March 14th, 2011 | 711 Entries

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711 Entries for “wander”

  1. My thoughts wander back to you constantly, why oh why must I have wandered away, i am left astray and missing you everyday, i wonder why i wandered and i wished i had stayed.

    By Emslyie Kins on 03.14.2011

  2. im going to be home in a burlesque manner
    sailors knots and on shore plots, fuck or kiss

    By Astartai Fawn URL on 03.14.2011

  3. My thoughts wander back to you constantly, why oh why must I have wandered away, i am left astray and missing you everyday, i wonder why i wandered and i wish i had stayed. I hope you find yourself, one day, wandering, my way. <3

    By Emslyie URL on 03.14.2011

  4. When one has no where to go and just wants to walk without a destination. Sometimes the brain can wander. One must stay focused. Wander is like wonder. I wonder why one wanders.

    By Audrey Burke on 03.14.2011

  5. You can’t really squander anything, because “squander” is just too weird a word. Say it: squander. Squander. I know it’s not the word here, but, hey, who said you could tell me what to do? Why don’t you just squat down and relax — and think about the word “squat” which is another great word that my mind just took a walk to through the cloudy afternoon and shrubbery.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 03.14.2011

  6. wandering, wondering, wishing… i am wondering where will wandering take me? you can wander on your feet, on your own, with your loved ones, with strangers, or just wander with your mind. it bridges the gap between imagination and reality.

    By sophie on 03.14.2011

  7. I smiled at him, despite the seriousness of my present situation. On an impulse, I reached out and took his hand. Awkwardly, he clasped it in his as we wandered aimlessly along the river. As we walked, our steps fell into the same gait and our silence was more companionable than strained.

    By mimimanderly URL on 03.14.2011

  8. I was so scared to go meet him. He told me he would meet me in the Quad so we could talk. When I saw him standing in the middle of the Quad my heart sank. It had been forever since I had seen him alone. I was usually with someone or he usually had people with him. I wanted to run over to him and kiss him, but I knew it wouldn’t be the best decision. We wandered around the campus for a while just bullshitting. Then he took me to eat and Taco Bell then back to his apartment where we sat in the living room watching Criminal Minds. I finally decided to go back to my dorm after the show was over knowing that I wasn’t going to get the chance to say what I wanted to say. He stood up and walked my to the door where he gave me the biggest hug. It was just like the ones that he had given me every time I saw him the year before. A giant bear hug. He smelt the exact same way as I remembered. The with one that squeeze he said, “I really miss you.” And at that moment I fell for him ever harder that I already had. I will always love him, but he will never know.

    By a nini mous on 03.14.2011

  9. i wander places that are a mystery to me. I explore the things that i do not know. what i learn as i wander in unfamiliar territory will teach me to grow. It will teach me to be a better person. one who doesnt know how to wander, doesnt know how to learn.

    By tina URL on 03.14.2011

  10. I wandered heavy and slow. My mind wandered often, too. I didn’t care so much as to where my body and mind went, as long as they were somewhere away from here. That is all that mattered. I kept a heavy pocket watch clipped in my hair, and that is all I really needed. Time spent wandering never grew old.

    By Alexandra Milld URL on 03.14.2011

  11. Wandering through the forests was always a passion of mine. I would take in the sounds of the forest as I closed my eyes, trying to free my mind from my corporeal bounds for a few seconds of my day and just bask in the pure beauty of the natural miracles around me.

    By Joshua Nance on 03.14.2011

  12. marcy was a very strange creature. her sister was too. part of a group of middle aged women who seem to see me as the gateway drug to lesbianism. but she was funny, and she was generous, and she was absolutely balls-out crazy. why work when you can have your exhusband buy?

    By plz_thx on 03.14.2011

  13. Which way I choose to go
    Around or through
    Never stopping for long
    Down the road less traveled
    Ever looking for the destination
    Right in front of me all the time

    By Amy URL on 03.14.2011

  14. all those who wander are not lost… especially those who seek truth beyond tradition

    By Tisha Mulchan on 03.14.2011

  15. My mind never wanders. In fact, it most always goes to the same place. The path is wide, straight, downhill, and there are deep ruts showing how many times I’ve been here. Here, creating fantasies about what I wish I had done, instead of letting you wander away.

    By sarah URL on 03.14.2011

  16. that song, that swagger, tearing open your shirt to show the rosie on your chest, curled lip manliness on display. I’m a wanderer.

    By plz_thx URL on 03.14.2011

  17. As you go abut the space whch you call your own, you will see things that you don’ alwys see if you open your eyes and let the thoughts wander Sights so brilliat that the mind will think thatyou’ve never seen anything before

    By Terrilyn on 03.14.2011

  18. My future. My entire future. It has come down to this. No more school. No more sorority life. No more structure. Now I’m free. Free to wander. And I’m leaving, I won’t look back, I won’t take that job or marry that boy or buy that house. All I want to do is wander.

    By Love Dogs on 03.14.2011

  19. Wander. A six letter word. Synonyms: meander, saunter, potter, rove, roam, drift, mosey, tootle, drift, and amble. It all pretty much means the same thing: to walk aimlessly and to feel the freedom of that lonely cloud.

    By Dacota URL on 03.14.2011

  20. I don’t wander around often. I usually just relax on my bed with my laptop on my knees when I’m at home. This habit doesn’t really make me happy. I should rather go outside for a run or a “wander”. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not fat. I can eat as much as I want and relax as much as I want and I always weigh around 65-66 kgs.

    By Yoppa on 03.14.2011

  21. I walk down the path careful not to slip. I have no idea where I’m going. I just have to get out of the house, into the fresh air. The leaves are turning green and I feel the warmth of Spring.

    By word girl URL on 03.14.2011

  22. Life became utterly intolerable. Her only desire now, after all of that, was to pick up a sack and take off, simply wander into the woods…

    By Jeanie URL on 03.14.2011

  23. When I let my mind wander, I’m not frightened. I see great, interesting years ahead of me. It’s when I feel the ennui and tedium of the day to day stuff that I freak out.

    By RJH URL on 03.14.2011

  24. this is ridiculous.
    Did you ever read that comic, “Groo the wanderer?”
    It was smart.
    I would venture to say even smarter than this website idea.

    By jeff on 03.14.2011

  25. Dunno what that word is. Wait nevermind! someone just corrected me. This is what single old people do slowly at walmart. In their hoverrounds too.

    By Kolton URL on 03.14.2011

  26. My little cousin likes to wander around . She got lost one time but we found her again. I don’t like to wander around in the woods.

    By Yadi.M URL on 03.14.2011

  27. to wander is to walk and yet not know where you are. or you are just running away.

    By khaze URL on 03.14.2011

  28. To wander is to walk round aimlessly. Which means with no purpose.

    By devin21 URL on 03.14.2011

  29. Hahah i just learned what this means:) guess ya learn something new everyday. Well when you have no where to be and you are just walking around.

    By lizzy:) URL on 03.14.2011

  30. Jarrett wandered to his lonely hobo. For some odd reason Jarrett has an unusual obsession with hobo’s. I find it rather odd.

    By Autumn Wilson URL on 03.14.2011

  31. the word wander means to travel over without a certain course. that is all i know about the word wander.i guess i need to learn a lot about the word wander oh well.

    By clair URL on 03.14.2011

  32. Hobos are men that wander. They wander from place to place trying to receive money. I cant believe they dont try to find a job. Too bad for hobos.

    By Jarrett Judkins URL on 03.14.2011

  33. To wander is to walk around aimlessly or without purpose. If you are bored you just wander around to occupy your time. Wandering is when you don’t really have specific place or don’t know where your going.

    By nikki URL on 03.14.2011

  34. the man was wandering arround. the place he was in was a bad place. so it was expected that he was bad too. but was he

    By tylllet URL on 03.14.2011

  35. Wandering is basically roaming all over the place! To go from point A to point B.

    By Morgan Hatch URL on 03.14.2011

  36. To walk casually.

    By alena URL on 03.14.2011

  37. I wander on through the desert. Thirst taking me. The buzz of the bugs that aren’t seen ring in my ears. Even the cactus are tilting with the lack of moisture. The thirst was so strong i felt that i cant go on. Ding. Lost in thought I find myself in class needing to pee.

    By Alison URL on 03.14.2011

  38. We’ve wandered together for so long. A quick glance at my watch tells me we’ve been here at least three hours, not saying much, not doing much. Just walking. There’s nothing to disturb us here.

    By Veerin URL on 03.14.2011

  39. to wander is to move about aimlessly. i seem to wander a lot.

    By Awesome URL on 03.14.2011

  40. I’m a wanderer. I go from here to there without purpose. Without promise. But with a lot of pride. Too proud to commit to what’s in front of me. What’s good. It’s a risk. So I’ll just keep wandering until the wander has no other place to go.

    By Jessica on 03.14.2011