December 1st, 2011 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “slouch”

  1. I’m slouching on the couch with you. High as a kite, I wanna get down with you. Deep deep down so that I can’t see the light. You are the darkness that keeps me in flight. I need you. want you. love you, more than anything.

  2. in your chair
    slip to far down in your seat
    chin hits your chest
    ankles fold up into your knees
    torso shrinks
    head topples
    puddle beneath your seat.
    caution: slippery

  3. I slouch so that no one will see me. I’m a too tall girl so i hunch my shoulders forward and try my best not to exist. I look down at the cement school floors and trace the patterns in the brick and count the pieces of old gum stuck on people’s shoes. He slouches too, but it’s not to hide between the milling students in the busy halls. His slouch is part of his cocky swagger. And he doesn’t look down. He looks straight at me. It took awhile for me to notice it, since my eyes were always on the floor. But his black eyes always stare straight at me as we pass in the halls on the way to my third period. Yesterday he gave me his crooked white smile, and i almost lost my footing and tripped when he did. Not existing is easier.

  4. The grumpy teacher slouched in her chair. “Get to work!”, she yelled to all of her students. She sat in her chair all period, and the only time a word came out of her mouth, it was yelled so all students would not talk, giggle, mess around, or even move.

    by Kari Vyhlidal on 12.02.2011