March 15th, 2011 | 680 Entries

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680 Entries for “heels”

  1. i broke my heels, doing back flips between rooftops in the night. sometimes you just land wrong. perhaps, it was because my focus was on clearing the abyss below. thus, I wasn’t exactly focusing on a perfect landing. and so now, I come to you one my knees, dear love, because my feet don’t quite work right now.

    By dominguez URL on 03.16.2011

  2. i think about the devil wears Prada and bruised legs and feet and tripping and falling and advertisements and skinny women whom i could never imitate. and i think about the clacking sound and how it usually signifies a well dressed woman with lots of confidence i hardly wear heels, more like clogs. Not graceful. it’s bruising me beyond belief. What is there to a heel.

    By Ylan on 03.16.2011

  3. heels are also the shoes which have heels. hehehe. my heel are a little too dirty. i am on the heel all the time. i guess. hence the time runs away. the day doesn’ seem h

    By pallavi iyengar on 03.16.2011

  4. she walks on her heels all the time not putting her feet on the ground afraid of her toes touching the floor.

    By CynArmes URL on 03.16.2011

  5. the heels clicked..
    heavy and noisy
    what was she thinking
    how did she ever think she’ll walk with them
    maybe she wanted to know how it would be to breath the air up higher
    after all she was 4 feet tall.

    By Meghna on 03.16.2011

  6. heels are the most important thing of a fashion and mostly girls like to wear it
    heels are of different types e.g jimmy choes and stylo etc
    heels are dangerous also i love heels….

    By Eiman on 03.16.2011

  7. her heels clacked on the cement floor. her hair of dark auburn was wiry and unruly from the wind. she was a beautiful girl but her intelligence intimidated men. her name was sadie.

    By kestle URL on 03.16.2011

  8. heels heels everywhere….. writing this again just to see what maggi has in heels…. my heels got stuck in the mud and i could not dance

    By pallavi iyengar on 03.16.2011

  9. Heels are the most ridiculous things in the world. They look SO freaking adorable sometimes and in reality they just hurt like a bitch. Why can’t they be as comfortable as sneakers? Seriously.

    By Lexi on 03.16.2011

  10. oh ive got a set of sexah heels that nobody would ever feel!.
    they make me happy and make me NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    MAH “CUE” KEY WONT WERK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i approve of this message.

    By Lord preimix on 03.16.2011

  11. Sam’s heels hurt. The bet had been that he couldn’t walk on them for the whole day. He had proved them wrong. He wasn’t so sure he had won the bet though. His heels were killing him and he had a track meet later that day. How was he supposed to jump hurdles with his feet hurting the way they were? His coach always talked about perseverance, but Sam wasn’t so sure.

    By Ashley on 03.16.2011

  12. head over heels, that fun song just replayed and i thought of him.
    him and me.
    we’re driving in the car on route 28, “mahcahthuh” blvd. the sun is shining through the closed sunroof, warming the car even though the temperature outside is well below zero.

    we keep driving, limitless possibility…

    we choose beer. the winter wind whips, we cross the near-deserted street.

    the bar is dark, and warm. a potbellied woodstove hisses steam from the kettle on top. the old wood bar is smooth, the brass rails cool to the touch. i order my bitter beer, and oysters.

    By Dionne on 03.16.2011

  13. heels are all footyness. high versions look funny (aka high heels) i have heels but not the high ones

    By just582 URL on 03.16.2011

  14. High heels can be very difficult to walk in especially if you’ve had too much to drink. Once when I was in my pair of heels to go out for a posh dinner with my friends I got so drunk that I fell over in the middle of the street and really hurt my ankle. It was very painful, and all because of my heels

    By CiaraM on 03.16.2011

  15. Du machst mich so an. Wie du sitzt, wie du stehst, wie du gehst. Auch im liegen. Ganz egal. Hauptsache feuerrot und verdammt, verdammt hoch.

    By Pim URL on 03.16.2011

  16. slutty slutty heels. Personally, I can’t physically walk in them. I salute you Oceana girls everywhere.

    By clock URL on 03.16.2011

  17. He was hot on my heels. I had to run faster…go…push forward. There was no time to look back and try to glimpse the distance between us. Run. Run. My life depended on it.

    By mommywrites URL on 03.16.2011

  18. numbness

    What is it about them, that depending on how you use them and for what you may be portrayed as someone you are or are not

    By Nicole Laniado on 03.16.2011

  19. a woman can never have too many heels. it may be hard to believe but heels are an essential to a womans everyday life. Some arnt much of a fan of heels they prefer flats. Me? yeah im a heel type

    By love URL on 03.16.2011

  20. i do not wear heels. They make my toes hurt plus they usually do not go with my eyes. I prefer to wear slippers with no heel

    By Mr. Johnson URL on 03.16.2011

  21. she rocks back on her heels. She’s so nervous and she wonders why she is still here. The door opens and he walks in frowning. This isn’t going to be easy but I have something to tell you. We need to move out or we might go to jail.

    By JhilL! on 03.16.2011

  22. heels? really? I could have sworn I wrote on this yesterday. Are heels that important, special and fascinating that we must repeat? Am I experiencing Deja Vu? Was I just seeing the future yesterday? Better kick up my heels and run to buy a lotto ticket

    By Cat URL on 03.16.2011

  23. on feet
    help you walk
    hard to walk in
    high heels
    heal an injury
    on back of feet
    in shoes
    on our feet
    clean them with pedicure
    have an ankle bone near
    different coulours
    part of your body
    girls wear them
    animals have nails on their heels

    By pennyj on 03.16.2011

  24. They are great things because they do there job without anyone thinking about about them. Sure we hate them when they get cracked but hey they are ours and they are beautiful. Don’t stop loving them. They are you. They are heels.

    By William Proudler on 03.16.2011

  25. I love to waer high heels but they hurt the balls of my feel. Funnily enough, wearing a sensible pair of Birkenstocks hurt my heels. Go figure. One I was wearing the Birks and tripped…it took ages for my foot to heal. Heels are sexy, the higher they get, the hotter they are. Until they cross the line from hot to just plain slutty. Unfortunately the same is in effect in reverse as well. The lower a person goes with their heels the more “Church-lady’ effect is hightened. Until you reach plain od plat. Not sexy, not slutty, just simple and cute.

    By CatsHaveFur on 03.16.2011

  26. are really painful sometimes. usually worn by women but not always casue there are no real rules for some good heels. Who knows maybe heels were originally worn by babies and we are only following them.

    By Bob Cole URL on 03.16.2011

  27. Ah heels. I like my girl to wear ’em during sex. I’m a big fan of heels, on women that is. I can’t walk in ’em, I’ve tried. Brindy, heel! Good dog. I feel like a heel after calling my wife fe

    By Paul URL on 03.16.2011

  28. I felt the growl rumble in my throat as my ice blues eyes glanced down to my feet. Now he was really going to pay. My new heels, my favorite heels ruined by the mud. He taunted me, dancing before me, light on his heels, ready to fight, ready to run. A hiss escaped my lips, as I let my fangs show. He returned the hiss, mocking me, his sly smile showing his fangs. I leaned down to remove my heels. Sighing I clutched the ruined shoe in my hand, my fingers easily snapped off the heel. With one swift motion I pounced, thrusting the heel of my shoes through his heart. Such a shame, such a good pair of heels.

    By Cat URL on 03.16.2011

  29. Perfectly formed calves strolling assuredly, held aloft on red stilettos.

    By biggest23 on 03.16.2011

  30. WWCBW? What would Carrie Bradshaw wear?

    By Mandy URL on 03.16.2011

  31. Sparks fly off the marble, as the three beautiful women briskly move through the airport, high heels striking the floor in unison. Looking like they have somewhere interesting to go, in very little time. Everyone stops to stare at them. Some wishing they were more like them others wanting to be with them.

    By paulie aragon on 03.16.2011

  32. heels are painful. every woman over the age of 30 has at least 60 pairs.At least 5 pairs are red. Pain is worth fashion.heels.

    By XsupertacogirlX URL on 03.16.2011

  33. Heels make women s legs look nice, helps them look taller. Sometime even sophisticated. Heels are mostly worn for business, clubbing, or for dancing. There are many different types of heels, like pumps, steletoes, wedges, maryjanes, boots, and many more.

    By Rae URL on 03.16.2011

  34. Heels is a funny word. Why would you call the bottom of your feet heels? It makes no sense. Weird.

    By Kyle on 03.16.2011

  35. the part at the end of a foot. when a shoe rubs the heel and you get a blister. the heel of a dog where the extra claw is.

    By samantha on 03.16.2011

  36. Shoes heels are make you fancy and causal shoes higher and it make noise like a tapping noise sound on the ground ever were you walk.

    By Carrie on 03.16.2011

  37. Heels are on the foot and they are useful because you walk on them and you can jump. When you are jumping the heels help the impact of the body so the body does not get hurt.

    By conner on 03.16.2011

  38. Heels are the bottom of your shoe. They are the bottom of you foot at the back. Don’t lean too far back on them because you might fall over! Uh oh!!!!! That would be sad! Your heels are The “nobby” parts of your foot at the back! So fun! He he!

    By Agnes on 03.16.2011

  39. I can’t wear them. I can barely manage to walk in normal shoes. Fortunately, I don’t need to worry about wearing them; men come out on the lucky end of the footwear scale. I do respect and appreciate those who can manage to contort themselves into footwear that seems to defy the laws of physics, and can still manage to look sexy parading themselves around in them.

    By David URL on 03.16.2011

  40. She wondered. He wasn’t really that good looking, and he had been with a pretty mean girl. She hadn’t even said please once! And when Suzy had said have a nice day, she’d said “I will” and cackled. Cackled!
    But he had chosen such nice heels to wear!

    By dovi URL on 03.16.2011