why am i doing this now–shoudln’t i be sleeping? don’t think just write oh my spelling is certainly horrid. certainly certain i am yoda yogurt buddah.

    By gracie friend on 11.11.2010

  18. I am certain that no-on will ever read this, for I will have destroyed all evdience of this existing by the time the proper authorities arrive. What is recorded here is an informal report, a record of a life that has been destroyed by the cruel tyranny that grips the nation. Why should I be quiet? Why should I force myself to comply?
    From now on, this is the only remaining piece of innocence I have.
    They are here.
    I must hurry.

    By Alexander Haley on 11.11.2010

  19. “Nothing is certain” he said, turning away from the video feed.

    “I know,” she said, “and that’s why we need each other all the more.”

    By Michelle on 11.11.2010

  20. “I wouldn’t want the world to be certain,” the captain said, “because then my life would be empty.”

    Other was confused.

    “What do you mean, empty?” said Other.

    “I mean that my life would be without meaning” said the captain. “I live for tomorrow, after all.”

    By Aubra URL on 11.11.2010

  21. I can be certain that I love him. But the fact that he is still with Tiffany just proves that he must not be certain about me… That is the hardest fact I must learn to face in my newly adult life.

    By Kristen on 11.11.2010

  22. I was certain that Michael would never try that again. That eventually he would learn and I wouldn’t need to play this role in his life anymore and yet, no. No, it had to be like this. So I twirled the keys in my hand and stared at the door of my Pontiac Grand Am for a real long time, thinking about how he was going to pay for this and every other time.

    By Melissa on 11.11.2010

  23. I am certain about one thing, that I am not certain about anything. About where I am going, how to get there, who I should be with, does anyone want to be with me, what’s happening next week on survivor or how I can keep my room clean. life is uncertain.

    By Julia on 11.11.2010

  24. I am not really certain what I’m going to do tomorrow. I’m not really certain what I am doing with my life. All that I’m certain, off is that I’m not really certain of anything.

    By Edward URL on 11.11.2010

  25. Certain is nothing saying what you mean is what really matters, if you are certian the sky is blue but you don’t really mean it what is the point of talking at all? You nod, and you smile but are you really sure of what you hear? How can you be when life is nothing but a serious of sensations based upon previous experiences.

    By Heather URL on 11.11.2010

  26. I am not certain of many things. Certain is such a definite word. Am I certain? She is certain. They are certain. Are they? Certain. I am not.

    By Jen on 11.11.2010

  27. i am certain i had this word once today, i would really enjoy getting new words, i would enjoy anything new, the monotony of the internet is not conducive to this, look at how it taught me sentence structure.

    By Adam on 11.11.2010

  28. not me that’s someone else. flaky, no guarantees, can’t even guarantee that. good luck, luck is for loser. you’re, superstitious if you believe in luck. you’re superstitious if you believe in me.certainly.

    By trza URL on 11.11.2010

  29. I am not certain of what to say. How can anyone be certain? Certain is a state of mind, something you assure yourself you are even when you clearly aren’t. Certainty is not a real thing unless we’re dealing with science. You can never be certain of a person or a thought or a feeling. Only mostly certain.

    By Kara on 11.11.2010

  30. She was certain that he was unfaithful. It wasn’t the missed calls, the late nights, or even the mysterious underwear in his car. It was that he just didn’t look at her anymore. Not when she talked, not when they made love…he didn’t see her. He was blind to her.

    By Faith on 11.11.2010

  31. I am certain that I just got this word. Truly, I’d enjoy writing more with it, but I’d LOVE to have a new word. Of that I am certain.

    By Faith on 11.11.2010

  32. Think, are you sure? Certainty is overrated, but then again so is sanity. Good to be certain, yes, but are you going to waste your life wondering if everything is really there? Life is a continuous serious of sensations and feelings, why stop too long to think?

    By heather URL on 11.11.2010

  33. Certain, but about what? I am certain that I’m an artist. I am certain that my life is full of beauty, not just in people, but in my surroundings and my ideas. I drew a picture of an owl buying new shoes yesterday. He is certainly a beautiful owl.

    By madiee URL on 11.11.2010

  34. It was quite certain the body was dead when it landed. It wasn’t just the cold, clamminess of its hand. It wasn’t the lack of a heartbeat. Not even the fact that it was lying there motionless. No, Corporal Rothsberg could tell this person had shed this mortal coil by the way that its head was still rolling down the long, mountain trail.

    By richpee on 11.11.2010

  35. I always was certain that one day certain would be a relatively used term. People thought it was quite silly but I declined their negative attitudes mentally. They would be surprised now, a hundred years later!

    By marianna on 11.12.2010

  36. a certain word. Choose it wisely. It can change everything. Whether it’s an “oh” a “Well” or an “if” it can change everything. You can make someone’s day or shatter their world. Choose it wisely. I can’t stress it enough.

    By ky on 11.12.2010

  37. I am certain that i love bacon i dont know why but bacon is so freaking good i am certain that i will eat a bagel tomorrow morning :D. I like chicken and fried apples cause the are certainly delicious weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    By Joe on 11.12.2010

  38. I saw the equation and knew from the model, the half-life. I knew the correlations and I knew the odds so I knew it would happen with almost certainty. But certainty and it happening are different.

    Assuming it will happen and it happening even 9999/10000 are not certain.

    By ben URL on 11.12.2010

  39. I was absolutely certain we would get married. I mean, we were each others firsts: first kiss, first date, first time, first of everything! And I love him. Unconditionally love him, and sadly he will never realize my love for him. Simply because he refuses to accept the love I have for him, and he refuses to acknowledge his love for me.

    By Brittey Hobaica on 11.12.2010

  40. I could never decide what cereal to eat. I couldn’t pick a hair color. I couldn’t even decide if I wanted cheese on my burger or not without proper consultation.

    But I’ve always known I wanted you.

    By the bedford reader on 11.12.2010