June 18th, 2013 | 208 Entries

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208 Entries for “tumble”

  1. Falling through space. Around and around all alone. Whatever is one to do to stop from moving here when there is nothing to restrain oneself with?

    By emEm on 06.19.2013

  2. sometimes life trows curve balls to allow us to realize what it truly means to tumble, figuratively speaking of course. why would there ever be a better way to learn.

    By kyle on 06.19.2013

  3. The condom tumbled out of his pocket as he emptied the coins on the table. We all stood there dumbfounded staring at the crinkled wrapper. He picked it up and place it in his pocket, smiled and walked away a little taller than he was before.

    By One and Only Profligacy on 06.19.2013

  4. I tumbled head first down the stairs. My slippers caught on a piece of fabric dangling from the carpet. Luckily no one was downstairs. Or so I thought.

    By Samantha on 06.19.2013

  5. When i was six i wanted to join tumbling really badly. My mom wouldn’t let me because she was afriad that i would hurt myself because i was unbalanced and always fell over. So over the years i self trained myself and managed to push myself hard enough to learn to do all three splits cartwheels, and handstands.

    By lala URL on 06.19.2013

  6. Tumblr has taken over the lives of teenagers all over the world. I want a tumblr, but I think life is more important. I dont want to lose my life to tumblr.

    By Jenni on 06.19.2013

  7. Down a hill, falling into a pit of despair and desperation. Craving to seek a destiny. Not knowing where to go or what to do. Tumbling. Tumbling fast and sometimes slow. We all move but not all of us stop.

    By Eleanor Weitzer URL on 06.19.2013

  8. falling on a rainy day into a place where no one stays
    “a lonely, lonely thing” they say,
    tumbles on, tumbles a ways
    where it ends up? no one knows.
    no one cares. no one shows.
    through sleet and fog and sun and snow.
    today still tumbles, all on it’s own.

    By Danielle Hintze on 06.19.2013