November 10th, 2010 | 115 Entries

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115 Entries for “helping”

  1. I want to help as much as I can through my words. I want to be a healer with poetry. If people could hear me and walk away with a piece of themselves figured out or put together or even breathe a little easier, I’m euphoric. It’s my drug, this helping. I hope it betters the world, but I doubt it will. Why I have I not writte n a single sentence before this that didnt’ start with I? Some ‘help’ I am.

    By RJ on 11.10.2010

  2. the only thing helping me stay awake is the constant caffeine and pills i’m putting in my body. helping me to stay awake to manage the constantly growing pile of assignments and things to do. deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. my future is in jeopardy if i don’t make these damn deadlines.

    By Delilah URL on 11.10.2010

  3. helping people is hard. especially when you can’t even help yourself. when do you know when someone needs help? but are too afraid to ask? then you’re too afraid to ask too… it’s a vicious cycle. why can’t people be more open about what they want and need?

    By Desiree on 11.11.2010

  4. “Stop that.” He said as his friend hovered just behind him.

    “Come on, let me. I just wanna help you out a bit. You’re so tense.”

    “You spilled flour everywhere, broke the carton of eggs and managed to burn boiling water.” He sighed heavily, “You’re not helping.”

    He waggled his eyebrows and grinned, “Yeah, well, I wasn’t talking about with the food.”

    By Janiko URL on 11.11.2010

  5. help me out, let me think, i am helping, i am moving. i am going to a place i know not where but i’m working and thinking and all my action is current, but somehow, i still was, i still am, i still can be lost and i’m trying to be still but present tense always seems to mean motion to me, and i can’t be helped if i’m not staying still, how can you be helping when i’m leaving you?

    By thispieceofwork URL on 11.11.2010

  6. i help a lot
    yeah a lot! i wish thed appriecitae it though its kinda like, oi appriecitae me helping you by being there for me when i need you. share your playlist and tell me what you did on the weekend, oh and why i wasnt invited.h well bksha gsoamgte tothe fuck out ek i dont like you, but oh well
    yes no, i love you
    i love him so much
    why doesnt he see that? i love him and they tell me to get over himlike hes just some random phase im going through…NO hes not i help them, they should help me goddamnit
    i love my life

    By Jess on 11.11.2010

  7. No one is helping me. Yelping at me, yes. Criticizing and preaching. Yet, no one comes along side with an arm around my shoulders.

    By gino on 11.11.2010

  8. When helping someone it is important to understand why you are helping that person before doing so. Are you helping to make that person’s burden lighter, or are you helping because you expect gratitude in return. It will be a more rewarding experience if you understand the answers to these questions before engaging in a work of altruism.

    By Bryant on 11.11.2010

  9. helping, well, as the saying goes, is to be there for someone, in case of trouble or a dire need. do we have to decided to help, or do we need to be told. it is instinctive, natural tendency.

    By george davis URL on 11.11.2010

  10. Helping people is a very bad idea. Very bad indeed. You see, people don’t want your help. They want your time, they want your money, but most of all, they want your dignity. Never help someone who isn’t going to do a similar or greater favour in return. People are cunts.

    By J Dale on 11.11.2010

  11. Sometimes I see people, all around, that never have help. I’m here to fix that. Everyone needs a little help, and I’m determined to help everyone. Just helping people could

    By Jade URL on 11.11.2010

  12. A helping hand is all that’s needed, another way out
    A crutch on which you wish to stand,
    But you stumble, fumble, fall,
    And I help myself to what’s left of you

    By Bishop Chave URL on 11.11.2010

  13. Helping others is the foundation of my life. I don’t live for myself, but I live to help others, to lend a helping hand. That is the teaching of my Master, and I know that it’s the only real way to live. The only way to save my life is to give it away. It’s paradoxical, I know, but once you try it out, you’ll see that it works and it’s real.

    By M. Lawrence Key URL on 11.11.2010

  14. My family were always helping me. No matter whether this had also hurt them as well, they would always be willing to support and to help me. My family is my safe harbor, and I know that no matter what I do, and no matter how serious or grave the problem is, they will always be willing to help me, to lend out a helping hand. Why? Because that’s what family is for.

    By Anny on 11.11.2010

  15. It wasn’t helping at all. She bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut and prayed, prayed to gods above that she didn’t even believe in that there would be some sort of spontaneous promotion to give her her craved chloroform to ease the agony of the amputation that a simple bit of wood between her teeth couldn’t.

    By Meghan on 11.11.2010

  16. Thanks for helping me out with that project. In fact, if you wouldn’t mind, could you just go ahead and take over the rest and get it all done while I go out and down a bottle of Grey Goose with my ex? Uh, yeah, that’d be great. See ya later.

    By Laura on 11.11.2010

  17. Lend a helping hand. Just be sure to get it back when they’re done with it. So you can tie your shoes. You know. And do dishes.

    I suppose you can learn to do those things with one hand. But, like, when someone borrows one of your hands, it’s still yours. Make sure they don’t hold onto it longer than they have to.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 11.11.2010

  18. One more helping is too much .stop after the first one. you will be amazed how it will affect will health and weight.

    By renana ve simcha on 11.11.2010

  19. Helping a child meant doing the dishes, and queuing for the meagre rations

    By vivienne Blake URL on 11.11.2010

  20. Helping others is a very important principle in the pursuit of happiness. If you are just for yourself who are you?

    By renana ve simcha on 11.11.2010

  21. there is something about the helping of one human being to another, which accentuates the nonsense and possibilities of every imaginable resource. nothing is too much of anything to be any less than that of helpful pursuit. the help! the helping persists and never ceases.

    By Meg URL on 11.11.2010

  22. Meredith thought that she was. She thought that she had made her cousin better… Turns out, he was worse off. He shook every day, and did more drugs than before. She was scared. He was a changed person, and not the Ashley she knew. She didn’t want her daughter to see him like this, even if he was her only family in town.

    By Carly on 11.11.2010

  23. She didn’t know what to do. Her heart hurt. Nothing was helping, not even Will’s touch. Taylor was dead, and Meredith didn’t know how to survive without her best friend.
    “Love… Are you okay?” Will asked her. She shook her head, and cried.
    “No. I’m not.”

    By Carly on 11.11.2010

  24. Looking through the glass, the sight of you is blurred by the premature frost. You’re out there, gloves in hand, staring back. Helping you is probably what you are trying to communicate, but I pretend not to notice. Because in reality, I have no experience in mending shattered lives.

    By Luhan URL on 11.11.2010

  25. When one helps, here merely lets’ his own will go, and sacrifices his ethics for the sake of someone else. It is his or her way of showing that their concern means nothing to the person they are helping. They know what’s important and therefore do it.

    When on helps they will subject themselves to the last thing necessary to complete the job, and then suffer whatever is necessary to help the one in need.

    By AirStyle on 11.11.2010

  26. this is a braindead variety of aboriginis. these nipple swindling fiends and car spokesmen adverbs. please tender needs in a slutty nurse outfit. please just plant trees, plant sprouting seeds in your shoes. something to fit the emptiness of your shadow. something to conquer the urpooted weeds and grained dirt.

    By ht URL on 11.11.2010

  27. she was helping him out of the door and into the car when the thief appeared. he was dressed in a baggy button down shirt and some black over used dress pants.

    By Sara URL on 11.11.2010

  28. everybody helps out once in a while, but on this day we take a moment; just one moment. we take one moment out of our busy lives and think, appreciate, remember the people who fought so that we have time to do what we want today. Sure, we all help each other, but the soliders who fight help us all.

    By A on 11.11.2010

  29. helping hands, hands that reach out, hands that hold, hands that pull up, hands that hold on, hands that clasp, hands that make, hands that do, hands that push, hands that love, hands that help

    By margo URL on 11.11.2010

  30. Suddenly, the ladder slipped out from under Dave’s feet, and he found himself hanging from the gutters he had recently installed on his house. Dangling there, he called to his son for help, but the boy could not hear him over his headphones or the sound of his texting fingers. He flailed his legs, to no avail. “Well,” he thought, “this isn’t helping.”

    By Erica Mundell on 11.11.2010

  31. I thought one day I would be a person that helped people. I wanted to make a difference at least in one person’s life. To help. It seems such a simple idea, but how could I help someone in a way that would be fitting for me? I was a singer, and a writer. A thinker, a lover, someone who wanted to make the world more beautiful and see the beauty in the world. Did I want to help someone else see beauty in the world? Yes. I think I wanted the whole world to see beauty through my eyes, or through my work see beauty through their own eyes. It was a concept I had been struggling with for years. How could I help people and therefore help myself to achieve my dream? So it was two years ago that I finally set out the only way I knew how. I found a friend and found a van, and we went. We went far and forever, and back again. We drove

    By Lindsay on 11.11.2010

  32. The act of being considerate of others. Taking the time to listen and hear what needs to be done. Making an effort to improve a difficult situation. Providing assistance to others or even to oneself. A noble and thoughtful action.

    By Doug Uehling on 11.11.2010

  33. I can’t think of anything with the word helping, even though I just kinda of did write the world helping. So I guess I can think of something, even though this is really about nothing. But thats ok, because when you can’t think of something to write, then just write the word, like helping and just keep going.

    By Vienna on 11.11.2010

  34. i think it wise for every person to lend a helping hand whenever possible…and it doesn’t necessarily have to be money. a lending ear to listen to one’s concerns or a shoulder for another to cry on…if we give helping aid to one another…we can definitely change the course of our own life and others. i believe this.

    By miss.miles URL on 11.11.2010

  35. Can I have a helping hand?
    Help me help you
    The days roll by swiftly
    Like pearls slipping off a string
    And we all need help keeping track of them all.
    I need help, I’m not ashamed to ask
    So please.
    HELP ME.

    By Mrs. Mitchell URL on 11.11.2010