November 29th, 2011 | 216 Entries

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216 Entries for “skyline”

  1. Just one thing the man looking in the world… skyline, so far and so slow.
    You find it?

  2. Skyline eyes – and when his eyelids drooped to the horizon they blocked the gleam of the sun; I couldn’t see it rise or set, couldn’t tell what time of day it was inside there, saw nothing but stagnant ocean water around the pupils.

  3. I breathe to see the skyline.
    I wake up suddenly at 6h in the morning, and I find no escape other than a beautiful skyline made by the buildings

    by cm23 on 11.30.2011
  4. I line the skyline with shy wine.

  5. The cigarette smokes wound up into the air, curling softly in light gray plumes until disappearing into nothing. A series of fiery orange and pink strokes spread across the sky behind the the dark silhouettes of buildings.

  6. Everytime that I close my eyes, I catch a glimpse of my hometown skyline. I miss the crappy view. It’s not beautiful. That’s the last thing I would ever call Gilbert. But it is real. It’s home. I miss feeling like I can see see for miles and miles and miles. Here I can only see up to the hill.

    by Theresa on 11.30.2011
  7. Skyline is the boundary between the earth and sky. Don’t you see the horizon on the skyline?

    by Damaris on 11.30.2011
  8. The skyline is black with buildings, and orange with the sunset. It’s bleeding oil into the sky, and blood into the earth. The skyline is a marker of all that is wrong with us, now.
    The skyline is humanity at its worst, nature at its most vulnerable. The skyline – the city skyline, now – is all that we’ve lost, and everything that we’ve forced into our lives that we don’t need. Bring back my empty skies; give me a blue worth living to see again.

  9. Gold eyes leveled out as he crested the roof of the scraper. He looked over the skyline with a sense of calm, taking in the red sunrise pooling behind the trees and buildings.

  10. I thought of a skyscraper. I never liked to stand on top of skyscrapers because I’ve always been afraid of falling off. It only takes one misplaced footstep, and it scares me just how powerful one mistake can be.

    by TaiTai on 11.30.2011
  11. Somewhere the sun is shining, whether it’s day where you are or night. The sight of ships across the horizon, then disappearing, over the edge of the world. Amazing right?

  12. NO, I’M NOT EGYPTIAN!!!!!!!! Not meaning to be rude, though…

    by Raina on 11.30.2011
  13. The beautifyul lights where glittering so wonderfuly, and Jake and I love the lights we just sit and watch them, Just sit and watch. you cant see the stars in the sky but it s okay I don’t need to when I see the stars in his eyes. Although the night is cold we are having so much fun!

    by Krystal on 11.30.2011
  14. I climbed the last few rungs on the ladder and hoisted myself on top of one of the largest skyscrapers of the city. I look out onto the horizon as I’m struck by the beautiful skyline of the buildings with their irregular, block-like shapes and how close the clouds seem to be. I reach my hand out above me, wishfully thinking that I could grab one and climb up until I reach Heaven.

    by Preston on 11.30.2011
  15. horizon. that was her 1st word. horizon. All she ever said was, “horizon”. She said it perfectly, too. Soon, she learned sky line. Horizon, skyline. Her next word was constellation. Next, star, moon, sun, and cloud. All of this was because she was the sky goddess, Nut. Later, she fell in love with Geb, the earth God. Soon, they broke a law and got separated 4ever. Geb, on the earth, Nut, in the sky.

    The line that separated them was the

    by Raina on 11.30.2011