July 28th, 2012 | 267 Entries

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267 Entries for “cabinet”

  1. The cabinet creaked open and she couldn’t help but look into it. The dark shadows in the back slowly oozed forth, dripping down the front of the cabinet shelves and onto the counter. The shadow oozed pooled in the countertop, creating a hole to another dimentison. What now? She stuck her hand in.

    By Jenn on 07.28.2012

  2. A darkened cherry wood. Adorning a gaudy, tasteless master lock practically begging to be cracked open. Yet no key in sight. not a single tool to open the damn thing. poor cabinet.

    By Kat on 07.28.2012

  3. The teacups that granny collected were in her special cabinet. No one was allowed to touch them unless granny helped . Sometimes she would get them out and show us each delicate one.

    By Elizabeth on 07.28.2012

  4. i close the cabinet
    the same one that your built
    shaking the hinges
    like a skeleton just
    b r o k e n

    it turns to dust
    fading until i can’t hear the sound anymore
    like a beast’s
    c r y

    a lonely beat
    that warped and wound up in a time here
    without you
    and that beast
    m e

    By Sophie on 07.28.2012

  5. We replaced the cabinets in my kitchen when I was in high school. My job was to be quiet and stay out of the men’s way and to (no kidding) make them lunch when my mom and Grandma weren’t around. Sometimes I go home and touch them and remember the summer I spent dodging cranky men and August humidity and curse words,

    By Melissa on 07.28.2012

  6. Once she’d opened the cabinet she stepped back with slight regret. After all these years of waiting perhaps she wouldn’t find what she had hoped. She took a deep breath, pulled the box from the shelf and shook off the dusty lid.

    By sharon london on 07.28.2012

  7. The cabinet wa big and mysterious. Te girl was always curious; she wants to know why it remained locked. She had no idea why auntie Jane kept it locked. She wanted to know gy it was forbidden. Why she was not allowed in there , what could thy e hiding from her, she thought there were no secrets.

    By Tatiana on 07.28.2012

  8. almost like a cabin, but instead of housing people and memories it house what those people in those memories will wear, and what they will look like, and smell like. It’s like the clothes are the paints to the brushes and the people are the artists. And instead of being surrounded by trees its surrounded by walls and other furniture. I’m talking about a wardrobe not a cabinet, I don’t know why clothes popped into my mind instead of cans and glasses and bowls. The directions just said to write and so I did

    By matt on 07.28.2012

  9. open the door, with calous hands on knotted wood
    And peer, through the dull pulsing around your eyes
    Breathing in, collecting more ash than air
    That sense of something sensual
    A glove left on the door handle to your room

    By gsk URL on 07.28.2012

  10. I went to the kitchen to see if there was something to eat, I checked the cabinets to see if ti could find something yummy. There was nothing of interest.

    By Israel Maldonado on 07.28.2012

  11. The little pieces of history clattered and clanged in the old china cabinet. A frail clunched over hand reached in to grab one. Her favourite one. Bought from a little brick shop just down the road to her first house, to the house filled with memories of her love, her joy, her life.

    By esky1118 on 07.28.2012

  12. The cabinet was riddled with holes and smelled of must. A rat scuddled out, and the doors hung by rusty hinges. The broken china cups and saucers remnants of long-forget past of elegant ladies and gentlemen at tea time sipping in leisure. The sitting room was dusty and an air of gloom and despair filled the spaces. Two pieces of tattered furniture were the only other things in the room besides the old cabinet.

    By Abigail on 07.28.2012

  13. The cabinet led to nowhere and come from nowhere. Should anyone witness it they thought it simply a reflection of reality, a dusty mine into which the mind wandered on still moments. Or they though “Oh, a cabinet…how boring”. Really, not everyone has the mindset for thoughtful introspection into the dull truths of the world, the mire of causality and causation in which we all are trapped…humans…

    By Mairead URL on 07.28.2012

  14. I reached inside my cabinet to grab a snip of percocet when the snake lashed out at me because of his inability to drop the bet. I won!

    By phill on 07.28.2012

  15. The cabinet across the hall from my grandmother’s room used to hold a world of mystery to me. It was full of trinkets and letters, old worn clothes, and hand-me down dolls. That was years ago though, when I was barely a child. Now, all the cabinet holds is an old woman’s broken dreams.

    By chloesometimes on 07.28.2012

  16. My cabinets are full of food. This means I am better off than 90% of the world. It’s time to take a hard look at reality and start being thankful.

    By Jade on 07.28.2012

  17. The object he was looking for was in the cabinet all the time. He looked everywhere but, but now it will belong to me because I found it. Finders keeper is my motto… Now how does this thing work, what does it do and what is it called. Why on, here if you see him give this to him please.

    By Luke on 07.28.2012

  18. I stared blankly at the cabinet while me father barked out harsh words to my mother, she screeched back. There was no silence. Ever it seemed.

    Why can’t things just be normal again?

    By Z on 07.28.2012

  19. “Go ahead,” he said. “Open it.”
    “Your crazy.” She rolled her eyes. “What do you mean an elephant?”
    “I told you. An elephant walked out of the cabinet.”
    “A full sized one?”
    “No,” he said sarcastically. “A half sized elephant.”
    “Whatever,” she said. “Fine, I’ll open it.”

    By Calla URL on 07.28.2012

  20. cabinets are where indians hide out or maybe that was cuboards. but the cabinets in my grandmas house are old and brown and hold the dishes and I use the dishes to eat eggs in the morning before I go into my internship at the police department and work on becoming a better person and a better police officer. Hopefully one day I can fulfill all my dreams and do the things I’ve always wanted.

    By nick on 07.28.2012

  21. It Was the Sound of Mum Closing the Creaky Kitchen Cabinet That Woke Me.
    As Usual, I Was Tangled in Blankets
    Having Thrashed Around in My Sleep.
    My Arms Were Extended
    As Though Reaching For Something,
    My Nails Jagged
    From Scraping the Wall.
    This is the Position I Had Been Waking Up in
    For the Past Three Months.
    A Dreamless Sleep,
    And Then I Awaken Like This.

    But This Time Was Different.

    Because This Time
    I Realized

    Exactly What I Was Reaching For.

    By Story Solo on 07.28.2012

  22. its empty. you open it as if its something special. all the anticipation for what’s inside. but its really nothing. nothing but disappointment. I hold on to the doors, and pretend that this never happened. I close the doors now, and walk away.

    By Melanie on 07.28.2012

  23. “It’s in the cabinet, Jessie.” said Diana. I don’t know what reminds me of that cabinet but they said that its the only way to get to Narnia. So I started shipping in.

    By Serenity Kelsey on 07.28.2012

  24. The door sprung open at the mere gust of the wind as Felecity opened the cabinet.
    “What’s in it?” Catherine asked, her eyes all spooky wide.
    “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you” she replied, laughing a little inside.
    Catherine stood tight, not knowing whether to run screaming and hiding or to embrace the new experience.
    But, all too quickly, the rickety cabinet was open.
    And nothing was ever the same.

    By Rita McCloud on 07.28.2012

  25. Cabinet, I could go with the traditional meaning, a cabinet something in the kitchen which you can store items in, but what if I went a bit deeper, dissected the word cabin-et as if there were a net out there in this mysterious land that swept up cabins to collect them and build a cabintel, a cabin hotel…haha times up!

    By G.Rich on 07.28.2012

  26. I do not know what it means.

    By noor on 07.28.2012

  27. In the dark deep secrets
    of the locked cabinet
    Reads a single dresser
    “To whom this may concern” It might start
    And the look of knowledge passes your face

    By Natasha URL on 07.28.2012

  28. a thing to keep your food in, or clothes, etc. Behind it, there is Narnia. It’s also a thing that governs Americans, along with Mr. President. Cabinets, man,

    By Katie on 07.28.2012

  29. When I saw the cabinets in her house I thought about how ugly they were. Karin is obsessed with things like cabinets. They don’t matter. This is hard. She’s weird for Jake. I want a better kitchen that has a more homie feel. Ours is like it’s trying to be homie but it’s not. Like a lot of things in our life.

    By Angela on 07.28.2012

  30. This cabinet is full of memories. Old memories, new memories. I look through the glass doors and see a history within. Artifacts spanning generations. All mine now. What am I supposed to do with this?

    By Holly on 07.28.2012

  31. is a very interesting analogy because as someone once said if we were to put our heart locked away deeply in a cabinet then what would we be. We would neither be able to love or to feel love because we are fearful and protecting our hearts from what could be when really we should embrace what it could become.

    By Chad on 07.28.2012

  32. She thinks it must be something with the shade of brown. She wouldn’t know. IKEA has never been her forte and the whole eco-decor has never really bought her interest. Either way, she knows she needs a new cabinet, so the question really only comes down to this: pine? Or oak?

    By rachel g. URL on 07.28.2012

  33. i have a cabinet and it has no food in it that is designed for fat people….i wish there was fattening food in that cabinet then maybe i would open it. my cat opens up the towel cabinet because he likes to lay his body on the towels….he knows how to open doors..that’s what you should have gotten out of that sentence.

    By ally on 07.28.2012

  34. fuck this i just wrote about cabinets. someone just asked me what I was doing and I said “writing about cabinets”

    I’m an honest person

    By ally on 07.28.2012

  35. That was the year we remodeled the kitchen cabinets,
    because the old ones were too old; the paint was chipping a little and they creaked just barely when you opened them. And my mother said,
    “It’s time for a change.”
    And that was the year my mother and my father decided not to love each other anymore
    because their marriage was old; they still drank coffee together in the mornings but they never kissed on the mouth and they didn’t laugh, even when something was funny. But my mother didn’t say “It’s time for a change.”
    She didn’t say anything. She just packed her bags. And left.

    By Dulcie URL on 07.28.2012


    By ally on 07.28.2012

  37. in the cabinet the bone was sitting for the doggie the doggie wanted the bone but master was mean and said no no you need to eat your dinner first but the doggie just stared and stared at the cabinet poor doggie that was then after dinner the doggie didnt even get the bone.

    By Jen on 07.28.2012

  38. I have light wood cabinets in my kitchen. They have been the same for the past 15 years of my life that I’ve been living in this house. They creak when you open them and they have little black knobs. The handles are always cold on a winter morning grabbing a cup for your hot cocoa.

    By Kylie on 07.28.2012

  39. There is a blank space beneath the corner, in front of the window sill, to the left of the curtains and the right of the flat-screen HD television that he doesn’t need but bought anyway out of a show of machismo or some other tri-syllabic word that he looks up in the dictionary.

    By Anna Meursault on 07.28.2012

  40. cabinets are full of things that are useful for every day life. everyone needs cabinets to store things. they are filled with plates and Tupperware and even paper towels! no one knows whats in someone else’s. all you can do is assume until you open it up. its like one giant mystery! in fact, there may be a giant spider in quite a few of them.

    By nicki on 07.28.2012