March 14th, 2011 | 711 Entries

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711 Entries for “wander”

  1. I wander through my dreams thinking about things that i will forget anyways. Wandering helps noone. Even devin.

    By Ian URL on 03.14.2011

  2. wanderlust

    down a sunlight road into nowhere in the middle of nowhere surrounded by farmland
    across an ocean to lick a castle older than the house that’s older than my country
    into the deep blue sea to frolic freely with the dolphins and fishes
    up a snowy mountain to ski straight back down to the bottom shedding clothes as I go
    somewhere anywhere as long as you hold my hand

    By littleblackbear URL on 03.14.2011

  3. Sometimes I feeling like I’m just wandering in the dark. I have no idea where I’m going or when things will go back to the way they used to be. But then you come in, my friends. You sit me down and ask what’s wrong. You won’t take, “I’m just really tired.”, for answer. You’ll give me advice and show me how to get out of the mess I’m in. Then you’ll check up on me. Sometimes I wonder if you can read my mind.

    By laughalot on 03.14.2011

  4. People wander down the halls.

    By :] Garcia ..<3 URL on 03.14.2011

  5. Ramona Wander, my old pal. We met in the Chicago Stockyards in the 50’s and she was the best sausage maker I ever knew. I was just a lowly lard taster when I spotted her and we snuck into…

    By KCW URL on 03.14.2011

  6. I wandered the space between thoughts, looking for an idea, inspiration, clarity that never came. Almost as quickly as I had planted myself, I was uprooted and my seeds were strewn across a lawn that would not take them.

    By Christine R. on 03.14.2011

  7. “Got any cigarettes?”

    “I cannot believe it. You’re still homeless?” asked the young volunteer.

    “I roam from here to there, rambling on, no one listens except you Jesus people once a week for an hour…but then again, not so much.”

    Taking a long hit of his smoke…

    “I shift and turn sometimes dance with myself, then I set off into the the big city, a stray. It’s that I never stay in one place too long that’s all. I was wrong, so wrong. So I wander. Do you know who I am?”

    By vanhaydu URL on 03.14.2011

  8. journeying to far off lands, no destination in mind, focusing on every detail of the wandering paths, meander down hidden detours rarely seen

    By Jyodi D. URL on 03.14.2011

  9. Today I left my safe area. I allowed myself to wander. A grassy path appeared and I wandered through the forest, watching creatures pass me by. Watching as I didnt try to form my life. I just wandered. Then, alas I ended at a waterfall. There, my supporters were gathered and I felt safe, alas.

    By Ashleigh on 03.14.2011

  10. I wander through the park on a rainy sunday evening. i wonder and ponder as the rain drips down my face, im sad, but why. i always heve been but why am i not, not sad. i doesnt make anyense, so i wander
    how do i be happy, i dont know, so ill wanderer and wander.

    By Teresa on 03.14.2011

  11. I like to wander from here to there. I like to wander everywhere. Just clear your head and take a breath. Wandering helps the soul and creates depth. I would wander to your house and back again. I would wander through my mind and recreate fantasies that are both yours and mine.

    By Lauren Perez on 03.14.2011

  12. Once in a while, I get these irresistible bouts of wanderlust, when I want to (and sometimes do) drop everything at hand, and take a sudden unplanned trip. Wandering around without a definite plan and itinerary is one of the best experiences of mylife lifelife

    By Ravi URL on 03.14.2011

  13. wandering through the woods i was looking for piece of mind, or inner peace. the sun was dappled on the ground as it shone through the leaves of the trees all lightness and sun. it was wonderful and i was at peace.

    By mia on 03.14.2011

  14. I wandered the space between thoughts, looking for an idea, inspiration, clarity that never came. Almost as quickly as I had planted myself, I was uprooted. I had no plans, no intentions, no direction. It is too easy to be lost in a mind you feel belongs to you. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. You can never tell.

    By Chrissy R. URL on 03.14.2011

  15. this is aimless walking. people that have no idea where to go wander. they are usually looking up – nowhere in particular. wanderers have no focus. much like me right now. i am wandering through life and through this dissertation.

    By dk on 03.14.2011

  16. Most days I feel as though I am wandering through my life with no goals or purpose. I feel anxious when I think about that so I try to keep busy when what I need to do is focus on those feelings and decide to make a change.
    Funny, when I’m not at work those feelings of wandering are less pronounced. I suppose it’s because I do things I want to do in my time off. For example, this Friday, I’m taking the day off and will go into New York City and wander around one of my favorite museums – taking a tour and checking out the special exhibits. Now that’s some wandering that I can really enjoy. :-)

    By ChaCha URL on 03.14.2011

  17. i don’t wander very much… i used to wander the halls in high school but i don’t anymore. the word wander sometimes confuses me with the word wonder, but once I think about it carefully it is easy to remember. over the summer it is nice to wander around the boardwalk but i don’t do that as much as I should.

    By Matthew Conklin on 03.14.2011

  18. I often day dream about wandering around landscapes – imagined locations and those I have been before, returning to them and soaking in their magic once again. To wonder & to wander…time to make time.

    By nc URL on 03.14.2011

  19. When you wander off in your own thoughts, where do you go? I always go to my dreams that i have yet to acomplish…its a wonderful thing to wander off into a land that is yours and that nobody else can see, a place that is filled with your wildest fantasies and your most precious dreams and thoughts……things you can accomplish in that place of yours is fantastic, now go out into the real world and do what you do in your mind.

    By lcb on 03.14.2011

  20. Wandering off into the sunset, riding bear back was the last time i saw him. The horses long, effortless stride, carried him off to the sunset and out of my life forever. I miss him, and that’s all i have left, the poetic image forever etched into my mind.

    By Ellie URL on 03.14.2011

  21. Sometimes I wander to get back to where I began. Sometimes I wander to forget.

    By Brad G. on 03.14.2011

  22. for some reason this makes me think of horse shows. i have never ridden a horse except for that one time at summer camp in the second grade when i almost got bucked off, but, i don’t know, canter, wander, the words just click. bleh. whatevs.

    By Carolina on 03.14.2011

  23. I traveled through the forest in the twilight. The fog had moved in and I couldn’t not find my bearings. I headed what I thought was east, then I turned south.

    By Stephen on 03.14.2011

  24. i wander and wander yet find nothing.
    i dont know what im looking for.
    but i will keep looking till i find it.
    whatever it is.

    By jo on 03.14.2011

  25. i looked and wander was rather useless. what the hell was i going to write in 60 seconds. oh my god! nothing came to mind and then all of i could think about was what i could not think

    By kirsten Keeley on 03.14.2011

  26. To wander is to travel into the unknown. To wander is to seek things that no one else has sought. To wander is to look into the sky and watch countless clouds as they blow across the open canvass.

    By Stephen L. URL on 03.14.2011

  27. I was wandering an enchanted meadow, enjoying the sparkling appearance, and the sound of nothing. And it reminded me of you. For when I was with you, the sound of nothing was always present. Nothing but me and you.

    By Lia on 03.14.2011

  28. The sand rippled, the water frothed across the pale rocks, and I walked aimlessley, glancing down at pools of greasy seaweed, the debris, the plastic headless dolls, the odd single shoe.

    The sky was almost colourless. A few gulls circled, their white oily feathers dropping from the air like snowflakes. I was getting cold. I should have brought my sweater.

    I turned back. There were people in the distance. I could make out a boy with a bright red kite. A woman in a headscarf. I moved quicker. I’d had enough of fresh air and thinking. I wanted a fire. A meal. Company.

    By Jeannie URL on 03.14.2011

  29. I wander alone on this lonely road wandering spaces have left me blank. I see the sky and I don’t know where to wander. I like to walk around without purpose because I don’t have to think. I like to wander.

    By Carolyn on 03.14.2011

  30. that was a clever time when they would sit. they would watch and listen. but never talk. they did not allow their words to wander. that would be a waste. it was about taking it in and processing. clever, eh?

    By mmc on 03.14.2011

  31. wandering. A first fascination of ours. Like Cain or Odysseus. Every hero wanders, and so does everyone else. The wanderer is a mystery an enigma. Is wandering bad? Are we all looking for home?

    By Sarah Anne URL on 03.14.2011

  32. I wandered threw a deep dark wood and came across a lovely meadow full of fresh sunflowers that wafted in the midsummer breeze. A familiar handsome man wandered over to me and pulled me to the ground and we made passioned love as the petals of sun flowers rained down on us. Then we wandered of into the sunset together , hand in hand…Forever.

    By Sarah on 03.14.2011

  33. Wondering what to write on wandering. I used to wander in the woods around my place. Still what sticks is a Bill Withers song. Wonder where she’s gone today.

    By MiniBrici URL on 03.14.2011

  34. i’m reminded of choir. “I wonder as I wander” . . . i didn’t sing this song, but another choral group did. it was always stuck in my head after hearing it, but i didn’t really like it. in fact, i still don’t.

    By kaylah URL on 03.14.2011

  35. e awa

    By jordan URL on 03.14.2011

  36. jobless
    spor shoes

    By Ayse Yaman on 03.14.2011

  37. “If I wander off the side of that cliff, do you think I’ll float or fall off?” I asked my new friend. He drugged complacently and pushed himself up on his toes to get a better look.

    “I think you ought to try,” he responded after a moment.

    By Luc Sharrow URL on 03.14.2011

  38. I wander over every day to work and I stay all day and surf the internet and do some work and visist with everyone there and then wander back on home.

    By Ronna URL on 03.14.2011

  39. I wandered through the forest to the stream and there I sat at the edge of the bank thinking abou the last time I had visited this place in my dreams. It was just as beautiful in real life as it had been when my mind had made it up.

    By Lindsay on 03.14.2011

  40. travel down the road…thru the woods….someplace you’ve never been before…..with wonder you should wander. absorb the amazing details in your journey. find something you’ve never seen before. explore your thoughts as you travel.

    By susan on 03.14.2011