November 30th, 2011 | 264 Entries

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264 Entries for “anywhere”

  1. i want to go anywehre
    please just take me
    i’ll meet you at the place where we first met
    let’s go
    i’ll bring a pen and paper
    and we can write our stories
    to tell the world
    who we are together
    seal them in a bottle
    and throw it in the ocean
    someone will find it
    and they will read it
    and share it
    we’ll go down in history
    as the two that got away

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 12.01.2011

  2. Anywhere, anything, perhaps, maybe- these are the most generic of words. Sometimes, one would much rather say something negative or hurtful rather than be old something incredibly vague which could be interpreted in any variety of ways.

    By Mari Rose URL on 12.01.2011

  3. I have to get away from here. I’ve been trapped in this place for far to long. Gloom and doom surround me. Give me a ticket to anywhere… FAST!

    By Michaels on 12.01.2011

  4. anywhere I go and anywhere I can be
    thats where i’d like to go
    id like to go anywhere
    anywhere but here
    lets go to a mountain in the middle of the dead sea
    and we’d look for your friends skeleton
    just you with just me
    i’d go anywhere right now
    no matter what the time
    just sit on that mountain
    and then it shall be thines

    By celeste URL on 12.01.2011

  5. How is a tortured soul to cope? You can walk the streets and see the lonely faces. Lost, wondering.. Could I have wound up anywhere but here?

    By Courtney Calloway URL on 12.01.2011

  6. I looked around. Where was I? I couldn’t seem to figure it out. I could be anywhere in the world, which scared me, because I, Jade Fellows, am not a world traveler. I couldn’t let it all come to mind; I just couldn’t recall what happened due to a meek fear I had. If I was somewhere that wasn’t where I belonged, things could be terrible for me and my younger sister Veronica. I ripped off the blindfold at wearily opened my green eyes. What a saw gave me a lot of fear. I was in a dark place, one like no other. A dark eerie place: What a second, where was Veronica?

    By NAVC 12 rocks on 12.01.2011

  7. Anywhere any time life can get you. Anywhere any time Love can walk through the door. Anywhere anytime life can switch on a dime. Anywhere anytime I love you.

    By Dlc URL on 12.01.2011

  8. Be Amazed!

    By Wanda on 12.01.2011

  9. You could see it where ever you looked. it was everywhere! I tried to turn to go, but it had snuck up behind me and so when i turned around, there it was! I screamed. if there were any safe place in the world left that didn’t have this terrible creature,I wanted to go there. Anywhere in the world that was safe was good for me. Except if it was Dragon’s Cove.
    I had done enough thinking. i had to go. Except… there was nowhere to go! The creature was closing in. Suddenly, I felt the ninja power that Cora had taught me. I knew what this meant. I had to do my special ninja jump. I backed up a couple of steps. (I couldn’t anymore, there was no more room. The only room left was on top of the dragon’s toe, and that was somewhere i didn’t want to be!
    I took three running steps, and leapt. As i soared through the air, I was looking straight ahead, pretending i was flying. Then I felt it. It snatched me up and dangled me over his open mouth. i could see his yellow teeth. Then, he let go of me…

    By johnson l.a. rocks! on 12.01.2011

  10. I knew that Veronica could be anywhere, so I held my bag and waited. Anything could happen, anything. “Jade?” I heard a voice call out. Veronica! She was there! I looked, but there was nothing but darkness swallowing our location. “Veronica?” I shouted. “Veronica Marie Fellows! Are you here? It’s me, Jade Anne Fellows, your sister! Please, Veronica, respond! Please!” I could only hear a soft cry come from the 7-year-old’s lips. “Jade! Jade, help!” I ran through the darkness, touching the floor to try to figure out where I was. I couldn’t tell until I fell. Into the water. Its cold water made me shiver. I swam around, searching for a mass of oxygen, or even a simple slither of a breath. But I knew that it wouldn’t be possible. I touched the walls. Their push helped me lunge to the surface, where I quickly inhaled and exhaled. I climbed out. The light flew in. Veronica was dead. I could not get air. I died that very moment. But no one will ever know. Except if you read this, that is.

    By NAVC 12 rocks on 12.01.2011

  11. Everyone shares this home
    A house is the air
    A home in the trees
    The fireplace of nothing
    or something?
    we all thrive

    By Emer Wick URL on 12.01.2011

  12. i can go anywhere in my house anytime i want to. anywhere, you will be seeing something, even if you’re blind, you’ll see black, and thats something i guess.

    By just582 URL on 12.01.2011

  13. When I think about anywhere I might want to be, the answer is always here. Right here, right now. There’s no place like home and anywhere else is just someplace else—a nice place to visit, but not where I belong.

    By Andie on 12.01.2011

  14. There are days that I wish I could be anywhere but here, and today is one of them.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 12.01.2011

  15. Anywhere. My books could be anywhere in the storage shed. That pencil could be anywhere in the house. Anywhere is saying something could be anyplace. My chair is anywhere.

    By Damaris URL on 12.01.2011

  16. “Let’s run away together.” I said.
    “And where will we go?”

    Jake looked at me skeptically.

    “Let’s just get as far away from here as we can.” I pleaded with him. “No one will have to know.”

    By Nikki on 12.01.2011

  17. Anywhere but here Rachel thought s she served another customer.

    Looking out the window, she saw another homeless woman walking past the diner. A look of longing passed her face as she continued to push the shopping cart.

    “Well, I guess it could be worse,” Rachel thought as she took another order..

    By Leticia on 12.01.2011

  18. somewhere, sometimes I would like to go anywhere. Even if it just be for a walk down by the river to dream of living in the neater and more luxurious houses of the wealthy. They say money cannot buy you happiness but it would certainly make life a little easier.

    By Oladkani on 12.01.2011

  19. To be free. To be able to go anywhere in the world. To be able to see anything, to be anyone. To be somewhere and to be able to do whatever you please. The freedom to get up in the morning in order to go somewhere (anywhere at all) where you want to go and where you would feel most comfortable.

    By Diana Yakubova on 12.01.2011

  20. I could be anywhere right now. But I’m not.
    I’m stuck inside my own brain, reading about prisoners and imagining maximum security closing in around me like a noose, slowly pulled upwards by a sadistic hangman.
    I could be anywhere, but I’m not.
    I’m imagining someone else’s life, happening in place of my own because I don’t see the reason why I should go out and risk my well being for a good story when I could just sit down and interpret someone else’s life into a work worth reading.
    I could be anywhere. But I’m not.
    I’m here.

    By Thirteen URL on 12.01.2011

  21. Everywhere, where you are, I am. Anywhere. I would follow you. To the ends of the earth, to the depths of the sea. Anywhere, everywhere. As long as you are there, so will I.

    By Molly Linn on 12.01.2011

  22. If I could be anywhere right now, I’d probably be in Florida with my best friend. Being with him brings me a sense of peace that I haven’t felt in a while. I need to let loose and have some fun and I know I could do that with him.

    By Lina URL on 12.01.2011

  23. Nowhere else will you find anywhere open to you.

    By Thirteen URL on 12.01.2011

  24. ‘You can take me anywhere’ is a song by Teagan and Sarah. I like the song, and the connotations that go with it – there’s this idea that you can go anywhere on a mental or physical plane with the person that’s beside you, and that gives such a concept of freedom and joy. I suppose there is a downside to that though.

    By Sarah on 12.01.2011