June 18th, 2013 | 208 Entries

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208 Entries for “tumble”

  1. The cat tumbled off the chair as it moved when the boy tipped it over. It got worse. He tumbled more and more. He finally fell.

    By Duder Duderton URL on 06.19.2013

  2. The box tumbled of the back of the moving truck. The dishes spilled all over the road. The dishes broke into a million pieces. There was no putting them back together. They were gone. Forever.

    By SraHartman URL on 06.19.2013

  3. the young man fell and broke his head and his legs and arms and body. he went to the hospit

    By michael123 URL on 06.19.2013

  4. the weed tumbled acrosss the street as the cowboys were about to draw. Each of them were staring at eachother expectantly as they both drew there guns.

    By jaiden on 06.19.2013

  5. i love to tumble down the road and take a poop in the yard and then i shoot my dog and he cries and tumbles down the yard and then he farted

    By juicy k URL on 06.19.2013

  6. I tumbled dow a deep, deep hole. I didn’t know where I was. All I knew, was I was in trouble. Deep trouble.

    By Mona URL on 06.19.2013

  7. I tumble on tumblr all day, everyday, i also tumble down the stairs, when i get pushed by my sister?….

    By Mirandathegreat :) on 06.19.2013

  8. he tumbled and rumbled when he got tackled in football, he was really hurt and i slightly saw tears coming from his face as he stood up limping. I looked over and saw a deep surprise on everyone face, as he was the best wide receiver on their team. He went to the hospital and his screams was touching and would just make you feel bad and want to scream for your self “HELP ME” as he screams loudly in shock going to the ambulance

    By jamaine on 06.19.2013

  9. as I tumbled down the hill I couldn’t help but think this was entirely my fault. had I not walked across that aisle and said that obnoxiously stupid statement to her, I would not have been kicked out of the station, would not have had to wander in the rain, and would therefore not be falling to my death.

    By cade on 06.19.2013

  10. I could see nothing? Just darkness, as I tumbled down the steep, long hole. However long this journey towards the center of the Earth would be, I would never, ever, forgive myself. Never.

    By Momowords URL on 06.19.2013

  11. And she was falling, tumbling down the hill with grass and dirt flying and her skirts wound around her legs and her hair tangled about her face as she hollered “OW! OW! OW!” with every bounce.

    By mrsmig URL on 06.19.2013

  12. Tumble is a funny word to me. It reminds me of several things. It mostly reminds me of Humpty Dumpty tumbling down the hill though I know that that was Jack and Jill.
    It reminds me of Tumblr as well.
    It also reminds me of a barrel tumbling down a hill.

    By Navera on 06.19.2013

  13. I have tumbled and will tumble. My falls are my design and my life, yet they do not define me. I define me and I make my falls what I want them to be. When I tumble I will tumble with my heart and my faith in myself will cushion my fall and guide me. I am who I am, tumbles and all.

    By Ken Grand-Pierre on 06.19.2013

  14. blue

    By ruedivie on 06.19.2013

  15. tumble is to fall like the rain into a puddle or a kid onto his knees. we all have to tumble sometimes the important thing is that you get back up and keep going tumbling is a part of life and without you couldnt appreciate standing up!

    By Max Sabin on 06.19.2013

  16. He tumbled. He fell into the abyss of another chiastic intention that he never realized was a part of himself. His eyes glazed over from the fall. There would be no more winter. There’d be no more tears. No more gazing into the unknown and rancid sorrow that made up this evil place. It was over.

    By Logan on 06.19.2013

  17. tumble is a word that describes rolling over i like to tumble when i am about to score a try while playing rugby it gives u a bit of a headache but it is also something that gives you a small buzz which you thrive on.

    By Robert Murphy on 06.19.2013

  18. You may tumble you may fall but the trick is to get up again. If you believe in yourself if you believe that you are a daughter of the King then nothing is too much for you. You can rise again.

    By Tracey URL on 06.19.2013

  19. Down, down, down she fell. The grass brushed against her cheek like children’s hands. She had built up too much momentum and couldn’t stop rolling. It didn’t matter, yellow dandelions cheered her on, and she laughed.

    By Soft URL on 06.19.2013

  20. Crashing towards the rocks at a thrilling, if slightly dangerous pace, Carlos contemplated many things. Most importantly the jagged rocks coming towards his face.
    “Taking a tumble?”, yelled Pedro annoyingly, “Enjoy your trip”

    By Rob on 06.19.2013

  21. I ran to the top of the same familiar hill. As I stood atop the minor topography and gazed across the tiny town that I called home, I couldn’t help but wonder about the greater things for me out there. Things waiting to be accomplished. I dropped to my knees and started to roll downhill. It wouldn’t be until years later that I realized that my life did too.

    By John URL on 06.19.2013

  22. His spurs reflected the sun into every onlooker’s eyes, seemingly at once, as if God was saying, “Bow down to the light, for the light knoweth the way.” Only the tumbleweed payed no mind.

    By JV URL on 06.19.2013

  23. as i tumble slowly down the mountain, almost gracefully, i don’t know what to think. the world just doesn’t understand me, and as i finally get it, as i understand where the wrong bit of code is, i fall down the side of a mountain, and everything is lost.

    By Ben on 06.19.2013

  24. I will get up. Maybe tomorrow. It’s been quite awhile since the fall. Rough and tumble, they’ve said. But my stomach is too hollow to keep me up. And I tumble as soon as my left foot touches the ground.

    By micheline on 06.19.2013

  25. to stumble upon,
    while i wumble,
    in my humble,

    i frumble with temptation,
    my creation, tumble.

    i love u, tumble.

    u tumble, as tumble would never tumble.

    By dilaar on 06.19.2013

  26. The Postal Service’s new video for “A Tattered Line of String.”
    There’s a lot of tumbling to be had with dryers and swings.

    By Intuition URL on 06.19.2013

  27. Back flips are not a blind move because you can see where you are landing.

    By marylee on 06.19.2013

  28. never let anyone tell you
    that your love is useless
    if it isn’t shared

    for the thunder only ever
    gets to touch the heat that
    lightning left behind

    and still it is enough
    to spark the rain.

    By h. b. URL on 06.19.2013

  29. All through the night they tumbled along going down one mountain to the next gathering the night time flowers that they all so needed to survive. At home many of their families and friends were waiting to hear if they would succeed or not, praying that if enough of the flowers came home they could move to a fresh mountain top and tumble unhindered forever more.

    By Mali on 06.19.2013

  30. Tumble down the road, pick the pieces of the puzzle strewn on it and make your picture.

    By Kitty URL on 06.19.2013

  31. When you are walking along, there is that great feeling of just falling (before you hit the ground), you get the image of slowly turning through space and it feels like you are going to bounce, although that doesn’t happen

    By J on 06.19.2013

  32. Jerry tumbled out of the shower in a rush to grasp the towel perched lightly on the windowsill. Said windowsill overlooked the veranda where once a mystery woman claimed to love him, but he’d forgotten all about her by the time the water hit his forehead.

    By Katie on 06.19.2013

  33. I fell, fell so fast I couldn’t even focus my senses. It was a soft fall, of sorts, considering it was a mossy path. Rocks here and there but my body avoided them on its own. Soft, and wet and all I could think about was how stained my shirt would be…

    By Adesola on 06.19.2013

  34. The fell down the hill hard, hitting every stone and branch along the way. She yelped at first, but after every strike her cries of pain grew quieter. By the time she reached the bottom all she could do was whimper. The older girl stood at the top of the hill, smirking.

    By B. Rhodes URL on 06.19.2013

  35. Never realised
    how thin
    the floors were
    until I had my
    ear pressed to
    and heard
    I panic
    this tumble

    Gone, whoosh, through

    whuat? O.o

    By YeSomebody URL on 06.19.2013

  36. fumbling in the ever faster spinning existence of my being it ends and never begins again in tumbling through this life that is not my own

    By Aquiel on 06.19.2013

  37. Trust me, we won’t tumble. Just hold my hand firmly and I will protect you from the upcoming dangers. We need to do this together, though, for I cannot do it all by myself.
    Things may not be as they seem, and you may not perceive the dangers we’ll be in, but I have it, perseverance turned me into a fighter and now I have it: the Eye of Foreseeing.

    By Ishimimoto URL on 06.19.2013

  38. walking at night is such a pleasant thing to do. in the summer especially; the night’s breeze is a great touch to it. the darkness covers the sky but makes me feel safe. i went for a jog last night and tumbled down a hill. i couldnt see anything in front of me but i kept going on and on wherever the road took me.

    By linda on 06.19.2013

  39. Tumble on the floor. Wriggling and giggling around the floor. making the most of life, making the most of your world. stop thinking just tumble around the floor. be a kid, be a kid, be an adult, be YOU … tumble for a second, love for a lifetime … everyone needs love.

    By Gia Vasquez on 06.19.2013

  40. just like tumblr. say your thoughts tumbling out of your mind and through your fingers and onto the screen.Tumble through the grass and roll amongst the riches all around you and never once wonder how much they were worth. Just like Pocahontas.

    By Sarah on 06.19.2013