November 12th, 2010 | 136 Entries

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136 Entries for “materials”

  1. Materials his dark materials murky in space where materials can be positive, negative, there or not there, existing or anti-matter that swallows itself somehow. Anti-matter, which could be anything really, has no mass, no other recognizable characteristic, nothing we know. Material we don’t know, like fish don’t know fire.

    By Emily Smith on 11.13.2010

  2. Every time i touch materials everything seems to become a factory to me. Cold steel, warm flesh pumping like pistons molding whatever dough or vegetable or paper mache might be at my disposal into soemthing, some thought, some image that’s lodged somewhere in the nether regions of my brain itching and scratching its way out.

    By travis on 11.13.2010

  3. possessions are an inhibition in the majority of cases. Materials, raw are useful and extremely valuable. I wish we bought more stuff in its raw material form in our modern world, e.g. food, cloth, metal parts.

    By ynothna on 11.13.2010

  4. Madonna’s voice rings in my ears and I watch her fifty-year old muscles lift and stretch and ripple her ripped skin. She’s still preforming even thought the eighties have come and gone with only a glimmer of hope that they will return. Like when you see girls wearing neon legwarmers and floral print.

    She’s gotten old, hasn’t she? Dear Lord, she’s ancient.

    I think, we are living in a material world. I am a material girl. And then I shut off the TV, I walk to my bed, I sleep.

    By kortnee tilson URL on 11.13.2010

  5. Materials can be material items like things you own and things that are important to you or they can be like ingredients and something you use to make something else and some people get too hooked on materials and I do too sometimes like those things that you keep for years and can’t throw them away even though you have no reason at all to keep them

    By ellie on 11.13.2010

  6. i dont have the right materials, all i have is one word, and a keyboard that doesn’t talk back. I just deleted two sentences to capitalize the first letter in this one, i don’t think it was worth it. Especially since not only do i only have 30 seconds to write this but the first letter in this should be double caps and is not capitol at all!

    By sam on 11.13.2010

  7. materials are daily life objects. no one can say for sure why they are so important but they really are because without materials what are we? humans are materials as is anything that is pliable or can be played with. a material is an instrument that allows us to tackle the world in a new or not priorly thought of way. a material is an important thing to anyone who knows how to use it.

    By Zoë on 11.13.2010

  8. Materials? What materials are really needed in moments like this? Moments where you don’t know where you stand. Moments where you don’t know who you are or what you’re doing with your life. Materials are only useful in moments when facts mean something, not those moments when your inner strength has been shaken from the core and needs repairing. Materials are useless in the battle against yourself.

    By Diamond G URL on 11.13.2010

  9. Madonna’s voice rings in my ears and I watch her fifty-year old mus­cles lift and stretch and rip­ple her skin. She’s still pre­form­ing even thought the eight­ies have come and gone with only a glim­mer of hope that they will return. Like when you see girls wear­ing neon leg­warm­ers and flo­ral print.

    She’s got­ten old, hasn’t she? Dear Lord, she’s ancient.

    I think, we are liv­ing in a mate­r­ial world. I am a mate­r­ial girl. And then I shut off the TV, I walk to my bed, I sleep.

    By Kortnee Tilson URL on 11.13.2010

  10. i used to love the materials of my life. i had red paper, the happy kinf, and the blues and greens, which helped make the sad times. I had sissors to cut off what i didn’t want, and i had glue to piece it all back together. I had sparkles to highlight the best of things, and i used them often. but now they all just look like a pile of crap.

    By Sophia on 11.13.2010

  11. Material objects can be very important, but at the same time completely insignificant. I want material objects, I could even say I need them, but I would choose love and happiness over things. Although sometimes I think my happiness relies on things.

    By stacey on 11.13.2010

  12. The materials required for this course include the following

    Understanding undertones
    open access

    By Chuck K. URL on 11.13.2010

  13. Sitting there here the rythym of the machine. I felt the continuity. The straight clean stitches, stitched together my love for garmets made with love.

    By Haley Ameral on 11.13.2010

  14. material love? material life. vanity cursory. exrutiating love. not love. no. how about truth? love is just a bunch of chemical reactions in the mind. what about truth? can you say it? the truth? would you? material vanity glory complex simplicity. im no trandom, a lot of thoughts just run through my head in a short amount of time.

    By michelle on 11.13.2010

  15. Material possessions? I have to get materials together today for my car. Road side assistance kit and chains and whatnot, incase it snows. I like snow, but chains sound like a pain in the ass.

    By Samantha on 11.13.2010

  16. Sometimes……we are required to have materials in order to do something. But what if we don’t have them? Logically, I guess we should work to obtain them. But what if that’s not possible? Should we beat ourselves up about it? Or should we find a way around it?

    By dkfdfkdfd on 11.13.2010