July 28th, 2012 | 267 Entries

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267 Entries for “cabinet”

  1. I look through the shelves, searching for one little bit of sweetness to satisfy my taste pangs. It is chocolate that I seek in this cabinet full of canned beans and dry pasta. I don’t think the chocolate lives in here though, because I am still searching.

    By Theresa URL on 07.28.2012

  2. He slowly opened the cabinet that had sat in his grandmothers basement for decades. It was covered in cobwebs and it was nearly impossible to see into the once mirror that was hung above the old bathroom where his great-grandmother would do her hair and makeup before school. As he opened the cabinet it creaked and spiders crawled out in a hurry to get away from their once prison. Beneath the age old dust and spiderwebs sat two pill bottles, a lipstick and a hand mirror, also impossible to make out a reflection. The pill bottles were dated and he was stunned for he was a lot younger than his great-grandmother and this 1800s date seemed ancient to him. The lipstick one “berry red’ was a faded pale pink now and only a stub. And the hand mirror although covered in dirt and dust, the beauty of it was breathtaking to the young boy. It was trimmed with gold in the most beautiful of patterns and had a texture that felt of the shape of water. He stared at this hand mirror for what seemed like forever, when he was startled by the sound of his grandmothers voice yelling down into the basement, “so did you find it? the lamp? did you find it? i really need that lamp Jacob!’ He had been so distracted by the time capsule of a bathroom cabinet he had completely forgotten the purpose of being in the basement in the first place. He quickly peered around and spotted the lamp his grandmother so badly needed for her bedroom. He found it behind a few boxes and brought it up stairs but wanted to go right back down and explore the cabinet once again.

    By Kylie on 07.28.2012

  3. A place to keep things out of sight, usually messy.
    Also a Cabinet of Ministers.

    By Cassie on 07.28.2012

  4. Hinges attached to the wood and split and split and split and split
    you won’t find my contents
    theres a pad lock
    you’ll have to wait until it rusts
    or you find the piece of paper
    with the code
    under the fridge.

    By dylan on 07.28.2012

  5. I hate cabinets. They’re useless and lame! They hide everything in your kitchen from the rest of the world as if you are ashamed of what you own.

    By Lakin URL on 07.28.2012

  6. cabinets can be large small green, white blue, yellow. it doesn’t matter. they’ll always hold what you need them too and don’t complain. Cabinets can also hang from the ceiling. I think that’s pretty cool. Exciting even.

    By Emma on 07.28.2012

  7. I opened the cabinet looked inside its carcus and snatched the bottle of pills.
    Funny how my last moments were as insignificant as my entire life.

    By Leighsha on 07.28.2012

  8. the cabinet of the governor was pretty stupid everybody loves them but every one knows they are a little bit stupid because if your goberment is not stupid your society is fucked!

    By fer on 07.28.2012

  9. I keep my thoughts in drawers. Each idea, every separate plan, showcased in its own wood prism. Though sometimes my cabinet grows messy, and with it my mind.

    By sevenwords on 07.28.2012

  10. water-damaged heart. you. great book swollen & sealed, left too long in the long fingers of downrain; whose pages lost their give. to read you would be to destroy you, so you toss me away with silence & so i settle into moss around you.

    By drew URL on 07.28.2012

  11. I keep a lot of things in the cabinet. Some of the things are pointless: old artifacts of a lost life. Some have no purpose at all, and have been there forever. Sometimes, if you get lucky, you can find something that means something special in there.

    By Cristina Noujaim on 07.28.2012

  12. Hillary Clinton was a wise choice by President Obama for his Cabinet. As Head of the State Department she has represented our country wisely.

    By rita on 07.28.2012

  13. The boy looked into the cabinet with fear. What monsters would lie inside? What hidden fears would jump out and grab him by his throat, dragging him in where he would never be seen again. Yet he took a hesiatant step in and looked around…. And that’s when it grabbed him. His screams echoed off the walls, the slimy hand gripped his throat, he tore at it, but all he found was an empty sleeve. He pushed on the door, but it would not open. He was trapped. Forever.

    By crystal URL on 07.28.2012

  14. A place to store things. A place to hide.
    If I was to use one, I think I’d hide. I’d like to get away for awhile.
    Just for a bit.
    Or maybe more than a bit.
    I’d just like to leave for awhile.

    By Miryiah on 07.28.2012

  15. I open and close the cabinet. over and over again. slamming it closed but opening it as if something else were to appear. why do I keep opening the damn cabinet? no matter how many times I do it, it will open and close the exact same way. hope overpowers frustration. and even if it appears as if nothing will ever change, I keep going, never giving up.

    By Bekah on 07.28.2012

  16. The cabinet burns my eyes. It’s infernal demons escaping one by one. Why did you bring it here? Leave this burden on me? I wont survive the night. This cabinet hurts. It churns my stomach and deviates my septum. It cuts my heart out with it’s sacrificial kris. It exists. And it cinders perpetually, waiting for its next victim. Why ddid you bring it here? Why did you leave it with me?

    By Talon Homesley on 07.28.2012

  17. I opened the cabinet hanging on my kitchen wall.
    It was untouched for a few months now,
    Holding only spices rarely used.
    I reached up and grabbed the doorknob,
    Swung open the door.
    It was empty.
    Was I robbed?
    Did someone come in and steal my unused valuables?
    I am a can of legumes and a bag of saffron
    Less than I was before.
    And to think of the difference that will make…

    By Christoferus URL on 07.28.2012

  18. cabinets are super useful you can store things in it and even hide in it given the right dimensions! if anything cabinets are one of the most useful things, and whoever invented them is a genius! in fact remind me to thank the guy when im gone from this world and tell him what a genius he is

    By gustavo URL on 07.28.2012

  19. I was hiding in a glass cabinet, praying that they won’t find me. Yep, you heard it right, I was hiding in a glass cabinet- a see through cupboard- and thought that I might have a chance of not being seen. Gosh, rachel, are you stupid or something you’re probably all thinking; because i’m sure thinking that. But I panicked when I heard a gun shot and then the sound of a window breaking. So here I am.
    I can here them now, rummaging through the drawers in the kitchen next door. I wonder if their just common robbers or if they’re looking for something…maybe my parents are secretly secret agents. Wow great sentence their Rachel, secretly secret agents. No wonder you’re failing english, the Grammar Nazi in me says. I almost laugh at the thought that I am correcting my thoughts while i have robbers next door. It’s just the type of person I am. Weird.
    And then right as I feel like I’m about to burst out laughing, I here the door to the room i’m hiding in burst open.

    By Melissa on 07.28.2012

  20. The cabinet flew up with sparks behind it. As she watched her eyes went large and green, like the cabinet.

    By Leah Tholen on 07.28.2012

  21. My cabinets are messy…and white. With no food though – HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?? Messy cabinets with no food. I hate my house. I like cabinets, though.

    By Mary on 07.28.2012

  22. There was this one time that my hamster Sniffle got out of his cage and hid under the cabinet in the kitchen. He actually did that a lot of times. And each time I’d always be worried he would just die in there and I’d open the door and see a dead hamster… it terrified me.

    By Kelsey on 07.28.2012

  23. the creek of wood against wood sent a shiver through the air. she looked up to see what had moved it. nothing but the icy air was to be seen. her breaths wisp through it with little disturbance. then, there it was. a small child there and gone just as soon as it appeared. and with that, the cabinet slammed shut.

    By amy on 07.28.2012

  24. Closing the cabinet caused chaos in the cabdriver’s cabin.

    By Marianne URL on 07.28.2012

  25. “Old Mother Hubbard went to her cabinet” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    By figgy on 07.28.2012

  26. In the cabinet, I found her precious earring. I never told her, but I found it in there, even though I have no idea how it ended up right next to the spices. She never cooks. I just let her keep searching the house like a madwoman. It served her right, in my head. I look back now and wonder if she really was a madwoman, and if my secret about her earring had somehow aided in her demise.

    By aria autumn on 07.28.2012

  27. I did what any sensible person in my situation would have done: I followed the trail of blood. It wasn’t hard to do; whoever had broken in didn’t even try to hide the path of blood and glass shards that stretched from my living room to the back door. Later, I would find out that both the glass and the blood were a direct result of the crook smashing out the viewing window of my china cabinet. I found him eventually, curled up behind my couch and sniveling over his sliced up hand. And just when I think criminals can’t get any stupider.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.28.2012

  28. i opened my cabinet and wanted to put my fruit in it but when i tried to put the fruit in… it turned into superman and flew straight into the ceiling fan… it was crazy and i wish that i could have just put my fruit away lime a normal person

    By Brigid Fortner on 07.28.2012

  29. The cabinet opened to an old photograph. The person unknown. Written on the back was a a simple phrase, “You’ll be okay.”

    By e.dawn.k. URL on 07.28.2012

  30. Cabinet to me draws memories of my dad, since that is what he did, make cabinets. He made them for everyone, stores, houses, hotels, restaurants, businesses, banks. I look at my cabinets and I think of him, my kitchen makes me think of him. I think of how I want my cabinets to look, how I would design my kitchen, how he would. I will always be surrounded by cabinets and therefore always surrounded by him.

    By heather on 07.28.2012

  31. The cabinets are full of dishes, the cabinets are full of crumbling food crumbs and roaches. They are stale, full of air from ages past. I long to be a plate, sit inside that cabinet for the next twenty years and never move. Just think and live in tupperware harmony.

    By nick on 07.28.2012

  32. The kitchen cabinet was on fire. We didn’t see how it became that way but we panicked. Suddenly the entire room was on fire and I was alone.

    By Rachel on 07.28.2012

  33. I opened the cabinet to find her dead, lifeless body hanging from a rope. The bugs had picked away at most of her skin by now. I could see bone through the brown, rotting flesh. It pleased me. Yes, it certainly pleased me.

    By Jeremy on 07.28.2012

  34. My cabinet is a secret place. Every time you hurt me I walk to the cabinet, like a zombie, and I crawl into it. I curl up in between the plates and tupperware and I sleep and sleep until my head is as clean as the glassware above me and the plates below me.

    By Nick's cosmos on 07.28.2012

  35. I ran my fingers through the things stood up on the cabinet. Memories were all stored safely. I tried to remember every single one of them. Good or bad, I love them all. I miss them.

    By Vana URL on 07.28.2012

  36. I like cabinets. They are made of wood and are really square. Come to think about it, square stuff kinda sucks I’m more into rounded shapes and ergonomically design storage solutions. Cabinets are useful and all, but where’s the pizazz?

    Cabinets are pretty nice because they hide whatever you have in them. You could have a bunch of crap inside all piled on top of each other and no one would know when they walk by because your cabinet is closed. The dumbest thing is cabinets with windows!

    By Carla Jakeson on 07.28.2012

  37. There is nothing in it, always empty, well not empty persay, just empty of anything that ever sounds remotely good. so i guess that’s a form of empty in a way. empty of good sounding things. who knows maybe someday something good will show up magically and then the cabinet will no longer be empty.

    By Jamie on 07.28.2012

  38. His eyes shifted over toward the cabinet every few minutes, even though he was trying not to look. For the most part, the action was subconscious and unwarranted, and while he didn’t notice, Marina did. His attention was divided between his story and his desire to OD and he didn’t notice her from across the room, but she was there, noting to herself the needy look behind his eyes whenever he glanced over. She thought about the morphine, and determined she had to take action.

    By Sarah on 07.28.2012

  39. I have
    with me
    a cabinet
    a cabinet above
    all others
    in it I keep
    my hopes
    my dreams
    my memories
    forever for me
    to keep

    By nicole stevens on 07.28.2012

  40. I have cabinets in my kitchen. They are empty now because I am moving to Miami in two days. I am really nervous about the move, but excited as well! Hopefully my cabinets in miamiwill not be empty.

    By Cara on 07.28.2012