June 17th, 2013 | 197 Entries

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197 Entries for “pairs”

  1. i wash my pair of socks every alternative day. I have a pair of contacts too for my eye sight.

    By vijay on 06.18.2013

  2. I like my pairs of slippers which are blue and black in the color. I wear them everyday.

    By srija URL on 06.18.2013

  3. pairs.
    why is everything in pairs?
    shoes, chopsticks, arms..
    well i guess it’s because we were made with pairs of appendages.
    but why in pairs?
    can’t we have 4 arms or something (like stitch’s arms. 2 arms are hidden, but at times of need, we can make them grow out of our bodies.)

    By thedarkestsheep on 06.18.2013

  4. What a glorious sight, to see the orphans has they gathered in pairs, to receive their gifts. It was a special occasion to recognize the achievement of owning their own home.

    By victor URL on 06.18.2013

  5. Pairs are people who belong together. I know I belong with him but I worry what other pairs and non pairs will think. I also worry if I myself will stop being myself, and become only my pair, if we decide to complete our paird-ness.
    Oh pairs oh pairs, what mystery’s does this word create?

    By Courtney on 06.18.2013

  6. Would I still be myself as a pair? Or will I become only a flimsy half, one leg, one arm, one eye, unable to support myself without the other half?
    Will others recognise my incompleteness? At what point do I lose half of myself? Have I already lost it?

    By Courtney on 06.18.2013

  7. they go inside in pairs, hands entwined and hoping for the best. they go out separated, looking forlorn and disgusted, staring at their hands, wishing unspeakable things. they were told that they were broken, impossible to fix. they were mislead. now, they’re irreversible shattered.

    By Loren URL on 06.18.2013

  8. Pairs of birds, mating for life; pairs of running shoes, some so toxic they are banned from the house before being washed; lost socks, no one to pair with at the sock party…is two the magic number or it three? Should there be a pair of children or is one enough?

    By Ara URL on 06.18.2013

  9. Pairs. Sounds like au pairs. Except au paris don’t come in double. There’s something strangely comforting about things in pairs. As if the human need for companionship was anthropomorphised in shoes or cups.

    By Oli Slattery on 06.18.2013

  10. They came in pairs, the animals, but not in the pairs I expected. A cow loped up with a bear, a flamingo waded at the shoreline with a flying fish darted and splashing alongside, and overhead a bat wheeled and turned about a giraffe’s lily-like ears.

    By mrsmig URL on 06.18.2013

  11. Magically, a pair of soft, woolen socks appeared, hanging by the window sill of the rusty house. In glee, she desperately ran and clutched onto it, her once pale, sickly face transforming into a brightly shining one.

    By OneJen URL on 06.18.2013

  12. once upon a time i own a pair of shoes and socks to share with my boyfriend as pairs. However, he lost one of it and we both have to find it by going in an adventure. It’s fun and lololol.
    JK I don’t have a boyfriend but do have a crush and I love him.
    Wish he’d find his sock soon.

    By Bambibiz on 06.18.2013

  13. Pairs under the umbrella, arms over each others shoulders, folded edges on their jeans, trying not to dampen any part of fabric or hair but still splashing in puddles of fallen rain. The two girls walked on.

    By tan on 06.18.2013

  14. She stared down at the pairs of shoes. There were so very many and she was only allowed one guess as to which ones would be hers the rest of her life. It would determine everything: what job she had, how she walked, what she learned, and thus in turn, what she thought, who she was. One chance. One pair… out of thousands.

    By Serryphae URL on 06.18.2013

  15. Everything comes in pairs. Success and defeat. Love and loss. Joy and pain. This is one of those facts of life that we all accept. But when she walked into my life, I forgot that there was another half of that pair waiting to strike, waiting to take what was most precious.

    By JV URL on 06.18.2013

  16. I can’t ever keep more than one together. They just disappear without a trace. I’ve turned over sofas, beds, and tables looking for them. I’ve learned not to get too attached, no matter how wonderful and unique they appear.

    By Soft URL on 06.18.2013

  17. double , always together

    By Tima URL on 06.18.2013

  18. one two in a row with bait on its fingers comes the yellow animal it’s dog what a weather day in the time for a rush of goose feathers from the air to drop right down flat on your head in the middle of a metropolitan market that dreams of green things and becomes one someday

    By reluctant URL on 06.18.2013

  19. Shoes com e in pairs, Earrings come in pairs, Eyes, ears, hands, feet all come in pairs. Pairs means two items that always come together. When you loose one the other is lonely.

    By Sharolyn on 06.18.2013

  20. “Alright girls, get in pairs for the next activity,” the horrible Mrs Briggs ordered, her frown even more prominent than normal. The wrinkles in her face seemed more defined today, her eyes even darker than usual.

    Emma and I looked at each other and grinned.

    By Lindsay on 06.18.2013

  21. A pair is something in two. It is incomplete when there is just one. One is not enough and three is too much.
    A pair can come in all shapes and sizes and it doesn’t matter if they don’t match. They are a pair and that’s that.

    By Korein on 06.18.2013

  22. of twins
    of socks
    of glasses
    of shoes
    of pants
    of parents

    By berenique URL on 06.18.2013

  23. Had a pair of scissors once but lot it due to a careless move i made. i became so desparate i had to loose it to survive.

    By mavis on 06.18.2013

  24. two pairs three pairs, they are all pairs one that is not meant to be a lone but always together just like a happy pair similar to couple?

    By mavis on 06.18.2013

  25. Lots of things come in pairs. Shoes, glasses, pants. Wonder where that word came from. And why they use it for things that aren’t really pairs. Sure, shoes come in twos, but glasses are just one piece. Very strange. I don’t really know what else to write about “pairs” I am waiting for the time to end.

    By Emily on 06.18.2013

  26. There are pairs everywhere in my apartment. Candelabras, decorative bowls, guest towels. It’s funny tho, there is only one of me. I’m not a pair. ,

    By Lori on 06.18.2013

  27. pairs can referred to as pairs of twins of pairs of jeans. anything two in number is a pair. a pair rhymes with pear with is a fruit. how about a pair of pears f?

    By astha on 06.18.2013

  28. couple, two, two people, twwo things, twins, shoes, mix, some, every, twice, a few, pants, sneakers, heel,

    By Paz on 06.18.2013

  29. it’s the end of the world again
    but this time there was civilization to crumble
    so it took a little longer

    in the meantime humanity took it upon itself
    to self-destruct
    too proud to let nature finish the job

    poisoning plant food and the livestock that ate them
    looting not banks but museums
    assassinating not presidents but their children

    girls painted their necks and arms with crude oil
    like a new substitute for jewelry
    arsonists saw their time to shine
    forgetting individual houses in lieu of history

    as for me, i wallpapered my room in monet
    fucked bernini’s david in the remnants of my living room
    and made counterfeit picassos

    out of my friends’ faces

    (they weren’t my friends anymore after that
    they weren’t even blinking)

    i don’t know where i first found you
    but you’re here all the same

    (i knew i loved you when you nearly cut out my eyes
    for threatening a van gogh)

    we’re holding hands like it’s normal
    pretending we’re not pirates – because that’s what we are
    only we’re pillaging for the glorious idea
    that no one should be allowed to own anything at all

    we got rid of beauty long ago
    exhumed its corpse and beat it up some more
    still, you come pretty close
    and not a single inch of me twitches with the desire
    to keep you with me forever

    it’s the healthiest emotion i’ve ever felt
    so i raise our fingers up to my lips
    and kiss the part where our fists meet

    this hand has stolen
    this hand has killed
    this hand has destroyed

    but right now it’s bloodless and still, stupidly content to be
    just a warm weight in yours.

    By h. b. URL on 06.18.2013

  30. I always fold my socks into pairs when I do the laundry. It makes it easier to find the socks I want in the morning, as it’s quicker to look for one thing than it is to look for two. I don’t actually wear socks that often, but I love to buy cute pairs whenever they’re on sale.

    By Amanda G. URL on 06.18.2013

  31. Things that come in pairs
    people in love
    turtle doves

    By Tiffany on 06.18.2013

  32. Pants shoes underwear
    i love my boyfriend – we make a perfect pair
    we are like 2 peas in a pod, only if one of them wants to be in the pod all day and the other is ready to explore the garden.

    By Jen on 06.18.2013

  33. They came in. Each one perfectly in-sync with its partner. Each pair perfectly in-sync with the pairs around them. Their movements were harsh and in time. There was nothing fluid about them. Nothing human. Nothing but robotic. No life or soul. No purpose other than to be controlled and do the bidding of another..

    By coo URL on 06.18.2013

  34. “Pick a partner and get started.” The music had a beautiful rhythm and we swept across the dance floor, my hand at her waist, her eyes deep in mine. I don’t what went wrong, maybe her dress was just too long, my boots too slippery. One wrong turn, a slip and bam. My face hit the floor, and my nose was a smashed pudgy potato. I haven’t danced since.

    By tabularasa on 06.18.2013

  35. Is this the only word we get? If so, I will never write again. I do like this word, but I hope we get different words. It takes more than one word to express yourself. It’s like text based art.

    By wordgrl22 URL on 06.18.2013

  36. Pairs of pants. Why do pants come in pairs? And why are they so damn difficult to find when you need new ones? Other pairs exist. Pairs of underwear. That is also a weird use of the word pair. Some good things come in pairs, though.

    By Jamie on 06.18.2013

  37. I have pairs of shoes, pairs of rainbows, pairs of sunglasses..
    Paris, I have paris. The city of love, the city of birth, well, mine anyway… There are also pairs of people, as in German, when they say “Paare”, meaning couples. Back to love I guess. Love.. there’s not much to say about love. It fills you. There, that’s it.

    By Sarah on 06.18.2013