June 19th, 2013 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “shells”

  1. Remember that old tongue twister. She sells sea shells down by the sea shore… So difficult. Just like this oneword every day thing. I can’t always even begin to type logically. Frustrating. Just like the tongue twister.

    By Serryphae URL on 06.20.2013

  2. There once was a lady who collected shells from the beach. Everybody made fun of her, because, well, who collects shells? Idiots collect shells, that’s who collects shells. She became very depressed. Life’s a beach, ain’t it?

    By Tom on 06.20.2013

  3. Sally sells seashells by the seashore.
    Peter shells pecans under the pecan tree.
    Sun goes up, sun goes down.

    By Think Hopefully, Act Vocally on 06.20.2013

  4. Walking along the seashore, Carolyn realized how much time she’d spent looking for that special one. The one you could show off to your family and friends. The kind they use in magazines for ads that promise a better life, something like paradise.

    By Soft URL on 06.20.2013

  5. Areo looked down at the white, grainy sand between his toes. Offering the unusual texture a small smile, he bent down to run his fingertips lightly over the surface of it, only to be met with a rough, and most unpleasant feeling. His smile curved down into a frown, and he stood up once again.

    By Ashley URL on 06.20.2013

  6. I like shells, the pretty colors, and the textures. THey make me think of prom last year, which was a really amazing memory and I’ll miss the kids of lodge a lot. BUt the swirlled shells are the best.

    By Elaina on 06.20.2013

  7. Shells, like so much shattered glass, they are easily broken by the carelessness of people
    yet impossible to peice whole again because they’ll never
    never, be the same.
    and its sad, because shells, like hearts, hold so much beauty yet are so easily crushed beyond repair.
    Yet, like hearts, like the remains of shattered glass, shattered lives, they remain.
    and so shall we.

    By Cat on 06.20.2013

  8. I have a little bag of shells hidden under my pillow just for you. so you can have something from earth that you might not have in heaven. my beautiful baby girl. i miss you. i love you. always.

    By KerriganBlu on 06.20.2013

  9. Seashells to my sea horse in her sea house by the sea shore I wonder if edgars dear Lenore would wonder more or wonder less if she could take off her dress undo her make up and make her hair a mess i wonder more and I wonder less shells shells everythings the best

    By Colton on 06.20.2013

  10. i collect shells from seashores. SHells come in different shapes and colours, and a good collection is beautiful. Shells can also be pained to give a beautiful llok. they can be made into ornaments, and can be used for decorative purposes. Shells are made of Calcium Carbonate mainly.

    By fluencer on 06.20.2013

  11. Shells doted the beach. Most of them were broken in pieces, most were not whole, but Adum looked at them and picked a few up, running his fingers over the smoothness.

    They were beautiful, of course. Sometimes they reminded him of places he ought to be, the things that weighed down on him almost every day. He took it out in parties, because with people you didn’t know you could never fully be yourself, and when he slumped into his bed at night he was too exhausted to have regrets.

    By Maria URL on 06.20.2013

  12. on the beach, in the shops, around your neck. Someone’s home. Now an adornment. Hard, colourful, shapely.
    How long will they last?

    By GVW on 06.20.2013

  13. “Then everything became strangely quiet, and no more shells came.”

    By ... on 06.20.2013

  14. She sells sea shells by the sea shore in the shining sun

    What a famous tongue twister it is! And how awfully boring at that!
    Someone should make a new one…

    Someone like me!

    That might be hard because time ran ou……

    By elaina on 06.20.2013

  15. Beautiful blue sea shells rested on the glass pane, a treasure resting in a case of memories. He pulled out the delicate piece and caressed the outer surface. It was smooth, but rough where the jagged shell had broken off. She had stepped on it when she first found it, and a part of it had broken off.
    He smiled, and began to feel the inside. Unlike the smooth outer shell, it was bumpy, rough, and plain. Black specks were splattered across the soil of the cusp.
    His face fell, and he put the shell back into the case. He closed the glass door, but lingered. He traced the edges of the shell, and looked for just a little while longer.
    There was a reason why he kept it in his box of memories, and not with him.

    By redpinkandwhite on 06.20.2013

  16. sea personalities
    sandy treasures
    convoluted scenery

    By vicky on 06.20.2013

  17. Sally sells shells by the seashore. Sally loved seashells, and she found so many, she wanted to share her love of them with others. she sold them to anyone that passed. if they had no money, she gave shells to them. she could tell when they were dishonest, though, and undeserving of a shell. she would hide her beautiful shells from them.
    who knows if they actually cared for the shells
    but she did
    and no selfish nasty person was going to take them.
    She gave freely to children
    showed little girls how to adorn their hair with shells.

    By kati perik on 06.20.2013

  18. the beach and sandy shells the water splashing and waves crashing all around me. the sunset at the beach the sand in between my toes the strong smell of the sea and the warm touch of the sun. looking and digging in the water for water for beautiful shells.

    By Rachel URL on 06.20.2013

  19. When I went to Mexico we collected shells on the beach. They smell bad but they look cool. But after a while, they all start to look the same. Just like everything else. That’s why I’ll never settle down. I don’t want my really cool life to grow monotonous and start to look the same. Always something new. Always growing, changing, maturing because of the world around me.

    By Bekkah on 06.20.2013

  20. the shells still remind me of the last really great summer I ever had. It was a challenging time, but I rose to the occasion. It would be another 20 years before I would have to slay that dragon again. Ahhh….youth!

    By Fender2010 URL on 06.20.2013

  21. I took off my shoes on the sand, and meandered down to the beach. Shells digging harshly into my feet, intent on drawing blood. All would be washed away by the gentle tide. Calm and reassuring.

    By John on 06.20.2013

  22. i ate a fist of angel hair today.
    and red sauce, of course.

    finished it in a few bites.
    didn’t sate the hunger but

    oh, i feel so fucking holy again;
    i swear a choir is singing.

    By h. b. on 06.20.2013

  23. I love the texture they have. They are really beautiful water creature. I find them one of the most puzzling creatures made by god. I love to keep shells in my decor bowl. They are found in different colors and shapes. I have a couple of pearl while shell skin which add magnificence to my overall decor.

    By Anu Shakti URL on 06.20.2013

  24. Shell exploded all around us. A spray of raining sand showered into our fox holes from a percussion nearby that jolted me to my spine. An occasional scream or cry for help drifted in the air, unseen through the fog of smoke, dust, and stunned confusion.

    By Big on 06.20.2013

  25. Whatever is, has a boundry. Some hard, some soft, each like a shell with its own particular beauty, whorls, colors, textures; like a small universe wrapping itself around a tender center.

    By Timothy L. Smith URL on 06.20.2013

  26. Shells exploded all around us. A spray of raining sand showered into our fox holes from a percussion nearby that jolted me to my spine. An occasional scream or cry for help drifted in the air, unseen through the fog of smoke, dust, and stunned confusion.

    A butterfly on a stone at the bottom of our hole lit on a rock and calmly closed its wings. Strings of smoke filtered by like a cloud over a graceful eagle on a sullen day.

    By One and Only Profligacy on 06.20.2013

  27. There were shells everywhere. I could see them for miles and miles. I was afraid to take one more step because I did not want to cut my foot. Instead, I sat down in the sand and started sorting through them. There had to be something special that would cause all these shells to be right here on this beach. The water rushed up over the shells that were sitting on the sand. After the water vanished, there were more shells.

    By Mrs. S. on 06.20.2013

  28. susy selled sea shells by the sea shore. that is the first thing I thought of when seeing this word. other than that I remember all my failed attempts as a child to start a shell collection because I thought it would be cool and hipster even thought at the time I didn’t even know what a hipster was. Shells also make me think of snails and that makes me think of gary from spongebob

    By Youlim on 06.20.2013

  29. The shell on the shores of the great lake are small, pearl, and pink. The wind blows the icy wind and shells wash up from underneath.

    By dbwolfe on 06.20.2013

  30. Shells you find on the shore are all of a greater concept. The need for something to shelter you from the outside world, but the willingness to let go of your protection to shelter someone who needs it more.

    By Scarlett Branson URL on 06.20.2013