June 18th, 2013 | 208 Entries

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208 Entries for “tumble”

  1. I like to go on tublr it’s very entertaining. It has a lot of pictures that I like. Some of them are depressing. I guess I like the deressing ones because they relate to my life somehow. I wish I had a happy life. I wonder why Ethan doesn’t love me. Why can’t I be the one he want

    By Kira on 06.19.2013

  2. Tumbling rocks on my mom’s porch, the little plastic machine grinding and whirring over the cheap veneer that made up the floor. My brother glued a quarter to that floor once, to fool occasional visitors into trying to pick it up. He was always like that, but I got him good a few times – like the time I made a spiderweb out of yarn in his entire bedroom…

    By Kate Settlemyre on 06.19.2013

  3. i m tumbling in water . i love to see people tumble here and there it is very good to see tumble others body. tumle is the good exercise . the tumbe is best thing to do.

    By panther on 06.19.2013

  4. Tumble tumble tumble is all i ever do. Tumble tumble tumble life never stands still. Tumble tumble tumble life rolls away. Tumble tumble tumble life is never here to stay . Tumble tumble tumble

    By Oscar Garcia on 06.19.2013

  5. Tumble reminds me of when i chuck my clothes in the dryer and they tumble about. Strange thought indeed. Or I think about Jack and Jill and then in my minds eye I see poor jack tumbling down the hill! Oh dear!

    By Aruns on 06.19.2013

  6. Weed, tumbleweed. How long has it been since I last listened to your songs? During a time when my soul was in the abyss of it all. Still a long ago.

    By J on 06.19.2013

  7. Tumbling down the stairs, ready for the day, not knowing what is waiting for me but trusting that whatever it is it will happen under a thunderstorm with drops dripping down my eyelids blurring the lines and wind in swirling my thoughts around.

    By J. on 06.19.2013

  8. Tumbling into love.
    Tumbling down the stairs.
    Both can hurt.
    But both will probably make a hell of an anecdote on bloody tumblr, because that’s what everybody seems to be doing these days.

    By Mae on 06.19.2013

  9. It all tumbled down
    after word broke that
    he was arrested and she
    was pregnant and the chaos
    was drug induced as always

    and no one knew where to turn
    because sights were clouded and
    judgement was unattainable
    in these chaotic times
    youth induced

    By HoldenLyric on 06.19.2013

  10. If I were a tumble weed, I’d tumble on to you. I’d mount your chest and weigh you down and wake you from your sleep. If I were a tumble weed, I’d tumble down the hill, I’d tumble as fast as I could until I broke apart.

    By Vague & Peculiar on 06.19.2013

  11. tumblr is a microbloging website I used around the age of 15/16. Tumbling balls of dust in the west. tumblr in your restroom, the road to tock bottom. i had an error after almost finishing what I was writing had to go back to this page now Im getting another 60 seconds to add. fail, blue line blue line creeping its way, counting times up and its time i pause.apparently you can just keep writing until whenever

    By John Ryan on 06.19.2013

  12. i can tumble down the stairs
    i even do it all the time when i walk down main street.
    i feel stupid then but losing my balance is a common enough thing for me
    and ppl laugh at you, dont so much help u either
    but totally embarrassing

    By Lis on 06.19.2013

  13. the dog tumbled down the hill after it was kicked by a bull. the dog yelped loudly and its owner came out to see what had happened. as the dog r

    By gaileen URL on 06.19.2013

  14. Tumble is a word when you think someone rolls from one place to another. Like tumbling into bed or out of it. and tumbling out of the car in a fit of undress or state of unreadiness. Tumble is an informal word, which writers like to use in stead of leaving…

    By Kathryn on 06.19.2013

  15. In my dream I met a tiny snail wearing a stupid dress ‘Hello!’ It said. ‘My name is Alex. Would you like a lift to oldham?’ 1000000 years later we got there. ‘It’s shut!’ said Alex ‘Would you like an enormous tumble rock pie instead?’ Then I woke up to find I had just eaten my tv!

    By Amy stubbs on 06.19.2013

  16. tumble to the left and tumble to the right
    if only we tumbled to the front
    and saw the light….hahaha…baddd

    By Shaharyar on 06.19.2013

  17. the was tumbling down the hill

    By wajid hussain on 06.19.2013

  18. In the morning, I got up in Pakistan and hid my uncle’s
    car keys so he could not go out side with the car, so he shouted where are the car keys! I said I don’t know where they are fearsly and ferosualy he got angry, find it now!

    By nakah hussain on 06.19.2013

  19. the little boy ran

    By Umar URL on 06.19.2013

  20. kashi ran away from his friend

    By Umar URL on 06.19.2013


    By UMAR AHMED on 06.19.2013

  22. I looked out at the lush green field, so full of life and wonder. It filled me with a nostalgia that began at my stomach, and fluttered down to my fingers. I tingled with excitement, every one of my pores remembering skinned knees, grass stains, and freshly mowed grass. With little hesitation I sprinted to the crown of the hill, and looked at the steep decline to the marsh below, and I tumbled.

    By Max Ryder on 06.19.2013

  23. tumble is falling down. somehow reminds me of humpty-dumpty. its more connected to a tumbler. and its has probably inspired the word tumblr, which doesnt really seem like a word so much!

    By ruutujaa on 06.19.2013

  24. she tumbled down the grassy field, covered in spiders, but couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched. hair flying every which way. she felt an unensachible need

    By itHINk420 on 06.19.2013

  25. I hastily tumbled out of the hole into the other side of the park.
    As I waited for the others, I lay on the soft grass, smelling the moist soil.
    “What are you doing there? Get up!”
    The others had finally caught up and my relaxing moment was over. Again.
    I sighed. I’ll have to finish faster next time.

    By OneJen on 06.19.2013

  26. Tumble Tooble Turble Trouble
    I’m white trash and I’m in trouble
    White scars
    black linen
    in the washer
    through the fire
    tumble tumble
    like electric wire

    By Colton on 06.19.2013

  27. Everything tumbles and falls, we go back up just get back down. But all in all it’s not how many times you fall but how many times you pick yourself up. That’s the true nature of life you pick your self up after it all. In the end what matters is not the tumbles but the journey you take.

    By Darren on 06.19.2013

  28. tumble the clothes not too static filled but a jumble of snugly warm and comforting material.
    I put my head down into this breath released zone of timelessness.Not for me the fear of spilled or extracted secrets. It was so nondescript.

    By Barry Wah Lee URL on 06.19.2013

  29. I tumbled off once because I was thinking about my plan.

    By Masha on 06.19.2013

  30. The sound coming from the bedroom was vague but when I looked into the room I saw that the baby had tumble off the bed. Fortunately we had placed a pillow on the floor in case anything happen.

    By victor URL on 06.19.2013

  31. falling, circus, acrobats and somersaults. My daughter learning to walk there is a lot of tumbling going on but she doesn’t seem to mind too much. Me, I would be whinging that my knees were getting sore!!

    By CArrie on 06.19.2013

  32. As I fell through the clouds a mad thought rushed over me. I thought about the things I had said. The people I’d wronged, the chaos I started. The meaningless fights and the insincere apologies. The fact that I would never, ever, see any of sweet, smiling faces again. I cheated, I lied. I’m corrupt. And now I must face my consequences.

    By Dhanica Altoff on 06.19.2013

  33. Tumble through the skies, hoping, praying, wishing that the clouds break your fall, and don’t be disappointed when it doesn’t.
    Life isn’t easy, and the good things in life? Earned by pain and sweat and blood.

    By Shannelle URL on 06.19.2013

  34. It was 3:00 am and I sat in the laundry mat watching my clothes tumble in the dryer. The sound soothing until something inside began hitting against the metal. I jumped. My hands began to tremble, but my eyes remained transfixed on the clothes tumbling one over the other, just like she did on the bed, tangled in her bedclothes. She fought hard, but I was stronger.

    By sheila good URL on 06.19.2013

  35. To be honest I don’t know what tumble exactly is, but it sounds for me like trumpet, or tube. After finishing this excersise I undoubtedly will check what is this, but I regret I don’t know, because my story would be much better and longer.

    By Mat on 06.19.2013

  36. I was walking up a hill, when I took a tumble. There was something sticking out of the ground that caused me to catch my foot on it. Upon realizing what the item was that I tripped on, I started to cry.

    By Andrea on 06.19.2013

  37. Tumbling is falling down stairs, like jack and jill, tumbling down a hill. A moment of loss of concentration and everything can come tumbling down. It is important to focus, because of how easy it is to slip down a cliff.

    By Sotonye Campbell on 06.19.2013

  38. His mind tumbled down along with him, falling over rocks and rolling over stones as he tumbled down the hill.
    Tumblr. Why do they call it that? Why is it tumble-r?

    By Serryphae URL on 06.19.2013

  39. falling rolling tripping confusion love hate pain light gymnastics

    By narissa on 06.19.2013

  40. For some reason today everything seems to be marked as important, highlighted to make me pay attention, and yet I stumble around and tumble into and over obstacles. The most ordinary things, things I am so used to they are like wallpaper are jumping out at me. A crack in the pavement will stand up and remonstrate to me saying that I need to watch what I am doing and be aware of danger.

    By Meredyth URL on 06.19.2013