July 28th, 2012 | 267 Entries

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267 Entries for “cabinet”

  1. Let me see… Maybe we’ll try walking up the ladder of abstraction with this one. Down at the bottom, ‘cabinet’: a closeted space for storing this and that and whatever other sorts of nick-knacks you are of a mind to hold on to. ‘Cabinet’: Well, actually it seems that there aren’t too many rungs on this ladder. This one is on the level of ‘the President’s cabinet’. And that’s about where it stops, I think.

    By torin URL on 07.28.2012

  2. the cabinet is open, something crawling inside, looks like a spider or something of that sort, it slowly creeps out with it tiny strange legs, it can charm you with its calmness and subtlety, it can kill you with one bite.

    By Monica on 07.28.2012

  3. cabinet. I can’t wait to be able to build my own place on a little plot of land. I will have a big country kitchen with a window over looking a field or creek or garden…
    I will have a big kitchen island built with my own two hands from reclaimed wood and large open cabinets filled with goodies harvested from my own yard…bliss.

    By lindsey bartee on 07.28.2012

  4. storage,you put things in it, some people put dishes i put secrets,the cabinets to your heart.

    By Sydney URL on 07.28.2012

  5. As the woman opened the cabinet, she froze, a silent scream plastered on her face. They say she was petrified by a legendary monster with snakes as hair and eyes that were not known, for every being who looked, was forever lost.

    By jehaan on 07.28.2012

  6. And he sat in the cabinet, still small enough to fit as he cried his eyes out on his bony knees. It wasn’t but a minute since it happened, but he couldn’t control the terrible way he felt inside.

    By Maya Celeste on 07.28.2012

  7. I slowly slid open the cabinet door that held my deepest secrets. A shoe box full of tiny slips of paper, a notebook covered in thoughts, and a poster of who I want to be.
    Make yourself extraordinary.

    By Lyric on 07.28.2012

  8. Something was shaking inside the cabinet. I wanted to open it, but my fears got the best of me. Instead, i ran right to my room, picked up Honey along the way, and locked it shut once we were safely inside. She growled with displeasure, because i disturbed her and her dinner. What ever it was it wasn’t my imagination. The stairs started to creak, and was it just me or was the doorknob actually moving?

    By Christine Grobelny URL on 07.28.2012

  9. Wooden on a shelf, holds various items, can transport you to other worlds and show you new things. Reminds me of narnia even though that was a wardrobe. cabinet starts with C so a cat could hide there and be happy with a nap. I think of food and a place you can hide something special to yourself, somewhere no one else can look, especially if it’s in your room. a secret cabinet for secret things. The hinges squeek because it’s been used many times and the wood is brown, slightly faded with age. but it opens and closes all the same. when it’s open, it says hello, when it’s closed it says go.

    By Steph URL on 07.28.2012

  10. I like cabinets. I have a general appreciation of how they open and close smoothly, especially the ones with extra hinges connecting multiple sections. I think I would like either white or dark brown cabinets in my house when I am older. As far as the term cabinet, I find it interesting. Breaking it down into “cab” and “net” and then having the “i” in between…pointless, really, but an interesting diversion.

    By Chris on 07.28.2012

  11. Put it away. Hide it in the back. Like a note from that boy. Like the paper bag you got from the back alley. Don’t think about it until your hand brushes something familiar.

    By Kris on 07.28.2012

  12. there was an old movies, i think 90’s era, about a cabinet that brought toys to life. I wanted that cabinet so bad, like every kid i dreamed of having all my toys come to life, never needing friends again because I would have my toys.

    By Annie on 07.28.2012

  13. It’s hide-and-go-seek, and I have the perfect spot: inside the cabinet high above my dad’s workbench.

    By Bethany on 07.28.2012

  14. it holds food or supplies, it is in a kitchen.. it can be any color
    it can hold alot of things
    it can be big or small
    you can open it and close it
    and it is helpful
    and it is in most kitchens

    By Adrianna on 07.28.2012

  15. “It’s in the cabinet” Jamie’s mother said. Little to her mothers knowledge there was something else in the cabinet. A dark, wooden box that must’ve been at least 80 years old. It had one of those old fashion key holes. You know the kind. While Jamie studied the box she noticed very small, deliberate cursive writing carved into the bottom. “To the light of my life, Jamie Margaret Foster.” She realized that maybe this new home wasn’t going to be a complete bore.

    By I don't know on 07.28.2012

  16. There’s a cabinet in the corner of the kitchen in the green room. No one knows what’s in it. We can’t open it. It’s become this huge game among the cast to try and guess what’s in the green room cabinet.

    By Mira on 07.28.2012

  17. Cabinet? Why is the word Cabinet? I think of the presidents cabinet when I see this word. haha like the cabinet. If you dont get it you arent a political fiend. haha oh well. you are lame if you dont understand. But I like cabinets. They hold shit! sweet.

    By Jordan on 07.28.2012

  18. “It’s in the cabinet” Jamie’s mother said. Little to her mothers knowledge there was something else in the cabinet. A dark, wooden box that must’ve been at least 80 years old. It had one of those old fashion key holes. You know the kind. While Jamie studied the box she noticed very small, deliberate cursive writing carved into the bottom. “To the light of my life, Jamie Margaret Foster.” She realized that maybe this new home wasn’t going to be a complete bore.

    By anonymous on 07.28.2012

  19. The cabinet, The Cabinet that held my brother’s dad body. I wasn’t supposed to know about it, but I did. They killed him for knowing too much. Too much of what? I don’t know. And I never will.

    By Sarah on 07.28.2012

  20. foods in the cabinet ready to be cooked and fed to the starving hungry men who lost their way home from a bad construction gig. cabinet is where grandma keeps her magic for satisfying the restless soul and hungry spirit. cabinet no one knows what’s in there. Yeah!

    By greg dean on 07.28.2012

  21. The cabinet held something dear.
    Very dear.
    He scurried over to the wooden cabinet every night, silently moving over the carpeted floors of the house. On the walls of the living room were hundreds of photos. Hundreds. All polaroids. All of those…those people.
    The cabinet was old, made of antique wood and adorned with intricate carvings. On the front side of the cabinet were glass windows with he had covered with sheets. He didn’t want anyone looking inside. Ever.
    He pulled the small bronze key out of his pocket and slipped it into the lock. The satisfying click rewarded him with the door popping open. He slipped his hand inside and held what that precious cabinet held. He grinned as a car drove past the house, casting an eerily light across the room and illuminating the photos.

    By MD on 07.28.2012

  22. I have a cabinet filled with nothing / because all it has is unspoken dreams / and inside, a dripping pipe / that only lets out salty tears.

    By emlex on 07.28.2012

  23. My mo did not like the cabinets in our kitchen so my sister got kithen crashers in and they did our whole kitchen, Granit, New cabinets,everything and a cool back splash.

    By Averi Drew on 07.28.2012

  24. The cabinet is a strong sturdy piece of wood capable of storing multiple goods for later use. It can also be used to describe a group of people in political office who make decisions based on democracy. The first of the two is the more dependable by all regards.

    By Kyle on 07.28.2012

  25. I slammed the cabinet door. “Don’t tell me what to say to my own daughter. You don’t have the right! What do you think you are doing?” He shook his head. “I’m sorry. I was only trying to help.” He walked up to me and put his arms around me. “She’s my daughter, too.”

    By sheila Good URL on 07.28.2012

  26. I feel like hiding in a cabinet.
    No, scratch that…I feel like I’m my own cabinet.

    I have no food in my stomach and the surrounding walls just make it more lonelier and lonelier.

    I’m empty inside…

    By MollyJ on 07.28.2012

  27. the cabinet creaked open to reveal an empty jar covered in a thin film of dust. judy looked at it a moment before grabbing it hastily and jamming it into her purse. like the rest of the abandoned house she had found, the jar was worthless, but something told her she needed it.

    By Kristin on 07.28.2012

  28. She opened the cabinet to find an old set of books perched on the shelf. Taking one into her hands, she rifled through the pages, stopping on one passage earmarked long ago. “For many who have forsaken this land shall never return lest he pay homage to her majesty.” Carol pondered the meaning of this. Perhaps this book came from a ship, buried in a trunk

    By AJ on 07.28.2012

  29. It was full. full of books. that small black cabinet that held it self with all the books inside it. from buck to zinsser, from non fiction to fiction, from a love story to a classic, the black cabinet held a universe of universes of what authors wrote. it was like the 11th dimension all contained in a cabinet.

    By a boy named francisco on 07.28.2012

  30. What’s in the cabinet? Rainbows and butterflies? Cardboard and paper? Toiletries? The makings of a gourmet meal? Nothing but dust and cobwebs? A few spotty bananas and some cereal? Maybe the cabinet has everything and nothing. Maybe it leads to Narnia. Maybe it’s just a cabinet.

    By Jessica on 07.28.2012

  31. I locked my soul in a cabinet at one point in my life, I thought I would never let it out, I even hid the key, tryed to forget about it or convince myself I didn’t need it

    By Lizzy hammonds on 07.28.2012

  32. She toed open the lower cabinet and scanned. “What have you got in there from nana?” Mary asked.
    “I have three cans of green beans and a can of sauerkraut,” Julie answered.
    Mary sighed, “We’re not going to survive the zombie apocalypse at this rate.”

    By bn323 URL on 07.28.2012

  33. Jillian peeked into the cabinet frantically. Where had it gone? She had no idea. The key to her safe was in there. The key to her freedom.

    By Jashana URL on 07.28.2012

  34. things go in cabinets, i do believe they were made to hide things that one didnt want to see every day in a place where they had to be every day, hiding things. drugs. thats all.

    By Katie on 07.28.2012

  35. There was something is the painted cabinet of my old home. We tried for years to see it, but in our attempts it would disappear. There is still no known information about this mysterious item though we have found that it somehow controls our lives in every way possible.

    By ThePaintedLady URL on 07.28.2012

  36. Inquisitive, she opened the cabinet only to find that it held not the cookies she so desired, but an unmarked envelope.

    By ashlan on 07.28.2012

  37. I wonder sometimes why my heart feels like this. Have I neglected it? Not allowed it to reach it’s full potential, like an unword, covered and dusty evening gown hanging motionless in the far side of my cabinet. Stuffed in-between unmentionables. How can I deny the pump that floats me through a river of emotions, even if at times their unwanted.

    By Lizzybeth on 07.28.2012

  38. go free yourself…stop being chained to the ground by all the pain and suffering of negative eyes….go freely and joyfully, the way you always wanted to..DANCE….freely without reservation without the care of others to weight you down…GO!

    By Fran Marie on 07.28.2012

  39. She collected her breath reached into the top cabinet. She wasn’t sure what she was looking for, but she’d seen him place it there the day before–watched his fist, closed, disappear behind the wooden door and then retreat just as quickly as it had entered. He’d glanced in her direction immediately afterward, studying her for an understanding he didn’t want her to have, and she’d looked down right away at the sandwich she was eating. She didn’t really want to be responsible for understanding.

    By Mia on 07.28.2012

  40. cabaret, I would like some wine to fix my broken teeth. I would like to have an empty cabinet for my things. I like to think about finding a nicer place to live, but can’t.

    By Jessica on 07.28.2012