November 30th, 2011 | 264 Entries

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264 Entries for “anywhere”

  1. i want to go anywehre
    please just take me
    i’ll meet you at the place where we first met
    let’s go
    i’ll bring a pen and paper
    and we can write our stories
    to tell the world
    who we are together
    seal them in a bottle
    and throw it in the ocean
    someone will find it
    and they will read it
    and share it
    we’ll go down in history
    as the two that got away

  2. I can go anywhere.

    by Raina on 12.01.2011
  3. mbzjzbcxjvdccvvfvfb

    by anna on 12.01.2011
  4. it’s the opposite of here
    and now
    and every single
    truck stop in between.
    it’s being present
    in mind,
    and in every
    single waking minute.
    it’s here.
    it’s now.
    it’s wonderful.

  5. home is where the heart is, and right now i feel like it has been scattered with the wind. i don’t know where it is i belong anymore.

  6. If I could go anywhere, I would go into a peaceful black abyss.
    Where all is silent, and nothing hurts.
    To be free of all thought, just laying in the empty space.
    My escape from myself.

  7. The wooden porch slats dug into her bare legs, the very same ones her grandfather had laid down when they first built the farmhouse. It was big sky country and the view seemed to extend into forever and ever still; yet in her heart Mary just wanted to be somewhere else, anywhere but here.

  8. Anywhere is such a big place. It is full of possibilities and new people and anything you could wish for. Anywhere is the last stop before Everywhere and the first stop after Nowhere. Anywhere is full of hopes and dreams and wishes.
    Anywhere is better then Here.

  9. If i could go anywhere in the world i would go to Canada.

  10. I can go anywhere I want.
    I will go everywhere and any where.
    I am going to anywhere in South America.

  11. i can go anywhere after school :D
    my parents won’t let me live anywhere till i’m 18 :D
    when i’m 18 i will move anywhere i want :D

  12. Anywhere can mean anything. It could be i cant find my phone anywhere. Another could be you can go anywhere you want if you try your hardest.

  13. have you seen my coat anywhere?have you seen my gloves anywhere too?also have you seen my hat?

  14. I like to be anywhere with my friends. If I am with my friends then I am happy. I would like to go anywhere in the world with you.

  15. I can go anywhere. I could live anywhere. My city could be anywhere.

  16. Here there anywhere we go. Where are you? Anywhere of course. Anywhere is where you are in mutiple places.

  17. anywhere is where you can go. anywhere is every and any thing in this world.

  18. In this wonderful I would be anywhere I would want to be! Because anywhere is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………!!xD

  19. I can be anywhere at a time, I can be with giraffes in Africa or at my house watching T.V.

  20. It could be anywhere, said Henry.

    Millie peered beneath her skirt. Not here, she said.

    Are you sure? he said.

    Cheeky, she said.

    As are you, my dear. He winked.


    by anish on 12.01.2011
  22. Other than here. I’d like to go as far as the moon. Maybe one day. For now, I’ll take South Africa, Egypt, Rome, Australia…. anywhere different.

    by on 12.01.2011
  23. Life is anywhere. Love is anywhere. You just have to open your eyes to see a brand new beginning. The whole world is filled with what you want it to be, any place, anywhere.

  24. I can write anywhere now. Give me a pencil, a pen, a piece of paper,and i can put something down. I am finding my voice.

  25. I don’t dream of anywhere because I’m happy in my somewhere. I don’t dream of anywhere because nowhere is still a place of possibility.

  26. anywhere.
    your mind can go anywhere.
    your body can go anywhere.
    your spirit can go anywhere.
    but your heart,
    can only go where the one it loves,
    takes it.

    by belle on 12.01.2011
  27. Anywhere means to be no boundries. A word with no limits.

    by stuart on 12.01.2011
  28. Anywhere can mean many things, I like to go anywhere for lunch. I don’t have anywhere to go which was me earlier today. I didn’t have anywhere to go yesterday either.

    by claire bishop on 12.01.2011
  29. you can find everthing somewhere, in fact anywhere. where is anywhere? is that where stuff gets lost when you cant find it?

    by hadley on 12.01.2011
  30. place, holiday, home, work, school, somewhere hot,

    by Nic Barot on 12.01.2011
  31. i would like to be anywhere in there world that is hot and exotic right now

    by TRACEY on 12.01.2011
  32. dsfkjghksdj

    by James Glazebrook on 12.01.2011
  33. a place in the universe. My house. Africa. The moon. Bot

    by Nick on 12.01.2011
  34. Wherever you are, whatever you do. You are there and that can be anywhere. It is everything and nothing. All of us.

    by Tim on 12.01.2011
  35. Anywhere, it doesn’t matter. Wherever you go, there you are. So why travel? Except that different environments can spark new ideas and thoughts. You don’t change, but the perspective does. So it is good to go anywhere, anywhere at all to shake up the routine.

    by on 12.01.2011
  36. Looking around, he couldn’t quite figure out where he was. Looking straight ahead, it looked white, but in his peripheral vision, it seemed familiar, he just couldn’t quite focus. Whenever he turned to see what was in the corner of his eye, it faded quickly out of view.
    As he stood there, a man approached from the distance. This he could see quite clearly in his central vision, and he seemed to be dressed in green. He looked elderly, and walked with a slight limp. It took the old man some time to approach, and he approached him with a fixed stare, as if peering both into him, and beyond him. Perhaps he had a glass eye. Or two glass eyes. Had he even seen him, or was he seeing into him?
    The old man drew up to a halt in front of him, close enough he could smell his breath, which smelt old, like book mildew, like gently rotting wisdom, unused for decades, centuries perhaps.
    “You know why you’re here, don’t you?” the old man asked.
    “I’m not…”, he looked around in case anyone else had just arrived, “…not quite sure.”
    “You’re here to help me. I’m about to create another world, another universe, in fact. It will take some time, millions of years, in fact, and you’ll have to wait for it to play out. But along the way, I’m expecting I’ll need another Christ, in case intelligent life breaks out again.”
    The younger man stood rooted, lips parted as if about to say something, but not quite sure where he should begin. He couldn’t even quite believe who he was listening to, let alone how he had gotten there.
    “Umm…” It wasn’t the best of starts to a response, but at least he was making some kind of noise now, “How do I… what does this have to do…with…me…?”
    “You’re going to be my Christ.” the old man replied matter-of-factly. You’d have to be sacrificed, of course. And painfully. Wouldn’t be any good if it was too easy for you, but I’m sure you’ll do a sterling job. The last chap did it well, but… things didn’t quite turn out the way I expected it to. Even I can’t predict the future, regardless of what they say about me.”
    “Sacrificed.? For what? You mean, like…”
    “Yes, like the last one. You’ll do it in your own way, of course, but meanwhile, there is a lot for you to learn. Come with me.”
    “But what if I don’t want to be sacrificed? What if I don’t want to do this?”
    “You don’t have a choice” the old man interrupted. “I created you. I can very well uncreate you. How you choose to spend your days is up to you, but if I ask you to do something, you don’t really have a choice.”
    “Then you aren’t really asking me, are you?” the younger man replied, with a boldness that surprised himself.
    “No…” the old man pondered “I suppose I’m not. But it sounds better if I don’t say it that way, don’t you think?”

  37. in my mind, country
    freedom openness

  38. If I could go anywhere…right now it would be NYC for the Christmas holidays. I’d freeze, of course, being a wimpy Florida girl. But, oh, I do long for the City. The lights, the whole atmosphere. I love it.

    by kb on 12.01.2011
  39. i could go anywhere. anywhere at all. But I want to go wherever you want me to go my Heavenly Father. wherever I can please you best. I will go. Send me there. Call me there. And I will go. I am your humble servant. I worship and adore you. you are my everything. You make me alive. I will go anywhere.

  40. Anyplace all over the world, could be anything, anytime, wherever you are, it is always there,

    by Hannah on 12.01.2011