November 11th, 2010 | 178 Entries

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178 Entries for “certain”

  1. certain things never change they just evolve. certain things will always remain, like love, family, friendship. those are the key favtors in life. they are the things that keep us going, that keep us alive and sane. without them we would just be animals. there are certain moments that will stay with you forever, your first kiss, first child, and first best friend.

    By Mckenzie on 11.12.2010

  2. “I am certain that I finished” I said well Ms. Smarts did not get it but I new I turned it in! Well go check your back pack and see if it is in there. I stamped out of the room. I am certain that I turned it in! After searching in my backpack I searched my whole room scanning each place twice. Then my mother came in Ms. Smarts called to that she found your homework. What!!! I asked. “all this time wasted!”

    By SW on 11.12.2010

  3. I am certain of few things, but somewhat certain of many. I am positive about little, but semi positive about a lot. There are not many things in this world that people can be certain of, but that’s where all the fun lies, isn’t it? that being said, I’m certain today will be a good day.

    By Christopher URL on 11.12.2010

  4. I was most certain that this website is confusing until I started using it? Who knows I actually dont even know where this is going. I came here from stumble upon and I’m just doing what the websites say. So, certain eh? What an odd word choice for someone to write about. I think im almost done? Who knows i think that ahh yes i need to finish my last sentence cool.

    By tj on 11.12.2010

  5. I am certain i am in the most boring class ever! Jk! I love this class it’s the best class in the whole world! I Love Mr. Woolleys Class! (: Okay, bye.

    By RaeRae URL on 11.12.2010

  6. are you certain about what your doing? how certain are you? certain has seven letters. there are certain things.

    By Richy URL on 11.12.2010

  7. i am certain that i am sick. are you certain it was him. i am certain.

    By jace URL on 11.12.2010

  8. I am certain that God is leading me down the right path. Although I have chosen my own paths in the past they never seem to work. So for a change I decided to let go and let God. Guess what? It worked. I have found the way, of this i am CERTAIN.

    By cindii resha URL on 11.12.2010

  9. it is certain that nothing is

    By beluga on 11.12.2010

  10. the only thing that is certain is that i’m uncertain. whoever is certain is a fool. i hate certainty and everything about it. it is a dream. reach for certainty, be certain you’re certain, and the next day something will come up and smack you in the face and shatter you to pieces. this is the mind of a borderline personality. of someone with manic days. of someone who can never be certain of anything. you want to be certain? you know what i say? fuck that. certainty blows.

    By Courtney Wells on 11.12.2010

  11. I am certain that I am going mad.
    Certainly, certainly, lads and lasses,
    I am certain that I would rather go mad
    Mad as a homespun hatter
    Than to keep living this life with no purpose.

    By Mrs. Mitchell URL on 11.12.2010

  12. certain is the word of assurity that a deed is going to take place. certain is a notion that gives assurity of an event happening in thepresent or future.what is certain is death.

    By sandy on 11.12.2010

  13. I am certain that i am happy my wife is having a baby, i am certain that my life is good despite challenges, i am certain that i am following the correct life as i am certain that i will adapt to what is given me

    By Jeff on 11.12.2010

  14. blue

    By kat on 11.12.2010

  15. I am certain of nothing. But at the same time I think everyone should know certain things about life and love and hardship. Even if something isn’t certain doesn’t mean it does not matter. Life is.

    By Caitlin on 11.12.2010

  16. The past would take care of itself, she was certain of it. And yet, what would become of the future? Would we all fall to our deaths, or would we rise like birds to fly forever, free of our skeletons and earthly bounds? One would never know, not until that time had come. And maybe one didn’t want to know; she hesitated as she thought that.

    By Jaidis on 11.12.2010

  17. i am certain that i am bad at this. I don’t know how to be certain about anything, so i guess that is why i dont know what to write. And where is this going to go? I am afraid to release this into the internet, especially if it has spelling errors. haha, i got extra time, and i know that i have to give you my email and my name. I am certain that i am going to give you a fake name, because i don’t want this linked to me. I wonder if anyone will read this. I think I would like someone to read it.

    By Joan Holloway URL on 11.12.2010

  18. You don’t know for certain what you’re supposed to do at any time under any circumstances. You just take a step forward, the first step. Or you don’t. You do nothing because doing nothing feels like certainty. Maybe you’ll never know.

    By Robin on 11.12.2010