March 13th, 2011 | 475 Entries

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475 Entries for “wand”

  1. The first four letters of her name. She hated it. She wished she had a magic wand to change her name.

    By Wasanna URL on 03.14.2011

  2. a magic wand will do the work, you don’t have to kill them. the magic wand will help you.

    By liliana on 03.14.2011

  3. I wish I had a magic wand, so I could do what I have wished so much since I came to university; to be able to teleport my girlfriend over here for a cuddle and a kiss, whenever I like.

    By Jamie on 03.14.2011

  4. How much I would like a magic wand! With any mistake or any moment I dislike I can swing it just once and change everything to the way I’d like it to go! Maybe that’s why we all hold so much faith in magic. It’s something we can all have faith in, even when it’s not there.

    By marie URL on 03.14.2011

  5. What is a wand?

    Is it magical? Most likely. A wand can turn a pumpkin into a carriage, or kill an evil wizard.

    How do I know this? Just read any book with magic. The characters either have wands or use their fingers. But I’m different. I use my mind.

    The mind is probably the most powerful tool of all.

    By Cora on 03.14.2011

  6. wave your wand around to spread the magic to others. use the wand to make lots of fun bubbles like you did when you were a child. A really big wand!

    By EEE URL on 03.14.2011

  7. n. A tool that channels magical energy. About 12″ in length and 2″ in width, wands are used to cast magic and curses.

    By Alex on 03.14.2011

  8. I played with a girl called Emma. She was a honey colored girl with large sad brown eyes and a startling melifluous voice for a girl so young. She sounded like a soulful black woman

    By mmcdonald17 URL on 03.14.2011

  9. Wand. Wands are inescapably tied to Harry Potter, one of the most terrific characters ever created in the world of fiction. Therefore, wands. Are. Awesome.

    By Jen on 03.14.2011

  10. She twirled around in her little fairy dress with a wand in hand. She was lost in her little fairy tale world where everything was perfect. Even when she wasn’t in costume, everything still seemed perfect to her. She didn’t see the sad tragedies going on in the world. She didn’t see girls getting pregnant before graduating high school, she didn’t see them cutting themselves, she didn’t see abusive relationships. She was wrapped up in her perfect world where she felt beautiful. She didn’t know how little of time she had before she would be fed lies that she wasn’t beautiful enough and would be given lists of things she could do to make herself “more beautiful”. But she could be the difference- the one not to except all that the world was telling her.

    By laughalot on 03.14.2011

  11. He waved his wand at me. The stupid kid thought he was a wizard. “Harry! Just because you have the same name as that wizard dude from Harry Potter, does not make you a Wizard!” “But what about this scar!” He shouted, pointing to his forehead where there was a lightning bolt. “It’s marker you doofus.” I rolled my eyes, rubbing it off. Except, it wouldn’t come off. “Harry! What the hell did you do!” I shouted, “Mom’s gonna kill me!”

    By Luna on 03.14.2011

  12. the wand is a magical object used to make horses fly in the playground. there are frogs leaping on edges and they like magic wands because they can seek for troubles.

    By Serenana on 03.14.2011

  13. You remember of course don’t you? There’s a break in the silence in the cold of night a time for kinship and comfort and warm ale. Comforts of an old age before this one. When the dead remained burried.

    By Kalahie on 03.14.2011

  14. what a wand could do for us silly muggles
    fix-it here, top-up there, coffee’s never cold
    I could hold you all night in my arms
    with the blink of an eye and the turn of a heel
    but alas, I have no wand, no magic in me
    so 6000 miles away you’ll have to be

    By sky.thief URL on 03.14.2011

  15. I never wanted to be a fairy when I was younger. So when I had my little girl friends that had their princess wands and what not I just went off by myself. I was so alone when I was younger. I still am. I’m so different. I’m not into anything else everyone else likes. They have their wands, I (don’t) have mine.

    By Emily URL on 03.14.2011

  16. wand are sticks that are magical. I like to use wands in lego universe because they do damage to several enimis instead of damage to just one enemy.

    By just582 URL on 03.14.2011

  17. ah the magic wand, an amazing thing, bringing the world together one swish at a time, insane. i know, insane. insanity can only spew from a thing as amazing as a magical wand of wandiness. ah, yes, the wand. there are a million things you could say about the magic wand…

    By Natalie Newman URL on 03.14.2011

  18. she had a magic wand ….with the help of which she changed herself from an old lady to a beautiful girl, but it was wrong and so god punished her by taking away her magic wand

    By aks on 03.14.2011

  19. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The Elder Wand. Alexandre desplat. Musique. John Williams. Star Wars. Anakin. Don Gregorio. Frankesnstein. Harry Potter. Le rat. Ron Weasley. Roux. London 2011. Gryffindor. Slytherin. Severus Snape. Draco Malfoy.

    By Marie-Claude on 03.14.2011

  20. I wish I had a magic wand sometimes, it seems like things would be a lot easier that way. Although I’m fairly clumsy so Id probably break it or something. That seems like a thing I would do.

    By Leah on 03.14.2011

  21. If I had a wand, a magic one, I would wave it around my house today and paint all the walls, totally renovate my kitchen, lay hardwood flooring, and doa complete landscape renewal.

    By Jodes on 03.14.2011

  22. When I was a little girl, I got a fairy wand for my birthday. I loved my sparkly fairy wand… until my little brother took it and put it up his butt.

    By Josie on 03.14.2011

  23. Fairygod mother, please oh please help me! All you have to do is wave your wand right? Right? Oh who am I kidding? No one is gonna help me. No would want to. Why would they? I’m useless. Hopeless. This is all reality, not a fairytale. There are no magic wands, princes, of happily ever afters are there?

    By Samantha on 03.14.2011

  24. I really love harry potter, I feel like it’s grown up with me. When the last movie comes out I might actually cry, but probably not. I wish my boyfriend liked harry potter but he doesn’t no matter how much I try and convince him of how awesome it is.

    By Leah URL on 03.14.2011

  25. in that land you will survive and the wand will leave from the island

    By camila lopez on 03.14.2011

  26. Hmm.. What is really a wand? I don’t know, honstly. It makes me think about Harry Potter for some reason. Maybe not so weird after all. A wand. That’s a odd word, isn’t it? Wand.. Wand…

    By tomas URL on 03.14.2011

  27. Wave me through the air and create magic. So much power in such a small item, its simply astounding. The wand-wielder is full of knowledge, and has probably spent countless hours honing his craft. He posseses the power to create, but also to destroy. On a whim he can change lives for the worse, or for the better.

    By Joe on 03.14.2011

  28. A wizard uses it to cast spells. Witches have them too! They are magical. With one of these you can make your deepest dreams come true, and cause some mischief too. :-) X x X x x X x

    By orlaith on 03.14.2011

  29. i wish i had a wand to poof away all my troubles…
    make all those dickfaces and bitchhoes disappear
    make food be bountiful
    make me brave
    life would be so much better with a magic wand

    By Adriana URL on 03.14.2011

  30. People in Harry Potter get wands. They sell light-up Harry Potter wands at costume stores. They look really sad. I don’t want one.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 03.14.2011

  31. She waved the wand over the pond and it turned to ice. Then she and her horse crossed over to the other side and begun their journey.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 03.14.2011

  32. I wish I had a wand. I would use that wand to save the many lives that the world is going to lose today and in the days to come. I want to help the people who’ve been hurt by what happened on Friday. I pray for you, Japan. All the best to you. Stay strong and you *will* make it through this. Courage.

    By Harz URL on 03.14.2011

  33. It’s a sign from the universe. It’s time to go back to the world of writing, music, and art. Today’s word is “wand” and my characters from the magical world of Stellisville are calling me to leave behind this world of dirt and rocks and faults and join them again on the other side of science– the world of art. I’m coming soon. I promise. Just let me finish what I started in geology…

    By Jackie on 03.14.2011

  34. the with held that wand as if it had power.. as if it was the thing that gave her all the power and control over the people. people, once that owned freedom… but no more..

    By justin on 03.14.2011

  35. magic.
    what you want to happen, happens.
    i’m not sure if a wand would be a good thing to have or not. on one hand you could make cool things happen, but on the other hand it seems almost wrong to make the world work the way that you want it to. it seems like it would show the selfishness of humanity that much more vividly.

    By randi URL on 03.14.2011